Wednesday’s Work In Progress

Happy Hump Day ! .. A big  CONGRATULATIONS goes out to InLoveWithEric, she completed  the first installment of Deathly Fashion Sense a few days ago.  If you have not read this story then you need to run as fast as you can and read it …. remember to give her some love by way of reviews …  I look forward to the next installment titled FASHION CAN BITE, which will be starting soon …

This week I have chose a new Edward & Bella story … My Mate by PrincessRachael

After 300 years, Edward finds his mate in young Bella. But the mating rituals of vampires will test their strength and belief in each other.

Will Bella accept the bond or will her past stop her ….

Here is the first chapter … Wednesday’s Work In Progress  as always if you like the first chapter and would like to read more … click on the banner and it will take you to the rest of the story .. please remember to review and tell her I sent you …   Happy Reading


3 comments on “Wednesday’s Work In Progress

  1. Sephrenia – Wow. Thank you for such a sweet note. It’s been so fun finding readers out there who are fascinated with the whole idea of mates and mating like me.

    Thank you again – very flattered you would recommend my story.



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