And … The Winner Is ….


The Baby Jessica Award
Best Fanfic from a New Author

1st Place…“Collide“ by NumberedWords

2nd Place …“Viking vs Vampire” by AoifeNZ

3rd Place …“Back and Forth” by Calfornia Kat


The Longshadow Award
Best One-Shot Fanfic

1st Place“Not With Out You” by JoxX

2nd Place“The Viking’s Pet” by FanotheFang

3rd Place…“We Need To Talk” by Elbly


The Newlin Award

Best All Human Fanfic

1st Place …“Saints and Sinners” by Ericizmine

2nd Place …“All In” by kjwrit

3rd Place …“Halo Effect” by Missus T

Mr Cataliades Award
Best Series Fanfic

1st Place…“The Multi-verse” by Ericizmine

2nd Place …“Let Love In” by Terri Botta

3rd place…“Pour Some Sugar On Me” by BonTempsBaby

The Ancient Pythoness Award
Best Fanfic Published before 2010

1st Place…“Saints and Sinners”by Ericizmine

2nd Place…“Let Love In”by Terri Botta

3rd Place…“Late” by Morgaine Swann

The Lafayette Reynolds Award

Best Alternate Universe Fanfic

1st Place…“Immortal Beloved” by All About Eric

2nd Place…“Precious Love”by InLoveWithEric

3rd Place…“Sookie, Interrupted”by Jan of Arc

The Jason Stackhouse Award
Best Comedy Fanfic

1st Place…“All In” by kjwrit

2nd Place…“Fangtasia Stories” by Honeypop

3rd Place…“Sookehverse: Oh No!Vampire Bill” by Miral

The Bill Compton Award
Best Angst Fanfic

1st Place…“Immortal Beloved” by All About Eric

2nd Place …“The River” by ETheHunter

3rd Place…“Chasing The Light”by FarDareIsMai2

The Eric Northman Award
Best Epic Fic

1st Place… Immortal Beloved” by All About Eric

2nd Place…“Eric” by DeeDeeINFJ

3rd Place…“All In” by kjwrit

The Sookie Stackhouse Award
Best Romantic Fic

1st Place…“Bored to Death” by Ericizmine

2nd Place…“Immortal Beloved” by About Eric

3rd Place … “Pretty Kitty” by ficlit78

The Adele Stackhouse Award for Reader’s Choice
Your choice for any fanfic that deserves recognition for excellence regardless of genre.

1st Place…“In the Dark” by Ericizmine

2nd Place …Immortal Beloved” by All About Eric

3rd Place…“Pretty Kitty” by ficlit78


The Pam Ravenscroft Panelist Award  

1st Place…”The Arrangement” by Texanlady & NYC Snowbird

2nd Place …”Les Bon Temps Rouler” by LostInSpace33

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