Hello Sunday …. It’s that time again …

First off … CONGRATULATIONS to Precious Love for taking 2nd place in the Fangies … It was up against a lot of stiff competition …….

This week I have chosen the newly completed story of Deathly Fashion Sense by InLoveWithEric …. I think the best way to describe this story is in the author’s own words …


Sookie is a driven woman looking to make the most of her time at Lousiana State University. With a clear idea of what her goals are and the help and support of her family and friends she looks to begin her new life. But before she can get a grip on her new reality, she is forced to face some harsh truths and some speed bumps on her way to the fast lane of Fashion and New York City.

Can the love a good man, the support of her family and friends be enough to combat the problems they will face.

First set in Louisiana, follow Sookie, Eric and the gang as the make thier way to the fashion and publishing industry of New York City. See how Sookie is introduced not only to Eric’s life but the Rich and Powerful social circles that is know as the Royalty of New York.

As always if you like the story and want to read more .. just click on the banner … remember to review and tell her I sent you .

So here it is ….. Sunday’s Story of the Week

By sephrenia

One comment on “Hello Sunday …. It’s that time again …

  1. OMG!!!! You are so awesome!!! Thank you for choosing DFS! See – Now I really need to get on the Sequel!
    Lots of Love as always!!!!

    PS – Thank you for the plug for my 2nd place – you definitely need to share in the credit for that one – couldn’t have done it without you. (big hugs)


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