Happy Leap Day

 Yes my friends it is Wednesday. The week I have chosen an all human story.  In this story Bella  is being taken advantage of and she has had Enough…. so there you have the title and the author is 2brown-eyes.  The story is just starting, so we are at 4 chapters and I for one am curious as to the journey this author will take young Bella on …. here is the summary and an author’s note ;

 Bella is the caretaker of her group of friends. They take advantage of that and treat her like a doormat. Her self-esteem has her scared she will lose them if she speaks up. One day Bella had enough and snapped. Now she is missing. Can they find her?

A/N: This story will be full of angst. It involves Bella basically walked on by her friends until she reaches a breaking point. So in the beginning she will lack self-confidence. Her friends treat her like shit.

So if you think they are over the top with comments or actions they are suppose to. They have a lesson to learn(and will learn) on how to treat a friend and Bella needs to learn to stand up for herself. The story is about self growth and the importance of friendship.

Now on to the story …. if you would like to read more click on the banner and you will be taken to the story .. please remember to review and tell her I sent you …   Happy Reading

Wednesday’s Work In Progress

By sephrenia

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