Calling All Dads

Hello everyone…   How about we give the dads of  Forks, Washington  a heads up about what is  in store for them once Bella gets there.  I think Edward should be warned as well.  The story I have chosen this week does just that … What will happen when Carlisle, Charlie,  Billy and Edward are called together to read  a set of books and an unfinished manuscript.  Will Charlie still let Bella come to Forks, Will Carlisle help Edward understand his feelings.  Will Edward try to run, Will Billy start to understand the Cullens a little better or will he start plotting to have Jacob try to keep Bella away from Edward . 

The answers can be found in this weeks Work In Progress…..  The Dads of Forks: Reading  The Twilght Saga  by Dream Harvester.

As always if you would like to continue reading the story click on the Banner and you will be taken to the first page …. remember to review and please tell  the Author that I sent you ….

Here is  Wednesday’s Work In Progress


By sephrenia

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