Hi Everyone,

A coupe of things are wanted this week …. 

Reviewers…. Have you read a good TB/SVM story lately? Would you like to be able to tell others about it?

Well here is your chance!  Go to  the Reader’s Review Form located here just answer the questions on the form and your review will be posted in the Fangreaders Library so that other readers can enjoy the story as well ..

DayWoman …. by Alskl1ng  That is the WIP for this week … Eric needs a new DayMan, but what he gets is a DayWoman  named Sookie … This Sookie has gone to the School for Supes  and has learned the necessary skills for living in the  world of Supernaturals … Mr. Cataliades thinks she  is perfect for the job…..  This looks to be a fun  and interesting read because after all Behind  every Great Man there is a Great Woman ..

As always if you would like to continue the story just click on the banner and you will be taken to the first page of the story ….Remember to leave some love in the form of a review and please tell the author that I sent you …

Happy Reading

Wednesday’s Work In Progress

By sephrenia

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