It’s Here …… Set Your Alerts



Yes folks, It is finally  Here …. The long awaited sequel to the Eric & Sookie Love Story titled  Back and Forth …  California Kat , has posted the Prologue and will start posting the regular chapters this Saturday …. For those of you that aren’t aware of it … She doesn’t  start posting a story until it is complete.  She posts Daily when possible.   So Set  it to your Favorites  & your alerts … Get in  at the beginning … There are still a few days left so if you haven’t read Back and Forth I  Strongly recommend that you do so while we wait for Saturday …..

Authors Summary:

Now that Sookie & Eric have found their way to each other at last, Bill might just be the least of their worries. How will they deal with the threats that will try to separate them forever? Will their bonds survive?

As always click on the Banner to be taken to the first page of the story …. please remember to show your appreciation by leaving a review …  and please tell her that I sent you ..

Happy Reading


                    Wednesday’s  Work In Progress

By sephrenia

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