It’s Wednesday …. Let’s Dance


Spring has Sprung … I feel like Dancing …

This Week I have chosen  Save the Last Dance by InLoveWithEric. 

This is the perfect story for Spring,  for me Spring has always  represented  a time for New Love, Growth, Renewal … the perfect time to start out on a new journey in life …

This Story embodies all of these things, Sookie needs to learn how to waltz, Pam’s brother Eric just happens to be a Dancer … let the lessons begin… Join them on their journey

One look and they both know they have met their soul mate ….

As always Bill is a major pain in  their lives and he is a major jerk …

This is an all-human love story that should NOT be  missed …

As always if you would like to read more of this story click on the banner and you will be taken to the first page of the story.  Please remember to give each chapter a rating and leave a review.

Tell the author I sent you …. you might get cookies …Winking smile

Happy ReadingSchool

Wednesday Work In Progress

By sephrenia

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