I am not sure where I am going to put this.  It was suggested that I create a new story on FFNet and place it there.  I have put it on my profile and am posting it here.  Not sure if I will put it as a story since it really isn’t one.  Looking for feedback and direction from my wonderful readers:

To Whom it may concern:

 I am sure by now, most, if not all of you have heard about the goings on in the Fanfiction(dot)net world. 

 If I’m to understand this all correctly, over 200 stories have or will be pulled from the site because a group of teenage (young adults) have flamed the stories as offensive or inappropriate for viewers based on the rating system set forth by the managers and administration of the site.

If my facts inaccurate, please excuse me.

 I’ve watched the flames, accusations…

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By sephrenia

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