Attention Readers

 The Fangreaders are now on Goodreads!
It’s only just been opened, and we will be adding Reading Challenges, Book Groups, and much more soon. Please go ahead and join up so you can get all the latest. Anyone that would like to help moderate on Goodreads, please let me know.
Just like the rest of our community ~ please feel free to join in, add, and promote.
Hope you all enjoy!! xx
By sephrenia

2 comments on “Attention Readers

  1. Sephrenia,

    Do you know anything about InLoveWithEric?
    Is she okay? We have not heard anything from her in over a month.

    Mistress Cinder


    • well even though RL has been kickining her butt she has been writing when she could …. and as a result chapter 33 of Precious Love just went into beta this afternoon … I am recommending at least 2 tissues as we will be attending the wedding …


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