Let The Reading Begin


Yep, that’s right … the stories are ready for your reading pleasure …they can all be found here

There are a total of 15 stories   … That’s so Rolling on the floor laughing AWESOME   …

I just have a couple of things to ask and then I will get out of your way so you can get to the stories  …

Authors … please encourage your friends and fans to read all the stories …. please keep your story a secret for now … it might be fun to see who knows your writing style without being told …

Readers … Please take the time to read ALL the stories even if they are different from your favorite fandoms … who knows you might just find a new fandom …Some of our authors are first timers ..let’s keep that in mind when reviewing and I do encourage you to review, rate, like, and share …And please NO FLAMING 

I believe I have all stories listed … if you submitted a story but don’t see it listed   please get in touch with me ASAP….

Okay, Okay I’ll get out of your way so you can read these fabulous stories written by equally fabulous authors …

Seph  School

By sephrenia

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