The Winner Is

The winner for Banner 2 is

Banner 2 winner Fall Challenge 2014

The Better To Love You With by California Kat


The Winner for Banner 3 is

writing challenge 3 92014

FauX by idream3223


There were no entries for Banner 1 so that Banner goes to California Kat for the Promo story

Promo Story

My Valkyrie by California Kat


The most wanted to see continued was a very tight race and even ended with a tie so there are 4 stories in that category  so in no specific order they are

top 3 Faux

FauX by idream3223

top 3 the right bride by magsmacdonald

The Right Bride by Magsmacdonald

top3 Crashed by Kleannhouse

Crashed by Kleannhouse

top3 Wings Upon Your Thorns by Cali Kat

Wings Upon Your Thorns by California Kat

As you all know last challenge I gave a banner to one reviewer, this time there are so many

who reviewed each and every story with kind words and encouragement that there is no clear winner, so

give me a day or two and those that commented on each story will be getting a little token of my appreciation in their email.

I want to Thank each and every one of you that took the time to write a story or stories, those that came to read and comment, and those that reblogged my posts and talked about the challenge helping me get the word out.

I Feel I must say something profound to this next person but words fail me. …. This lady has encouraged me, championed me, taken time out of her busy schedule to write Promo Stories, and has entered a story for each banner in both challenges and is looking forward to the Winter Challenge.

So A Great Big Heartfelt THANK YOU to California Kat.



By sephrenia

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