Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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The Changing of Bella Swan

Demetri is walking away from the warehouse after he finished his mission for the Volturi.  Aro asked him to look into the murders and disappearances that were taking place in Seattle and to take care of the problem if possible.  He was surprised to find the warehouse that 5 newborns were hiding in as well as the 5 more that were still going through the change.  A newborn named Bree told him that a female named Victoria and her mate Riley were the ones that had changed them for the army they were building.  He destroyed the newborns as well as those still changing and waited for Victoria and Riley to return.  Victoria and Riley having just fed were too busy tearing at each other’s clothes to notice the Volturi Guard so they never saw their death coming.   Demetri exited the warehouse after tossing a match on the pile of body parts, he stayed longed enough to make sure no one got out and the fire was out. He smiled as he thought about how upset Felix would be that he missed out on the fun.


Demetri decided that since his mission was over, he would visit his old friend Carlisle Cullen.  Demetri, having made his decision turned and started running Northwest to Forks.  The Cullen house came into view about an hour later, he was disappointed to see that the house was empty and the scents were old. Demetri did pick up a slightly newer scent that was human and quite mouthwatering.   Running back through the woods Demetri picked up the human scent that had been at the Cullen’s but, this scent was fresh, he decided to follow it and perhaps he could get some answers as to the whereabouts of the Cullens as well as a snack. 


Demetri stepped out of the tree line to see the beautiful young woman standing in the center with her arms wrapped around her like she is trying to hold herself together, he noticed that she was crying. “Miss, are you injured?” he asked.

Bella turned around and gasped “vampire”.

“You know what I am?”

“Yes, I have known some of your kind before but, they weren’t human drinkers” she answered.

“You knew the Cullens? I picked up traces of your scent at their house when I stopped by but it seems that they have left the area. Do you know where they went?”

“No, they left back in September without telling me they were leaving, except for Edward, he said goodbye.” She began crying as she spoke of Edward’s goodbye.

“Will they be returning?” Demetri asked. He was concerned that the Cullens had left behind a human that knew of their world.

“No, Edward said it would be as though he never existed, for a vampire he wasn’t very smart” she replied.

“Oh, why is that? He asked

“As if I could ever forget him, plus I have this little reminder” she said as she showed him the bite mark on her wrist.

Demetri vamped to her side and took her hand in his to get a closer look.   “You’ve been bitten but, you are still human. How is this possible?”

Bella explained what had happened with James last spring and how Edward had rescued her and sucked out the venom so that she wouldn’t go through the change.

To say that he was shocked was an understatement, Demetri looked at Bella and said “I’m sorry that you had to go through that but I must tell you that they broke the law when they left you here alone and with the knowledge of our world” and then he lunged at her and sunk his teeth into her neck.  He moaned as he swallowed her blood, after a few mouthfuls he started pumping his venom into her, he released her neck and bit both wrists and both ankles.  As they had been talking he realized that she must be a powerful shield since he couldn’t grasp the ‘flavor’ of her mind and he smiled as he thought of the reward Aro would give him when he returned with her.  Demetri took Bella in his arms and started walking so that he could find shelter for them while she changed he was very surprised that she remained silent.  He looked down on his new ‘child’ and was pleased to see that she would be stunning as a vampire since she was beautiful as a human.  He found the opening of a cave and carried Bella to the back of it and gently laid her down, he sat beside her and settled in for the 3 day wait.  Little did he know that it would take Bella 10 days to complete the change and that he wouldn’t be there when she opened her eyes.

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