Chapter 10

Chapter 10




“Hello Emmett”

“Hey Edward can we talk” Emmett asked.

“Sure we can Em but you caught me in the middle of a hunt, can I call you back after I’m done and get cleaned up”   I shrugged when Bella arched one eyebrow at me.  I had some things to talk to her about before I could get into a possibly lengthy conversation with Emmett.

“Oh yeah  … sure  … sorry dude I’ll let you go and talk to you later” with that we hung up. I took Bella by the hand and reminded her to think about leaving no trace and out the door we went.

Watching Bella hunt was the most erotic thing I have ever seen, I wanted to claim her right then and there but I knew that we needed to get back to the house and check on the Volturi. I also wanted to talk to Bella about our immediate future, so we concentrated on filling the thermoses we had brought and get back to the house.  As we neared the house I slowed and gave the backpack to Bella telling her that I was going to put the Volvo in the back garage so that it didn’t appear that anyone was here.

As I got closer to the door I saw that Bella was waiting just inside and she stepped out to greet me …. Just then I heard a faint gasp, I turned towards the sound and caught a flash of Blonde …. Fuck …. I drag Bella back into the house.  “Quick Bella look for Rose” I practically shouted at her. We have to know what she saw and what she plans on doing. Why is she in Forks, no one knows I’m here unless … she was coming here to hurt Bella.  I’ll tear her apart and burn the pieces before I ever let her lay one hand on Bella.  Now more than ever I need to talk to Bella about our safety.




FUCKING EDWARD!  He took everything from me, I mean I was going to leave Emmett and the rest of the Cullens behind but I wanted to do it in my time frame not Edwards. How dare he tell my secrets, who does he think he is.  Well we will just see how he likes having something taken from him.  Get ready Isabella I am coming to visit.

I have been running for a little over a day and I am almost to Forks, I think I will go by the house and clean up before I go visit Miss Isabella Swan plus that will give me some time to finalize my plans and to make sure the wolves aren’t around.

I’m getting close to the house so I decide to go up in the trees to get a better look and to make sure the wolves aren’t out here as well as leaving no scent on the ground, just as I get to the top of a nice tall tree I look towards the house and lo and behold I see Edward coming from the garage walking towards the house. As he gets close to the house I see the door open and who should run out to meet him but Bella Fucking Swan. What The Fuck … he came back for her and from the looks of it he changed her, I wonder if that is why the house is shuttered, he doesn’t want anyone to know they are there.  If I were to tell the wolves what he has done I wouldn’t have to get my hands dirty, the wolves would destroy them both and I would be completely innocent.  I pull my phone from my pocket and as I am about to call Sam Bella turns and I see the silver streak in her hair I couldn’t stop the gasp from escaping. Edward turned but I moved away so quickly I don’t think he saw me. I know what that silver streak means and I know exactly who to call. I dial a number I never thought I would, it rings twice before it is answered  “Hello Aro, I have some news that I think you will be very interested in” I smile as I think about the shit storm that is about to be dumped right on top of Edward and his precious Bella.




”Bella I need you to find Rosalie, I think I saw her in the forest and I think she saw you and your hair. She knows what that streak means, Carlisle had all of us read that book as a way to learn to focus and to have the knowledge of the different gifts and abilities.”

I immediately start looking and I find her on the phone, she is telling Aro about me and where we are.  I break the connection and tell Edward what I saw.

“That’s what I was afraid of, Bella how do you feel about taking a road trip?”

“It sounds like it could be kind of fun as well as a little dangerous, but before we go anywhere I want to get some of my things from Charlie’s” I tell him and hope that he won’t argue with me.

“We can do that but we need to do it while Charlie is away from the house so that we aren’t seen” Edward tells me.

We decide to go now since Charlie is still at work then we can come back and pack some things and leave.

It is amazing running through the forest holding Edwards hand and so different than when we are on a hunt, it isn’t as intense this feels more like playing around even though it isn’t.  We quickly arrive at Charlie’s and after making sure there isn’t anyone around or inside up the tree and in the window we go.  I quickly gather the few mementos that I want to take with me as well as some of my favorite clothes including the blue blouse that Edward is so very fond of.

We head back to the house to pack and leave, I am shocked when Edward tells me that we will be taking the Vanquish as it may be needed for the speed. He tells me that with all the work Rosalie has done to it the car would be very hard to catch.

We make quick work of getting packed up and when I return from putting our suitcases along with the backpack of thermoses with the blood in them at the garage door I see Edward packing a lot of money into a duffle bag and he has an empty duffle bag lying next to it. “Where did all that come from and how much is it” I ask him.

“Well we each kept a stash of emergency cash available, you never know when you have to make a quick getaway, so in this bag there is roughly 3 million dollars, then when I empty the vault in the garage we will have around 8 million total.” He answers like it is no big deal.  To say I am flabbergasted is an understatement.  “Why do we need so much?”

“Well Love, cash isn’t as easy to track as credit cards are so those will be used very rarely, if at all.”

After we have everything loaded in the car we head out to play the biggest game of ‘hide and seek’ that I am willing to bet has ever been played.

We have been on the road for about 20 minutes, headed away from Forks and Seattle going towards Oregon when Edward looks at me and says “Bella, I want to talk to you about Emmett.”




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