Chapter 12

Chapter 12




A Dowser, My baby sis is a Fucking Dowser and Aro wants her … she really is a danger magnet.  Edward is right though, a road trip is a really good way to keep her hidden but I think we will still stick out like a sore thumb if we take my Jeep or Edward’s Vanquish.  We need something that is going to let us blend in with the masses and not be memorable.   I think I will leave the Jeep here in the garage.  I grab a backpack and throw in all the cash I can find , there isn’t much here only about $500,000 but for what I have in mind that will be enough and I also grab some of my as well as Edward’s IDs and passports.

I lock everything up and take off for Boise.  I can’t wait to see my baby sis I have really missed her and I am so glad that she and Edward are back together.  I can’t believe Rose called Aro, I knew she was a bitch but this is not something I ever thought she would do.




Oh my God that was some vision, what was she thinking. I need to talk to Jasper.  Going down to the game room I ask him to go hunting with me, he knows I just hunted yesterday but he says nothing and gets up to leave with me. Once we are far enough away so that we won’t be overheard I stop and turn to face Jasper.

“What is Darlin what did you see?” Jasper asked me.

“I saw Rose make a phone call to Aro, she told him that Edward changed Bella.”

Jasper looked confused “why would Aro care if Edward changed his mate, It is the law and we broke it when we left her behind. I’m glad he went back to his mate and made her his for eternity.”

“That’s just it Jasper, I don’t think he is the one that changed her, according to what Rose told Aro she has the mark of a Dowser.  Rose told him that Bella and Edward are at the house in Forks and Aro has guards in Seattle looking for Demetri, who disappeared a few weeks ago so he is sending them to Forks to get Edward and Bella.”

“Wait a minute” said Jasper “Demetri is missing and Bella is a Dowser? Holy Shit Alice I think you are right, I don’t think Edward changed her either I am willing to bet good money that Demetri is the one that changed her.  We need to get hold of Edward and let him know.”

Taking out my phone I call Edward, it rings a few times before he answers “Hello Alice”

“EDWARD you have to run, Rose saw that you are with Bella and she called Aro to tell him about her” I shout into the phone

“Yes Alice we know that and we have left Forks, we know that Felix, Jane, and Alec have been sent there to take us to Aro.”

“Oh thank God, did you change her Edward”

“No, Demetri Volturi changed her and then the wolves killed him.  He had hidden her in a cave and after changing for 10 days she hid in our house.  By the way thank you for giving her a way to contact me.”

“I knew she would need to reach you but I didn’t see why, but I am glad you two are back together.  Now tell me what we can do to help keep her from Aro.”

“Right now nothing, I hope you understand why I won’t let you know where we are or where we are going.  I don’t want Aro to touch you and find out our plans, I am assuming you still can’t see me or Bella.”

“I understand and I agree that it is better if I don’t know your plans, and no I can’t see you or Bella but please let us know if Jasper or I can help in any way.”

“Thanks Alice I will call you if I need anything.”

After we hung up I let Jasper know that he was right about Demetri being the one to change Bella and that Edward would call if he needed anything. Then we headed back to the house.




Edward let me know that we were about to make another stop for gas and we had agreed that since I haven’t had any trouble with bloodlust that I could go in the little market attached to the station so that I could stretch my legs so to speak even though they didn’t need ‘stretching’.

While I was wandering around the little store I saw something that I thought we could use.  After talking to the clerk I made my purchase and headed out to the car.  Edward looked up me but didn’t say anything, he just kept looking at something on his phone, maybe he was trying to find a location to meet with Emmett. I popped the trunk and got one of the thermoses out the cooler we had back there and filled the two travel mugs I then went back inside to use the microwave.  As I was leaving I thanked the clerk for letting me heat my “soup”.  When Edward saw what I had done he declared me a genius and commented that they had never thought to do something like that and that we would have to get one for Emmett after we met up with him.

“We are getting close Love, I’m going to call Em and arrange where to meet” Edward told me after we had been driving for another hour or so.

Emmett answered on the fourth ring “Hey Ed, where are you”

“We are about 45 minutes out of Boise how close are you?” Edward asked.

“I should get there between 2-3 hours after you, it took me a little longer than I expected to close up the cabin and put my Jeep in the garage.  Where do you want to meet?”

“I checked on something the last time we stopped, how about meeting us at Best Buy on Franklin Street.”

“Sounds good, I’ll see you there in a few” Emmett said and then they hung up.

“Why Best Buy” I asked.

“There is something I want to buy, it’s something I think we will all enjoy.”

I smiled at him and batted my eyelashes “can I have a hint?’

“Nope” Edward laughed.

So off to Best Buy we went, I couldn’t wait to see what it was that he wanted to buy.





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