Chapter 13

Chapter 13




Wow, when he said he wanted to buy something he wasn’t kidding.  After purchasing 3 d5200 cameras 1 in each color, 3 laptops, 3 iPads® with 64gig each, along with accessories for them all we finally left the store to go wait for Emmett.  I was talking to Edward when he stopped walking and was just staring at the parking lot, I looked to see what caught his attention and there stood Emmett next to a HUGE motorhome with a car being towed behind it.  WTF!




I couldn’t believe what I was seeing  Emmett was there with a motorhome and a black Volvo, “What is all this Em?”

Emmett got this big smile on his face “first things first Bro”  then he grabbed Bella up in one of his famous bear hugs and started swinging her around with Bella giggling the whole time.  “I missed you so much little sister, I’m sorr –“ Bella cut him off.

“NO, there will be no apologies I understand why everyone left, you all thought you were protecting me but never again Emmett.  I missed you too big brother”

I smiled as I watched them together, they really were brother and sister and you could feel the love coming from them both.

“Alright you two break it up and tell us what all this is about Emmett”

“Well, we need to hide Miss Danger Magnet here, so although your road trip is a great idea it still left us exposed.”

“How so Emmy?” Bella asked

“Well, my Jeep and Edwards Vanquish are pretty memorable vehicles, add the three of us and I would say we would be unforgettable not to mention staying at hotels and all the check-in clerks that are usually female. I thought we would need to blend in a little so I bought this set up. We look like all the other tourists traveling around the country.  We even have a hot little getaway car if we need it.”

“That’s a really great idea Emmett, I’m impressed but what about our reflection through the windows, won’t people wonder about that and remember it?” I asked

Emmett got into the RV and brought out a crystal prism in the shape of a large ball “that’s what this is for it throws rainbows better than we do, we will have our own disco ball. I also got one for the back window as well the car. Plus if we wear hats and sunglasses it will help also. It may not be perfect but I think it will help us to not stand out.”

“No Em, I think it is perfect but what about the Vanquish?”

“I was thinking that we can ship it to that storage place in Southern California and have it placed in long term storage.”

“That would work let’s do it and then we can hit the road” I told him and headed for the car to wait for Bella.

We had just left the shipping company and headed to fill up the tank with diesel “okay Emmett where is the first roadside attraction you want to go to”

“Prepare yourselves we are headed for the Giant Waitress in Blackfoot, I have already put it in the GPS” Emmett put his hat and sunglasses on and we were off to our first destination.  I hope the camera batteries will be charged by the time we get there.  Bella has been very quiet, I look over to check on her and she has the biggest, goofiest smile on her face.  “What is putting that big smile on your face Bella?”

“Oh Edward, I was excited to get my iPad® since I knew that I could get the kindle app and put all my favorite books on it as well as add new books, I just discovered that I can also put all my favorite Fan Fiction stories on it as well.”

“How are you able to do that Love, aren’t they just available online” I ask her.

“There is a site that will let you put it in a format that can then be emailed directly to my iPad” she is almost bouncing in her seat she is so excited.

Bella goes on to tell me “ I can download all my favorite authors like InLoveWithEric, California Kat, Kjwrit, magsmacdonald, & Drotuno”  I would have bought her one a long time ago if I had known it would make her this happy.

“Alright Love, I’ll leave you to it while I go up and sit with Emmett” I tell her as I put on a hat and my sunglasses and go up and climb into the passenger seat.




“What do you mean they aren’t there and Felix is injured, if they are gone then how did Felix get hurt?” I yell into the phone.

“Master, when we got here we picked up a faint trace of Demetri’s scent as well as a really strong wet dog odor and the house is all shuttered up. Felix was injured when he went around to the back of the house and was attacked by three shapeshifter wolves, Alec and I went to help him and the wolves took off” answered Jane.

“Find the Cullens and bring them to me especially Rosalie, You may want to start looking in Denali.”

I must find Caius and make him aware that there are wolves in Forks, Washington, I can already see the gleam in his eyes at the thought of getting to kill more wolves.  They may not be “children of the moon” type of wolves but to Caius they are all the same and he wants to see them all destroyed.



After I come out of my vision I let jasper know what Aro is doing and that we need to leave and be on our own for a while.  We are packing when Esme comes in “are you going somewhere Alice?”

“Yes, with the emotions running so high, even with the rest of the family gone you and Carlisle are still so upset that Jasper & I are going on a little vacation to let things ease up a bit so that it will be more comfortable for Jasper.” I don’t want anyone to know that I saw Aro coming and have them be after me and Jasper thinking that we know where Edward & Bella are.

We finish packing and loading up the car, telling Carlisle & Esme that we will be back as soon as we can. With that we get in the car and head out, I kind of like Edward’s idea of a road trip and making no decisions so we will just see where the road takes us.


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