Chapter 14

Chapter 14




I am so happy to have my brother and little sister here with me and that we are headed out with no real destination in mind. Every time we moved in the past I always thought it would be cool to break up the trip by stopping at some of the Roadside Attractions that were located on the routes we would take and Edward was always cool with it but we would get outvoted or Rose would just say NO.  I haven’t been able to take a good look at the camera that Edward got for everyone so we could take pictures of what we each wanted to remember on this trip, oh here comes Ed now.

“Hey Em how you doing up here, I know it hasn’t been long but let me know when you want me to drive for a while.  I don’t think it’s fair for you to have to do all the driving, you and I can switch off and on because I don’t think Bella would be comfortable driving this rig and I really don’t think we will get her to put down her iPad™.”

“Yeah I heard how excited she was to not only be able to put her books on there but her Fan Fiction stories as well, you should have gotten her one of those a long time ago.”

“So Emmett, tell me about this Giant Waitress we are going to see, what is so special about her?”  Edward asks.

“Well, in the 60s the Uniroyal Tire Company™ put up these huge statues similar to Muffler Men™ that were up & down the highways only these were called the Uniroyal Gals™, and when the tire company abandoned them a lot of the business they were near took them and used them for their business.  This one is located in front of a café … she used to hold up a large plate of fries but I hear that has been removed with the recent makeover.  The original Uniroyal Gals™ were inspired by Jackie Kennedy.  I just thought it would be a cool thing to see and that Bella would find it interesting, she loves all that ‘Americana’ stuff.”  Edward turned to the front and started reading the camera manual while I continued driving “Hey Ed, after you read the manual and are comfortable that you know how to use that fancy camera you bought everyone can we switch out and you drive while I read my manual?” I asked.

“Sure thing Em, give me just a few more minutes” Edward answered.




I was so involved with learning about my iPad™ and also about my new camera so that I was ready to take a bunch of pictures that I didn’t even notice anything until Emmett had stopped and they were going to switch places.  I noticed there was a market nearby so I asked Edward to go in with me first. Emmett looked at me with the strangest look on his face but finally shrugged his shoulders and started reading.  Boy was he going to be shocked when I came back with his little surprise.

I found the coolest travel mug it has a picture of a grizzly bear on one side and gives some information about the grizzly in general and some of the history of the bear in Idaho on the other side.  I got out one of the thermoses with bear blood and one with mountain lion blood, I filled all three mugs and warmed them up to take to the guys.  Edward smiled and kissed my cheek when I gave him his and Emmett looked at us both confused and when I gave him his mug told me “thanks sis but I have been trying to cut back on the caffeine.”

“I know, Edward told me, and I’m so proud of you Emmett, but don’t worry, I got you caffeine free.  Try it, you might like it” I teased him.

He kept his eyes on me and brought the mug to his lips, his eyes got so wide when he smelled the blood “What the … where did … How?” I almost fell over laughing at him.




It’s a good think I can focus on more than one thing at a time so I could keep driving while I laughed at Emmett. “It was Bella’s idea, pretty clever huh?” I finally answered his question.

“Clever?  Hell no it pure fucking genius.  How come all us super smart vamps never thought of it?” Emmett just continued to stare at Bella.

Bella shrugged her shoulders and told him “I think because the main purpose for them is so that humans can have their coffee while driving to work in the morning. You guys would have never given them any thought. It really isn’t any different than you thinking about us being exposed and getting this set up and thought to put the crystal prisms in both vehicles. To me that was genius.”

I agreed with Bella and kept driving until suddenly Emmett shouted out that we had arrived, and so we had, I started looking for a place to park. After I parked Bella pulled her hair up in a messy bun, put on her floppy hat, sunglasses and grabbed her camera. Emmett and I grabbed ours and we were off to see the Waitress.


I can’t believe I let them talk me into a T-shirt with the Giant Waitress on it, man am I glad Alice can’t see me.  We were walking back to the RV when suddenly Bella wasn’t with us, she was looking at a poster.  “What is it Bella? What are you looking at?” I asked as I wrapped my arms around her.  I looked over her shoulder and saw that she was looking at a poster of a missing child.  “Edward” she sobbed.

I picked her up and told Emmett to grab the poster, I knew she wanted to help and I honestly couldn’t think of any reason she shouldn’t. We would have to take precautions but we could deal with that.

I got Bella back into the RV and got her seated, I heated a glass of blood for her so she would be nice and full and could concentrate better.  Emmett sat in one of the armchairs and quietly watched, having never seen her use her gift he had no clue how to help.  I watched as Bella looked at the poster for a few minutes then leaned her head back and closed her eyes.  At that point all we could do is wait.




When I saw that poster I knew I had to help, that I just couldn’t walk away.  The poster said that he was 4 years old and had been missing for a couple of weeks he was the cutest little thing with brown hair and brown eyes.  I drank the blood Edward gave me and focused on the picture of the child then leaned back and closed my eyes.

“Found Him” I cried out as I opened my eyes and looked at Edward.  “He’s in the basement of a house not far from where he lives, he’s scared & hungry Edward, we have to help him.”




She looked so small and fragile as she sobbed in my arms.  I thought about what our options were.  “Bella were you able to see the address of the house he is being kept in” I asked her.

She pulled back a little and looked up at me nodding “135 Maple Street” she told me.  I looked at Emmett ready to ask if he would be able to keep the police from tracking the phone using the cell towers when he rushed to the back of the RV and came back with a phone that couldn’t be traced.  “I thought we might need these” he said with small smile.

“Perfect Emmett, you are a lifesaver” I told him as I took the phone and dialed the number.

After I gave the authorities the information and hung up Emmett pulled back on to the road to go find a better place to wait for news.  Not far up the road we pulled into an RV park and Emmett went in and paid for one night.  We found our space and got settled, Emmett had gotten us Satellite TV so we turned to the local news and waited.  It wasn’t long until the report came in that the boy had been found and was going to be okay. He would be spending the night in the hospital and then would be able to go home with his parents.  The man that had taken him had been arrested and was being held without bail.

Emmett grabbed Bella swinging her around shouting “Hot Damn baby sis that was the coolest fucking thing I have ever seen, you are one kickass vamp.”


Bella looked up at me with the biggest smile and if she could still blush Emmett’s praise would have turned her beet red.

“I’m so very proud of you Bella” I told her as I took her in my arms and started kissing her.

“Get a Room!” Emmett shouted.

I picked Bella up and started walking to the back of the RV where the bedroom was located.  Bella shut the door as we walked through it giggling “See you in the morning Emmy.”





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