Chapter 16

Chapter 16




After speaking with Caius and Marcus we have decided to travel to the states and visit the Cullens and Denalis instead of just bringing the Cullens to us.  Caius is gathering some of his old hunting party to go after the wolves when we get there.  Even Marcus is anxious to meet this Dowser. I know that he has always had his doubts about his mate’s death.  He said he would have felt the pain of her death but the only pain he feels is the pain of separation and he hopes if this girl is truly a Dowser that she would be able to find Didyme.  I think he is just fooling himself, we sent out numerous search parties and we never found a clue of where she could be that is why I believe she has met the true death.

I have contacted my guards and told them to just observe once they found the Cullens.  Jane informed me that they had in fact located them in Alaska living near the Denalis and that she and Felix were watching the Cullens and Alec was keeping an eye on Eleazar.  She did tell me that there were only two of the family there, Carlisle and Esme, and that she hadn’t seen any of the others since they had arrived.   I wasn’t concerned about the Empath & the Seer not being there as I know from my conversations with Carlisle that they leave the family for short amounts of time to give the Empath a respite from all the different emotions that many vampires can have not to mention that the Denalis live close by and that adds 5 more vampires, 3 of them being Succubi, to the mix of emotions. To be honest as much as I want Alice to join my guard, right now I am more focused on collecting the Dowser as well as her mate Edward at the moment, I can come back for little Alice and her mate another time.

I must go make arrangements for the plane to be readied, choose which guards are going with us and set the servants to packing my bags. I will need to talk to my brothers about the possibility of putting up a reward for Miss Swan so that we can cover a much larger area. Vampires everywhere would be keeping an eye out for her.




I am so excited that we are going to meet up with Bella and Edward, I have missed my best friend so much.  I’m not happy about the restrictions she put on me but she is right, now is not the time to stand out now is the time for blending in.  I glance at Jasper and I can tell he is almost bouncing in his seat “Darlin if you don’t calm down I am going to vibrate the car apart with all the happiness and excitement I am feeling from you as well as my own” he tells me.

Oops, “sorry Jazz I’m just so happy to see Bella again and I’m excited about going to the Mall of America. Plus the fact that Emmett is with them and not sitting somewhere alone and broken, I just can’t wait.”

“I know Alice but try to tone it down a little for my sake alright”

“I’ll do my best Jazz” I tell him and try not to think about it as I concentrate on the road.




I warned Edward that we needed to keep an eye on Emmett but did he listen, NO.

I left them looking at thermoses while I went to get the toiletries, when I was headed back to them I heard several alarm clocks going off. I looked around and spotted the two of them watching and laughing as the clerks tried to get them all turned off, I grabbed Edward’s hand and headed for the camping section to look at coolers telling Emmett to come with us. We were looking around to see if there was anything else that might come in handy when I noticed that Emmett was looking at his watch and they were both trying to keep me from noticing their chuckles.  I was just starting to ask what was going on when I heard another set of alarm clocks going off.  “I expect this from Emmett but you too Edward?” I just shook my head as I walked away so they didn’t see the smile on my face, I was glad to see the 17 year old teenager that Edward would forever be start to come out.  We grabbed a couple of coolers and headed to the checkouts.


Edward was taking his turn at the driving as we headed out, next stop would be Yellowstone.  I settled back and concentrated on Aro, it was time to see what he was up to. I watched as Aro told Caius about the wolves, I knew I should be upset about him wanting to kill them but I couldn’t be, I mean they were hoping to find me so they could kill me.  I saw that the three brothers were not having the Cullens brought to them, they were going to the Cullens.  I watched as Aro made arrangements to leave for the states and then I pulled away.  I went to the front to let the guys know what was going on with the Volturi, they weren’t surprised that the brothers would be coming here. Emmett thought it made more since to be here while they looked for me.

After driving for a few more hours we arrived at Yellowstone, Edward drove around until we found RV parking close to Old Faithful.  While we went to take pictures Emmett headed out to find some grumpy Grizzlies that had been causing problems.

After we finished taking pictures Emmett still wasn’t back so we went to the gift shops, I got Emmett a 6 pack of bear shaped soaps, we got Grizzly and Old Faithful T-shirts for all of us including Jasper and Alice.  We weren’t sure if Alice would wear hers but we knew Jasper would wear his. We headed back to the RV and found that Emmett was back and cleaning up.  We noticed that there were a few of the new thermoses sitting on the counter so I guess the problem bears aren’t a problem anymore.  I was very surprised when Edward gave me a white box, when I opened it there was a beautiful Turquoise Necklace, bracelet, and earrings set. I couldn’t get them on quick enough.

Emmett loved his soaps and T-shirts and claimed the driver’s seat for the next leg of the trip.  I guess Devil’s Tower was our next destination but first the guys wanted to find another RV park and take a break from the road.  I think Emmett was having video game withdrawals.




I had called Carlisle to see if I could come get some of my things and was surprised to hear that even Alice and Jasper had left.  He said that Jasper needed a break from all the emotions that had hit him and he was still being affected by the emotions from him and Esme.  I was willing to bet that Alice had seen what I did and knew that Aro was sending his guards for Bella and Edward, so they left to help them when the guards showed up.  Oh well who cares with them gone I can pretty much do what I want especially since Carlisle feels so guilty for changing me, he is always apologizing about the fact that I can’t have children, as if I would want a little snotty, slobbering child that would have destroyed my perfect figure and as long as I let Esme mother me she is pretty much putty in my hands.

I see the house come into view and Carlisle is on the front porch waiting to welcome me home.  I run into his arms sobbing “How could he say those awful things about me?” I cry to him.

He strokes my hair “Shh … everything will be alright.”

I just smile.


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