Chapter 17

Chapter 17




Alice is driving so I have time to think about this whole situation. I understand the rareness of a Dowser and although it is a useful gift I don’t understand where it would have any tactical uses. Aro’s determination to have Bella in his guard just doesn’t make sense. I am starting to wonder if we are missing some vital information. I will be glad to see my brothers and new sister once again, perhaps we can figure out what is happening and how to keep Bella out of Aro’s clutches.

It’s getting late and we will start looking for a hotel soon and then Alice and I will be able to talk about all this without any distractions except the ones we create for ourselves. I do love the freedom of it just being the two of us without the restrictions that Carlisle places on everyone, maybe when all this is settled I can persuade Alice for the two of us to travel around together; it’s been a while since we just went and had fun. Now that I think of it I believe there is a waterpark in the Mall, maybe we guys can go there while the girls shop. That reminds me of this great Waterpark in Wisconsin that we went to, maybe we can get the others to go there after we are done at the Mall.


We have stopped for the night and Emmett wants to play online video games and I wouldn’t mind some alone time with Bella, when she suggest taking a walk around the RV park before the sun sets I am up and at the door within seconds. While we are walking, we are making sure to stay in the shady parts, I ask her about her shield and suggest that while we are at Devil’s Tower she practice and we can see if Emmett can track her since he has a pretty good nose for sniffing things out. Bella lets me know that she has been working with it since the first time I ask her to try and use it. She surprises me when suddenly all the thoughts around me are gone and I can hear her. “Bella, I can hear you” I grab her and kiss her. ‘I love him so much I couldn’t bear it if he left me again’ I don’t think she really meant for me to hear that but I answered her anyway “Never Bella, I will never leave you again. Remember when I told Emmett about vampire mating, well that applies to us too. In the vampire world you are my wife and I plan to put a ring on your finger as soon as I can.”

“Oh Edward” she sobbed “I want to wear your ring and I want to get one for you too, maybe at the mall we can find something.”

I agreed with her and I was ecstatic that she would not only accept my ring but wanted me to wear hers as well. She pulled her shield away from me and we headed back to the RV, as we were walking I picked up a random thought ‘Wow, I never expected to see other vampires way out here. I wonder if they are open to some company’ I didn’t want this strange vampire to know of my gift so I waited giving him no clue that I heard him and I was very glad Bella was still wearing her hat and sunglasses as he stepped out of the treeline and walked up to us “Hello I’m surprised to see any of my kind around here. My name is Michael, I thought I might be able to find a meal wandering away from the park but if you have already claimed it I wouldn’t want to intrude. Unless of course you wouldn’t mind some company” he told us but, he was thinking ‘maybe I could insist on traveling with them for a while after all there’s safety in numbers and maybe he wouldn’t mind sharing, it’s been a long time since I had a woman’.

“Hello Michael, My name is Anthony and this is my mate Marie, I hope you will understand when I decline your company … we are newly mated and my mate is very shy” I explain to him thinking that he should just move along and not worry about us.

“Of course, Congratulations on your mating, I myself am still hoping to find mine. I will move on and leave you in peace.” he turns to go back to the treeline. I listen to his thoughts as he moves away from us ‘Lucky bastard, from what I could see of her she is not only shy but very beautiful as well. Oh well, maybe someday …..’ I stood there with my arm around Bella wondering what just happened, I thought I was going to have a fight on my hands and was getting ready to send Bella to the RV so she would be safe with Emmett. Bella tugged on me and we continued back to the RV, while we were walking back I remembered something similar happened with Tanya. I needed to talk to Emmett to see if he had any ideas about what was happening. When we got back and told Emmett about meeting the vampire we decided to go ahead and leave the park and we had Bella concentrate on us not being seen leaving the park by anyone especially the vampire we met in case he is still hanging around just out of my mental reach.


We arrive at Devil’s Tower a few hours later and find a spot in the RV parallel parking area along the east side of the main lot near the visitor center. It is still dark so Emmett wants to race to the top of the Tower and Bella agrees saying it would make some really cool pictures so we grab our cameras and take off for the Tower.

I can’t believe they handicapped me and made me wait until they were ½ way there before I could start and I had to carry the camera equipment, I beat them but just barely. I got set up and started taking pictures; I got some great ones of them leaning on each other laughing. I reminded them that the sun would be up before long so if they wanted pictures they needed to get busy. While I was taking my pictures I thought back to my conversation with Emmett last night while we were driving.

Emmett glanced over at me “so let me get this straight that day at the house you were thinking about how you wanted Tanya to just tell the truth about why she kept chasing you and then she did that very thing. Then last night with that strange vamp he wanted to stick around to “share” Bella with you and was thinking he might not take no for an answer but then you thought he should just move on and not worry about the two of you, and that is what he did.”

“That is exactly what happened and nothing like that has happened to me before that I can think of” I reply.

“When you were reading that book on Gifts how much did you read about your own gift?” he asked me.

I looked over at him “not much, I already knew what I could do so I kind of skipped that page” I told him.

“Well Hell, that’s the problem then, you didn’t read what can possibly happen when the gift starts maturing, you are becoming a Pusher. You can put your thoughts and wishes in other people’s minds and have them do what you want. That is just way too fucking cool, but I wouldn’t tell anyone outside the three of us because if Aro gets wind of how your gift is growing he will be after you as hot and heavy as he is Bella. Man that guy will lock the two of you inside Volterra so deep you may never see daylight again.”

As I thought about what he had said I realized that he was right, so for now only the three of us would be aware of it but to tell the truth I can’t wait to use it on Alice to get her to stop being so pushy with us. She really needs to relax and just enjoy her life more instead of worrying about what we all are wearing or doing. If it isn’t putting anyone in danger she should just leave it alone. I see that the others are finishing up with their cameras so I go to help and we head back down. We should probably have some ‘breakfast’ as Bella calls it and head on to the Mall since there isn’t a whole lot to do around here now that we have climbed the Tower and taken our pictures. We climbed down and ran back to the RV before sunrise. It looks like we won’t get to practice having Emmett track her, maybe we can try it later.




I am just coming around the corner of the garage planning to work in my rose garden when I see Carlisle with Rosalie in his arms comforting her … What The Hell … after what Edward told us before he left how can he welcome her back with open arms. I stay hidden in the shadows and watch as he strokes her hair and tells her everything will be alright. Oh like Hell it will be. I step back into the garage to go back inside the house …….. I think this situation bears watching so I will play along and just keep watch on Miss Rosalie Hale.

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