Chapter 18

Chapter 18




We are going to stop in Rapid City because Edward wants to climb Mt. Rushmore again and Emmett wants to do it for the first time. I want to go to a local camera store located in the mall and get this really high powered telescope that I found online and it will attach to a camera so you can photograph the stars but I want to take pictures of them on top of Mt. Rushmore. If anyone sees it they will think that I have used an editing program to make it.

Okay we got the telescope I was looking for and the clerk was really helpful showing me how to attach the lens to my camera, I don’t know how I kept from hitting the floor laughing with all the growling Edward was doing, he must have been thinking something terrible.


We head back towards Keystone which is just a couple of miles from the park; we get situated and wait for it to get dark. The guys play video games while I read.

After a few hours and ‘dinner’ it’s dark enough so we grab our gear and head out so the guys can go ‘rock’ climbing.


When the guys got back I had already downloaded and was editing the pictures I had taken, I called Edward over to show him the one I was working on, I had never seen him laugh as hard as he was after looking at the picture and the caption I had on it.

Emmett couldn’t resist “what’s so funny, did you get a picture of Ed being butted by that goat?” he asked.

Nope, unfortunately I missed that, it’s a picture of you and I turned the screen around to show him, I had gotten a picture of Em hunting a burro but it looked like he was kissing it on the neck and the caption read “Emmett finally gets a piece of ass.”

“That’s just wrong baby sis …. So fucking wrong” he whined. “Emmett you know good and hell well if you could have gotten a picture like that of Edward you would have texted it to every one you know as well as try to put it on you tube” I told him.

He started laughing and told me “yeah you’re right I would have.”

“So tell me Em was it a good piece of ass” I teased.

“Nah, I’d rather have some beaver” he actually kept a straight face while saying that and then all three of us fell over laughing.




We have finally arrived and are standing in the woods near The Cullen’s home and I see what Jane was talking about, Carlisle and Esme are here and the beautiful Rosalie has returned but her mate is nowhere to be found. Well there is only one way to find out …… just as I am about to knock on the door it is opened and I am greeted by my old friend Carlisle. “Aro, what a surprise” and he really does look surprised, I think somebody has been keeping her activities a secret, this could be fun “Carlisle old friend can we come in” I ask reminding him that he has left us standing outside.   He actually stutters … “of course please come in, all of you”

“Carlisle, I’m sure you know why we are here, so please drop the surprise act” He actually has no clue what is going on …. What kind of coven leader is he?   I ask that everyone gather in the living room, when it is only the three of them I ask where Rosalie’s mate is. Marcus comes over and touches my hand “My, My this is quite an interesting development … “what are you referring to Aro” Carlisle asks

“Well Carlisle, it appears that Rosalie has not mated yet …. Oh and that you and Esme aren’t mates either …. Would you care to explain yourself Carlisle … I remember you telling me about Rosalie’s mate and that you had found your mate.”

Carlisle looked back and forth from me to Esme “Marcus must be mistaken, I will admit things have been strained between us lately but she is my mate” he insisted.

Marcus stepped forward “No Carlisle, I am not mistaken; the bonds I see are the bonds of companions not mates.”

Carlisle put his arm around Esme telling her they would discuss it later. She doesn’t look happy and steps away from him, oh how I would love to be a fly on the wall for that discussion.

“Well, this is not the reason I am here is it Rosalie?”

“I’m not sure why you are here Aro” oh, she thinks she can play dumb with me?

“Okay, let’s start with your phone call about Edward and Miss Isabella Swan” Carlisle and Esme both snapped their heads to look at her. Esme hissed at her “what have you done you stupid selfish bitch”

Rosalie didn’t respond so I began “Well it seems that Edward returned to Forks and changed Miss Swan and joy of joys she bears the mark of a Dowser, or at least that is what Rosalie told me when she called to let me know.” “So here I am to collect my Dowser and she is nowhere to be found, so tell me Carlisle where does Edward have her hidden?”

“I have no idea Aro, this is the first I have heard of this. Rose, why would you do this? I know you were hurt by Edward’s words but this wasn’t the answer.” Carlisle answered me while looking to Rose for answers. Answers that I knew he would never get.

“Well Carlisle, then you need to get in touch with young Edward and tell him to come home and bring my Dowser with him” I instructed him. Carlisle tries to call Edward but I can hear that the phone goes to voicemail.

“Aro, as you heard I’m unable to tell Edward that you wish to see him & Bella” Carlisle tells me.

“Well then I have no choice but to ask that all vampires be on the lookout for them and offer a reward of 5 million dollars” I turn and ask that one of the guards that came with us go and put the word out.

“Aro, I understand how the talents of a Dowser could be useful but why are you insisting that Bella be brought to you, it isn’t something that can be used as your other guards are?” Esme asked me.

“I am insisting that she be brought to me because I believe that she is more than a Dowser. Her dowsing will help me locate other extremely gifted vampires including her mate, young Edward, but as per our conversations Carlisle I believe that she is also a shield from what you said about Edward not being able to read her mind while she was human and that coming along with the dowsing the chances are very good that she is also a psychic shield and that is something that can be used”

I feared for Carlisle’s life as Esme glared at him from across the room “you told him about Bella” she hissed at him. It is a good thing we cannot be killed by a stake because I think she would have broken some furniture and staked both Carlisle and Rosalie.

“Well as entertaining as this has been, young Edward and his mate are not my only reason for being here. As you may or may not be aware my guard Felix was attacked by shapeshifters while at your residence in Forks looking for you and my missing tracker, Demetri, so we wish to use your home in Forks as our headquarters for as long as we are here dealing with the shapeshifters and trying to ascertain if in fact Demetri has met the true death or if he has been injured and is somewhere healing.

“Of course you are welcome to use the house as your headquarters but Aro, I must tell you that we have a treaty with the Shapeshifters of La Push and … “ Carlisle started in.

“You have a treaty with them, I don’t and they will pay for attacking one of my guards while he was on Volturi business. I thank you for the use of your house but you have no say as to how we deal with the shapeshifters, and I’m quite sure you remember how Caius deals with wolves” I tell Carlisle with a smile.


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