Chapter 19

Chapter 19




I can’t believe it …. Carlisle and Esme aren’t mates! …. Aro has put out a reward for Bella.   The only good thing I saw is that Caius will be dealing with the wolves for attacking Felix; I do hope that Aro decides to read one of them and finds out what happened to Demetri. Carlisle would never let us do anything about all the times the wolves would break the treaty but boy step one toe over the line and the wolves would always be right there wanting a war. So if Caius takes them all out I say Good Riddance. Maybe they will take out the whole reservation and then Washington could have its own Roanoke, and we wouldn’t have to worry about anymore wolves and the area would smell so much better. I will have to let Edward know what Aro has done when we meet with them tomorrow at the mall.

I think Jasper wants to go to the water park with the guys while Bella and I get in some shopping but with Aro putting out a reward we may need to all stick together.




We will be meeting up with Jasper and Alice tomorrow and I have to say I will be glad to see them both, I haven’t missed Alice’s meddling but I have missed her in general and I have missed Jasper’s quiet strength that is always there in the background. I know Bella is also looking forward to seeing them, speaking of Bella I should check to see if she needs to hunt before we get closer to the city and see if we need to stock up on blood. She will probably want to check up on Aro this evening as well. Just as I am about to go see if Emmett wants to take a break from driving Bella calls my name and all I see is a finger beckoning me to come to the bedroom. Oh well looks like you will need to drive a little further Em, my mate is calling me. When I enter the room my eyes almost pop out of my head, Bella is standing there is the sexist little pink Corset and thong and all I can think is Hot Damn!




After spending some quality time with my mate we go to the front so Edward can switch out driving with Em and I can heat us some blood before I take a look at where Aro is and what he is up to. I will be glad when we finally meet up with Alice and Jasper. With Jasper’s military background I hope he can help us come up with a plan to stay away from Aro. I mean all this traveling around is fun but I would rather be doing it because we want to not because it is the only way to stay out of Aro’s reach. I think I will also take a look at where Jasper and Alice are as well to see how close they are.

About an hour later

Ewww …. I so didn’t want to see that, I guess what they say about eavesdroppers and peeping toms is true …. You may not like what you hear or see. I think I will keep this all to myself. Now to go tell the guys what I found out about Aro and the others. It looks like the wolves are going to be busy, I wish there was a way to let Aro know about Demetri without having to give away our location. Maybe Edward or Emmett can think of a way.




When Bella told us what would be happening back in Forks my only regret was that I wouldn’t get to help Caius but I could help with Bella’s little problem. I could call anyone I wanted because no one was looking for me, at this point I was technically a “free agent.” I told them my plan and they both agreed that it just might work; after we agreed on the message that I would give I took out my phone.




Not mates! Companions only, no wonder it never bothered me that much when he would spend so much time at the hospital or I would leave to finish up the purchase of a new home or the redecorating of one in preparation of the next move. He told me that it was because we had been together so long and that we were very secure in our marriage. I always wondered why Jasper & Alice, who had been together for decades, never felt the need to marry and never spent much time away from each other. The same with Eleazar and Carmen, I don’t think I have ever seen them apart for more than a few hours. I would like to discuss the different types of bonds with Marcus but they are preparing to go to Forks, hmm … maybe I could go with them, it would be the polite thing to do since they will technically be guests in our home. I am about to approach Aro to talk to him about my going with them when my phone alerts me to an incoming text. Can’t say much …. Aro needs to read at least one wolf … Sam is Alpha …. Last wolf count was 8. Talked to Ed, they are safe. I’m safe, Love you, Em. After I read it I hit delete.

Now, I really need to talk to Aro.






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