Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Waking Up

As Demetri settled in for the 3 day wait he pulled a book from his coat pocket and started reading. Shortly after, he began to hear strange animal noises, although he didn’t want to leave he needed to find out what type of animal it was and if it posed a threat to his changing child.  As he exited the cave he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, 5 wolves the size of the ponies he had seen in Wales were moving around and sniffing the ground, they were obviously looking for something.  He jumped into a tree that was close to the cave opening so that he could watch these strange beasts without being seen.

He pulled his phone out and checked to make sure it was still on silent before he took a couple of pictures to show Caius when he returned to Volterra.  Demetri noticed that the wolves seemed to have some form of communication as it appeared that when one found something of interest the others would join them in a matter of seconds.  ‘I wonder if they have some form of telepathy like that young vampire, Edward Masen, that I met in New York several decades’ ago Demetri thought.

The wolves seem to pick up a scent trail just then and started to follow it to the cave where Bella lay changing, Demetri jumped to the ground and crouched down to defend her.


‘What the Hell, where did he come from?’ Jared asked the others in his mind. ‘I don’t know’ replied Brady.

“You will come no further” Demetri growled.  He was sure that with his fighting skills he could kill all of them with no problem, after all, he had destroyed 5 newborns without any help.

‘Finally, a vampire we get to kill’ Paul thought as Sam gave the order to attack.

Demetri never knew what hit him as Jacob flew through the air taking Demetri’s head with him.  Jacob dropped the vampire’s head and shifted back to human form so that he could start the fire for burning the head along with the rest of the body parts.


The fire I was laying in was finally starting to go out, I could wiggle my fingers and toes. The fire raced to my heart and with one final roar it was gone.  I stayed still for a few minutes trying to get my bearings, where was I? What had happened, oh yeah, I was talking to that ‘nice’ vampire when he suddenly attacked me, I remember feeling his teeth slice into my neck but after that nothing but the fire and the pain. “Crap, he must have changed me” I said out loud, gasping when I heard my voice. The name my father had always called me, Bells, now fit perfectly, I sounded like soft chiming bells.

I looked around and saw that I was in a cave, more like a geode, two of the walls were covered in clear crystal points, “Beautiful, Renee would love this”  I felt a pang of sorrow at the thought of my parents but pushed it aside for now, there was plenty of time to sort that out later.  I needed to find shelter, the only place I felt would be safe was the Cullen’s place so I headed for their house.  As I ran through the forest I smelled something delicious, I followed the scent until I came upon a couple of Moose, I pounced breaking the neck of one and the leg of the other so that it couldn’t get away.  After my meal I buried the two carcasses under a large boulder all the while giggling at how strong I was now. I turned and ran to the Cullen house.  After entering through the hidden door that was never locked I looked around to see everything covered in white sheets reminding me of a ghost town only I suppose this would be considered a ghost house. I didn’t want anyone to see that there was someone in the house so I hurried to the security panel and closed the shutters, I also set the alarm.  Looking down at myself I decided to take a shower so up to the third floor I went, as I stepped into his room I was hit with the scent that I loved so dearly, it had long since faded from the pillow on my bed. I dropped to my knees and sobbed for my lost love “oh Edward, I need you so much, please come back to me”.  After I calmed down and got some clothes from the closet I went in to take a much needed shower.  I was tempted to stay in the shower and just enjoy the way the water felt cascading down my body, it was so very sensual, no wonder the Cullens had such luxurious showers.  Once I was out of the shower and had dried my hair I got the courage to look in the mirror and was shocked to see myself, her hair was a rich chestnut color and was now waist length, it was full and so wavy, there was also a beautiful silver streak in it.  What shocked her the most were her eyes, she was expecting to see the bright red eyes of a newborn but what she never expected to see were the silver eyes that were staring back at her. “What the hell is that all about, Carlisle said red eyes and gold eyes were the colors that vampires had”  she stared at her reflection for a while longer before going back into Edward’s room and collapsing on his black leather sofa  “okay, now what?” she asked

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