Chapter 20

Chapter 20




We are finally at the Mall, we found an RV park and left the RV there and brought the car. We talked to Jasper and Alice and told them what entrance we were using and to just follow our scent. What we didn’t tell them was that I would be shielding our scent, Edward wanted to see how strong my shield had gotten and if we could stay hidden from them.

After Emmett sent a text to Esme, we all discussed what to do about the reward that Aro put out for me. Five million dollars is a lot of incentive for someone to turn me in even if they hate everything about the Volturi. The biggest giveaway to being a Dowser is the silver streak so we went online and looked at several different hairstyles, we found a lot of French braids that would hide the streak or at least break it up so Edward watched some tutorials and had braided my hair. We had also decided that I would always keep in the back of my mind that even if I was spotted by a vampire they wouldn’t take notice of the streak and let’s face it the odds of spotting another vampire in a place like this were pretty good.

Well, we have been watching Alice and Jasper for about ½ hour now and they aren’t having any luck tracking us. Edward finally decided to give them a break and call them … “Edward, I thought you said you were already at the mall but we have been here for a while and there is no sign of you. What is going on, when will you get here?” Alice practically screamed into the phone.

“Turn around Alice” was all Edward said before hanging up.

Alice and Jasper both gasped when they saw me, Alice just stared and Jasper got the strangest smile on his face “I knew we didn’t have all the information, now it all makes sense. Aro knows she’s a psychic shield.” Jasper said.

“Not for certain, but he suspects it” Edward told him. “We will need to strategize later on this evening on how to stay away from Aro. We discovered last night that he has a pretty substantial reward out for her.”

We were getting ready to head over to the doll store when Alice froze. Edward tensed up as he watched the vision with her until it was over. “What was it?” I asked.

“Remember when we talked about the odds of seeing a vampire here at the mall being pretty good?” Edward asked me.

“Yeah, so does that mean we will? Do we need to leave before that happens and come back another time?”

“Well yes, we will be meeting up with 3 vampires. But don’t worry, we know them although we haven’t seen them for several of decades. “Who is it?” Emmett asked.

“The Irish Coven, Siobhan, Liam, and Maggie” Alice answered with a sly smile.

“I don’t think I ever met them” Emmett said with a confused look.

“No, I think you and Rose were always away whenever they would visit or we would go visit them”

As Emmett and Alice were talking Edward led me off to the side. We stood there watching and as I started to speak we heard …

“Alice honey is that you?” asked a young woman who appeared to be in her early 20s, she had beautiful auburn hair and was wearing blue contacts making her eyes violet.

Alice grabbed her in a tight hug squealing like a fan girl … “Oh my god Siobhan, it is so good to see you.”

A tall man who looked to me to be in his 30s or 40s with dark hair and wearing brown contacts walked up to give Alice a brief hug and shaking Jasper’s hand. Looking at them both he asked “where is Edward, we have to warn him?’

Edward nudged me and pointed at Emmett, my big bear of a brother was standing there with his mouth open and just staring. I turned to see what had caught his eye and there stood a girl more stunning than Rosalie ever thought about being and she was staring at Em the same way. She didn’t look like she was much older than 15 or 16, and she had beautiful red hair and was wearing green contacts. I looked up at Edward “did they just … is she his … is he her …” seemed to be all I could manage to say. Edward couldn’t really talk either and just nodded his head.

Emmett stepped up to her “Hi, I’m Emmett”   She smiled shyly at him “I’m Maggie”  Emmett took her in his arms and whispered “Mine”

We all stood there just staring. Edward took my hand and started walking over to the others. “Perhaps we should have that meeting now Jasper.” When Jasper agreed we had everyone come back to the RV with us. Jasper and Alice followed us and Emmett went with the Irish to show them the way and to be with his new mate.

A few hours later

After talking for a few hours, nothing was really decided except that maybe we should meet again the next day after giving Emmett and Maggie some alone time. They were so distracted that they couldn’t really pay attention to what we were discussing. We agreed that Emmett would go with them and Alice and Jasper would stay with us and we could continue discussing the situation.

The next morning

When Emmett called Alice this morning she teased him a little about how things went with his new mate the night before. They agreed to meet us at the phone store so we could get our new phones, then Edward was taking me to the doll store.

After we talked with Jasper and Alice last night we agreed that we couldn’t keep running and that we needed to take this right to Aro instead of him possibly catching us.

We headed for the phone store and spotted the others heading there from the other direction. I was so happy for Emmett, he was no longer a broken immortal, my big bear of a brother had never looked happier or more at peace. He didn’t look like he was afraid to open his mouth like he often times was when Rosalie was around. Maggie was so tiny standing next to Em, they made the cutest couple and I could already tell that Emmett would be leaving us to go with his mate and although I would miss having him around every day I knew he deserved the happiness that only she could bring him. Edward and I got our new phones but given the conversation we had, had the others decided to keep the ones they had.

We had spent the day shopping and goofing around, Edward had bought me a doll that actually looked like me. The big surprise of the day was when jasper was able to sneak away from Alice with my help. He had gone back to the doll store, bought a doll and took it to a beauty salon with a picture of Alice and had them cut the dolls hair to match hers. She squealed so loud when he gave it to her that I think some windows broke and eardrums were punctured. Alice was in heaven that she was able to get a few of those fascinator hats that she wanted. Although vampires don’t get tired we all decided that we were pretty much shopped out.   Jasper had wanted to head over to the waterpark but as we were headed in that direction Edward stopped, looked around and then told everyone that we needed to leave now. We didn’t stop to argue with him knowing that he must have a good reason.




We were headed to the waterpark after a pretty full day of shopping when suddenly I heard ‘that’s her, that’s the vampire Aro is looking for.’

I quickly and told everyone we needed to leave now. I needed to get Bella out of here and back to the RV ASAP.

We met everyone back at the RV and decided to leave town immediately. Jasper and Alice took the Volvo just in case it was seen and we towed the Porsche so the Volvo wouldn’t be associated with the RV. Emmett went with Liam, Siobhan, and Maggie. We all agreed to meet up a few towns down the road when we were sure that we weren’t being followed.   Even though I had agreed I hadn’t been too sure when Jasper said we needed to take this right to Aro’s door instead of always having to look over our shoulder but I was beginning to see that he might be right.

So I guess we were going to head back to Forks.

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