Chapter 22

Chapter 22

A/N I would like to thank InLoveWithEric for taking time from her busy, busy life and doing the pre-reading for me. I would also like to thank pumpkinmykitty for suggesting the Wisconsin Dells as one of the places the gang could visit.



With shipping the Porsche out to California and the drive to Wisconsin, we only got to spend a day and a ½ at the Dells but man what fun we had. Alice was right it was overcast so no danger of getting caught in the sun. We went to the waterpark, took the zipline tour, and I personally had a blast in the Haunted House spreading the fear around and giving it a little boost as I did.


Edward drove heading out and we were going to head north to Mill Bluff to do a little hunting for bear, wolf, and deer as well as collect some extra. Edward and I were both taking backpacks, after we hunted we were going to jump on the 90 and go straight across to Washington since when Bella checked on Aro we found out that he had told the vampire that spotted her that Bella and Edward would probably head south. She also let us know about Sam being with Rose and Tanya. Can you say Nasty … When Aro told Caius about the wolves killing Demetri Caius attacked Sam so we are guessing that at least one wolf is dead. Edward has told us that when we stop for the night he and Bella want to talk to us. I have a feeling it is about Alice going along with Rose always inviting Tanya along.

I am pulled out of my thoughts by Edward pulling off the highway telling us that Mill Bluff is just ahead.   Alice and Bella have gotten the thermoses ready and have them in the backpacks sitting by the door.

We head out into the park and eventually split up into couples, Alice and I have hunted together before but I am surprised that Edward and Bella will be hunting together as newborns are usually pretty protective of their meals.

We have finished our hunt and have collected some deer and wolf blood and are now headed back to the RV as we step into a clearing we find two vampires talking with Edward and Bella. We go stand next to them and I am prepared to destroy them if need be but it doesn’t seem necessary, it appears the nomads have taken no notice of Bella’s uniqueness and they are asking about the area we just came from. Edward is telling them about some of the attractions at the Dells and how if the sun is out there are nighttime activities as well. They thank him, shake hands and go on their way. I don’t think they even noticed that Alice and I had shown up.   “What was that about?” I asked Edward as we continued on to the RV.

“Just a couple of bored nomads looking for something to do” replied Edward.

“No, I’m talking about them not really paying attention to Bella or even noticing that Alice and I had walked up.”

Edward shook his head “we’ll talk about it later” was his only response and he kept walking to the RV.   I asked Alice if she knew what was going on but she told me she can’t really see anything involving Bella and Edward, she said it is like they are behind a wall that she can’t get around.




Fucking Aro! I was about to kill this wolf for killing my friend Demetri when Aro stopped me telling me that the wolf may be useful and could always be killed later if he wasn’t. I don’t get it why tell me about the wolves if he didn’t plan for me to kill them, sometimes he is such an asshole.   I mean what is the big deal about a Dowser it isn’t like one could be utilized in the guard. But let me tell him no and see what happens talk about throwing a temper tantrum his are epic.




When we got back and had all cleaned up from the hunt, Jasper asked again what had happened with the nomads. He was shocked to learn that my gift was maturing and expanding. He said that with Bella’s gifts and my gift we could stay under anyone’s radar and even if found I could push them to forget about seeing us.

“Listen Guys I need to know why did you go along with Rose, Carlisle and Tanya.”

Alice looked at me and started talking…. “Edward, I honestly don’t know why. Carlisle and Rose came to me about Tanya saying that they knew you weren’t mates but that didn’t mean you couldn’t be companions, they argued that if you were going to leave your mate human and stay away from her that you still deserved some happiness. That it wasn’t fair for you to let Bella go on to live a human life, to get married and have children. Carlisle said it was only right that you were allowed to have someone in your life too and that Tanya would be a future without Bella and I did. Edward you were so lonely and sad, and then he asked me to help them convince you to take a companion and to help convince Jasper as well.   I’m so sorry, I really thought I was helping. I didn’t want you to be sad and lonely. Please forgive me.”

I knew she had told me the truth because I had gently pushed for her to do so. I knew I had to go gently or Jasper would pick up on the power. “I believe and forgive you Alice. It makes me wonder, Jasper do you think Carlisle has a gift?”



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