Chapter 23

Chapter 23

A/N congratulations to sujari6 she guessed correctly what Carlisle’s gift is.



When Edward suggested that Carlisle had a gift I was shocked, why would he hide it if he did and what kind of gift could it be. When all three of us just continued to stare at him he continued “Think about it, Carlisle has always been able to get almost every one he comes in contact with to agree or at the very least understand why we live the lifestyle we do. If there is any kind of conflict he usually talks his way out of it, look at the wolves, they would like nothing better than to kill us all but Carlisle was able to convince his mortal enemy whose only reason for being is to kill vampires that they should have a treaty and live peacefully with each other. I was there the first time we met up with the wolves and believe me a treaty and living peacefully was the furthest thing from their mind. Their only thoughts were to kill us, they didn’t agree to the treaty because we outnumbered them like Carlisle tells everyone, they saw the numbers as even because they gave no credit to Rose and Esme since they were female and considered to be weaker.”

When Edward stopped and waited for us to say something … anything … I was dumbfounded, he had obviously given this a lot of thought and he was making perfect sense. Carlisle did have a way of making you see his point and you eventually are persua …. “Persuasion” I blurt out.

“Yes… Yes …. I can see that now that we are taking a closer look. It’s subtle but it’s there. Looking back on my own discussions with Carlisle about human blood vs. animal blood he was always able to make me see his side of things and I would walk out feeling guilty about all the lives I had taken and for thinking the way I did. It isn’t permanent though because I would eventually go back to my way of thinking that human blood was better for us than animal blood” Jasper told us.

“What do you mean Jasper?” I asked him.

“Well Bella, a vampire can exist on animal blood and of course you know it is easier to blend in with humans because of the eye color, humans will accept the gold easier than the red. But to actually be at their best and to thrive, a vampire needs human blood. The thirst is handled better with human blood, it actually quenches the thirst and animal blood will always leave you wanting more.”

“The difference between steak and tofu” I said quietly.

“You remember” Edward smiled at me.

Jasper laughed “Yes, that’s an excellent comparison.”

I looked at the three of them “that reminds me, do you think Emmett will start drinking humans now”

Edward looked at the others and then at me, he knelt down and gently took both my hands in his “Love, Emmett has always drank human blood, we all have except for Carlisle & Esme.”   I just looked at him shocked by what I am hearing. “Let me explain, Emmett would always call it a slip and Carlisle would talk to him and promise to work on his control with him, Jasper would also call it a slip but it never was he would just deal with the disappointment he felt from Carlisle. The rest of us would take long hunting trips, we would drink from human criminals and then drink from animals until our eyes were gold again. It was the only way to retain our strength.”

I looked down at my hands in my lap and whispered “Do you want me to drink from humans Edward?” I was relieved to hear his answer.

“I want you to drink from whomever or whatever makes you happy and comfortable but I don’t ever want you to feel guilty or that you are letting me down no matter what the choice is. I will tell you that I am quite curious as is Jasper about how strong your gift would be with human blood.”

“Should I try it, I mean I know that I need to be at my strongest that is why I have a glass of blood before I use it and when I concentrate on my shield I do feel drained. But Edward, I don’t think I could kill anyone, and what happens when you are mixing it …. I mean drinking human and then animal does the animal blood dilute the human blood?”

Edward, Jasper, and Alice all look at each other then me. Alice answers “I don’t feel my gift weaken any for a couple of weeks after drinking the human blood so I would have to say no, the animal doesn’t dilute the human when mixed in our body” Edward and Jasper agree with her that it takes a couple of weeks for their gifts to weaken as well .

“Okay so tell me if I am way off track here but what if we mixed human and animal together in the glass would it stop the eye color change and if it did then couldn’t we just always mix them and be able to maintain our strength as well as help control our thirst?” I asked them.

“By George, I think she may be on to something” Jasper laughed out. “Let’s find us a good size town with some criminals”

After looking at the map and consulting Alice we agreed to stop in Rochester.




After driving for a couple of hours Edward found a place to pull in, we left Alice and Bella with the RV and went to find us some bad guys. It didn’t take long to find a couple of guys in a dark alley trying to mug a young woman. We walk up behind them motioning for the woman to stay quiet. She runs after we knocked their heads together, we dragged them further into the alley and luckily they both had knives so cutting them was no problem, we filled a couple of the thermoses without draining them dry and left them to bleed out. We made pretty good time getting back to the girls and we were ready for our Hu-Mal cocktails.

We were all excited to try Bella’s idea …. The girls had talked it over and had 3 different types of animal blood ready, we didn’t think Bella’s would change since they had never been red so she mixed her glass with wolf like Edward had, Alice got the deer and I got the bear.   Bella’s stayed silver but they were brighter … Edward’s turned a honey amber color which went really well with his hair color. Alice’s turned amber, they were actually very pretty. Mine were a nice dark reddish amber, to a human all our eyes looked to be various shades of brown. We still had some more experiments to try but I would say we were off to a roaring success. I looked around and asked “how does everyone gifts feel, do they feel the same or stronger?”




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