Chapter 24

Chapter 24



After I had my drink I could feel myself growing a little stronger, not like when I drained a human but I could feel a definite difference. I asked the others if they felt the same or a little stronger and they agreed that they too felt slightly stronger than they had. We took turns experimenting with our gifts and they were stronger but the surprise of the evening was when Bella used her dowsing gift, as she went to check on the Volturi she moved her shield over Edward and he was able to watch as well. Folks, I’d say we have a winner. We discussed the possibility of changing the amounts and decided to keep a journal with the different mixtures and the results also who drank what … Alice volunteered to keep the journal on her laptop. She also started a spreadsheet with the amounts to go with it … she tied the spreadsheet entries to the date of the journal entries. “So you’re not just another pretty face” I teased Bella. She surprised me when she stood and took a bow then started giving a thank you speech “I’d like to thank the Academy …. “ We all just stared at her and then pretty much we all fell over laughing.

“So are we in agreement that we will be drinking this on a daily basis instead of just occasionally. I know I would like to continue this way to see if my strength continues to increase” asked Edward.

“I don’t know about all of you but this is my new drink of choice, it doesn’t taste bad either and that is always a plus” I told them and Alice was nodding her head in agreement.

“I wonder how it would taste with alcohol” Bella said quietly like she was talking to herself but we heard her and my head snapped up.

I asked Bella “Why would you think to mix it with alcohol, you know we can only drink blood.”

“What, don’t you know Jasper? Vampires can drink small amounts of water and alcohol as long as the alcohol is whiskey, tequila, or vodka” Bella answered me with the strangest look on her face.

“No Darlin, I don’t. Who told you we can drink alcohol?” man that was something I had missed from my human life … a shot of good whiskey. I will get down and kiss this woman’s feet if she shows me how to have that again.

“Carlisle told me. During one of our discussions about his early years and the years he was with the Volturi he told me that one of the things he missed about them was his occasional glass of whiskey with Caius. I thought you all knew or I would have said something sooner.” Bella told us and then started to apologize for not saying something sooner.

I jumped up and started dancing a little jig right there in the walkway, I grabbed Edward out of his chair and pointing to the front of the RV told him “Drive man drive we are on the hunt for Whiskey.” Then I went back and grabbed both girls up swinging them around. I was one happy camper.




Why would Carlisle keep that from us? I know he has heard both Jasper and Emmett talk about how they missed being able to drink Whiskey. I am really starting to question the way we lived. Carlisle always wanted to stay in smaller towns or in an isolated area if we were around larger cities. We never associated with other vampires except the Denalis and Carlisle’s friends and those were few and far between and even then the visit was more for Carlisle than the rest of us. Did his friends know about things and have information that he didn’t want the rest of us to have? Did he intentionally keep us away from others so we would only have his version of how other vampires lived? When I left him and went to be a vigilante in New York I didn’t really socialize with other vampires so I wouldn’t have heard anything about it. I wonder if that is why Carlisle asked so many questions about where I was and who I associated with while I was gone.

I think this is a conversation that needs to be had before we get back to forks, maybe this evening while jasper is having his whiskey. Oh there is a store now, I pull in to park and let Jasper out before he breaks through one of the windows. I think Bella has unleashed a monster. When I look in the mirror towards the back of the RV Bella and Alice are both rolling on the bed laughing like crazy at Jasper.

Bella suddenly sits up and tells me she has an idea and to call and tell Jasper to get some ice, vodka, tequila and a blender if they sell them. She has the slyest smile on her face, what is my little vixen up to now. If this idea is anything like the last idea we will all be very happy campers. This trip back to Forks will be something to remember.   My phone rings and it is Jasper telling me to come help him carry everything so it doesn’t look suspicious.

Jasper was able to get a blender and when we got back inside both girls were jumping for joy, I thought Alice was going to tear my arm off taking it from me. I turned over the bags of alcohol that I had and headed up to the driver’s seat, I knew that I needed to find us a place for the night before I had a mutiny on my hands. As Soon as possible I was back on the 90. Jasper slid into the passenger seat with one of the travel mugs and the goofiest smile I have ever seen … Oh if other vampires could see the fearless Major of the Southern Wars now.


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