Chapter 25

Chapter 25




Alice and I just kept giggling at Jasper who was sitting up front with Edward. I had come up with the idea of making a frozen blood drink. Instead of a Margarita or a Bloody Mary it would be a Bloody-Rita and Alice agreed that it just might work. We thought some other combinations might work as well. So while Edward drove we worked on coming up with some good recipes. When we finally parked for the night we were going to have ourselves a little party.




I couldn’t believe the stuff Bella was coming up with but so far she had been right in what we could drink. I would be eternally grateful to her just for the look on Jasper’s face when he took that first sip of Whiskey. It was a look of complete bliss. I know this evening will be spent trying out the new recipes but we still need to find somewhere to stop tomorrow just to have some fun. I think I will see what I can find weather wise as well as fun wise. Oh that looks promising ‘ ‘Edward, can we cut up to the 94, I think Bella & Jasper both would like to see the museum there’ I ask in my thoughts as I show him where I want to go.

“Sure thing Pixie, I think our history buffs would get a kick out of visiting that museum” Edward answers.



I’m glad Alice spoke up when she did as I see the exit for the 35 coming up. I will look for an RV park after I get on the 94 and then tomorrow we can visit the ‘Kensington Runestone’ museum.

After driving for a few hours I pull into a campground in Albany, hitting Major Goofy Smile on the arm as I go past. “Come help me set up Jasper” We got everything locked in place and then went inside to see what the girls had come up with.

They had been busy; there were 4 small cups behind little cards that told what they were. We had;

  1. ‘Bloody – Rita’ made with Tequila
  2. ‘Blood Moon’ also made with Tequila
  3. ‘Red Eye’ made with Cinna-Sugar Vodka
  4. ‘Campfire’ made with Marshmallow Vodka
  5. ‘Southern Major’ made with Southern Comfort®

Some were frozen drinks and the others were just chilled. The alcohol kept the blood from thickening so it was easy to drink. It was quite the sight to watch the girls trying to get Jasper to put down his whiskey and try the fruits of their labor. They were all good but my favorite was the ‘Southern Major’ it was a little spicy and brought on a memory of a meat pie that my mother used to make. Bella has really made drinking blood a lot more interesting & fun now that we can have one of these ’Hu-Mal cocktails’ occasionally. Plus since she is still mixing the bloods I can and I assume the others can feel as well that we still gaining the benefits of the human blood.

Bella wanted to check on what was happening back in Forks so we sat back and once we were comfortable she moved her shield over me so I could watch along with her.

Hmm … interesting, they have 3 wolves down in the holding cell in the basement. Jasper will be thrilled to discover what they are doing since it was his idea to build it so that we had somewhere to put an unruly newborn or if we needed to contain someone while we interrogated them. The family had originally questioned the need for it but he had made a valid point about the many enemies he had made during the wars and what could happen if any of them showed up. It was better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Now, I am really glad that we built it. It had never occurred to me to put unruly wolves in it. It doesn’t seem like any other vampires have contacted Aro. I’m glad to see that the nomads I had come across during our hunting trip hadn’t realized that we were the ones that Aro is looking for.


Last night was a lot of fun, we were able to have a conversation about the way our family has lived through the years and we all wondered how much Carlisle had kept hidden from us. We had each noticed things Carlisle had done or said but had just brushed it off. We talked about what we should do with the money since technically it all belongs to me and Alice, earned from watching the stock market or investments. Jasper is quite wealthy in his own right and has never mixed his money with ours. Alice and I have never complained about the family using the money but if we aren’t going to stay with the family we should be able to take our money with us. Bella suggested that we leave what we had placed in their individual accounts and take back the money we had placed in the family household account. By doing it that way we aren’t leaving anyone destitute but we aren’t giving them a total free ride. Alice and I agreed that doing it that way was fair to us and the others. After we agreed Jasper had called his lawyer J. Jenks and had him make the changes, while Jasper had him on the phone I had all my accounts changed back to Edward A. Masen to further restrict anyone having access to them. I already had my Masen IDs with me. What surprised me was when Bella asked if she could have her IDs changed to Masen as well. She was my wife by vampire law but she had never even hinted that she wanted to take my name. I grabbed her and kissed her with every ounce of love I had in me. “I Love You, Mrs. Masen” I whispered. “As I Love You, Mr. Masen” she whispered back. We had come to the conclusion that after we leave the museum we need to head on to Seattle. It will be just a little over 21 hours driving time so Jasper and I can split it up and be right where Aro least expects us to be. Once we get back from the museum and then again when we get to Seattle Bella and I will take a look at what Carlisle is up to. We have been watching Aro but we think that just maybe we need to start watching Carlisle as well




How come we never knew the Cullens have a holding cell in their basement? It is built to hold vampires so there is no way I’m getting out. I thought that leech was going to kill me but I guess the head leech has plans for me. I wonder if the rest of the pack is looking for me, they knew I was planning to come to the estate to ‘check’ on things which they all know that is code for me meeting the two female leeches. Ah hell, if any of them decide I have been gone too long and come here to look for me they could be taken prisoner as well. I no sooner think that when the door opens and Collin along with Jared are tossed down the stairs like they are nothing but rag dolls. Well that just leaves 5 wolves to protect the reservation, keep our imprints safe, and now rescue the 3 of us. Oh shit, we are so screwed.






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