Chapter 26

Chapter 26




Where the fuck is everybody? I know Esme is playing Super Hostess in Forks. I don’t really mind because it looks good on me. Who the fuck knows what Edward is doing. The last thing I expected him to do was to return to Forks to change Bella. I knew if she were changed she would be a shield but according to Rose & Aro she is a Dowser and quite possibly a psychic shield, now that’s just icing on the cake. Maybe it is better to have her with Edward she would keep him happy as well as sexually satisfied and not whore around like Tanya would have. Speaking of whores I need some sexual release … “ROSE” I call out …. Oh good here she comes. “I am in need of your services” I tell her.

“Oh and what can I do for you? “ Rose asks as she enters my office.

“Get on your knees and open your mouth”

I proceed to fuck her mouth, and as talented as she is at this, it won’t take me long. I used to enjoy fucking her until I found out that she and Tanya had been meeting with that dog, Sam. Once I discovered that, I decided that I sure as hell didn’t want the sloppy seconds of a mutt. It’s a good thing she wasn’t mated to Emmett or his mating instinct would have picked up the scent of other males on her. I must say that I certainly understand why Emmett kept her in the bedroom so much, she has some amazing skills, hmm …I wonder if she took lessons from Tanya.


I tuck my cock back into my pants and turn to Rose “Thank you Rose, that was wonderful as always. Now tell me do you know where Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward are. I need them here with me and I’m sure Bella would like to be reunited with the family.”

“No I don’t know where they are nor do I want to know and I DON’T want to be reunited with her or Edward” She tells me and leaves in a huff.

Damn it! I really need to find them and I need for Edward to bring Bella to me. Having Bella within my control would allow me to amass quite the fortune, more than Edward and Alice could ever make. She could find the treasures that have been lost in this world as well as collecting the rewards for finding stolen artworks. “DAMN IT BELLA, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?”I yell into the empty room. Maybe I should relocate to Port Angeles to be closer to Forks so if they are found I would be able to get there sooner. I call the airlines to make my reservations so that I can leave as soon as possible only to find out that the family account has been closed and I am forced to use my personal account. When I hang up I call Jenks to find out what has happened. Jenks tells me that the family account was closed out at the request of the owners of the account, Alice Whitlock and Edward Masen. Why those ungrateful …. Before I leave I want to make sure that Rose is aware that the money she loves so much is gone. “Oh Rose” I call her to me, this will be fun. “What now Carlisle”

“You might want to curtail your spending as I just discovered that Edward and Alice have closed the family account. It appears the only money left available to us is the money in our personal accounts” Oohh she looks pissed.

“Why would they close the account, how could they do that?” she wants to know

“Well my dear, they can do that because they are the owners of the account. You didn’t think I made that much money did you. The hospitals I worked for certainly couldn’t pay enough to support this family’s shopping habits. That money as well as the money in our separate accounts came from Alice watching the stock market and the real estate investments that Edward made.” I will be surprised if she hangs around now that the Golden Goose has stopped laying.




I can’t believe what we just saw. I am so glad Emmett is gone. He does NOT need to know about this. It is obvious that it wasn’t the first time they had done that. Carlisle is looking for us huh? He seems intent on finding Bella, I wonder what he thinks she will do for him. Bella is quite upset and goes back to the bedroom and that leaves to me to explain to the others. I am not too happy at what we witnessed but I am glad that Bella didn’t have to see it alone. I quickly let Jasper and Alice know what we saw and tell them we can discuss it in a few minutes but first I have to take care of my mate.




Fucking Carlisle, how could he do that to Esme? I know they aren’t mates but they are married, he is such a slimeball. I sit here and think about what could be the reason that Carlisle is so determined to have Bella. I also think about the fact that we have always said that she was a Danger Magnet but after spending so much time with her I have changed my mind. Bella doesn’t do anything to attract danger to herself, she is just the unfortunate recipient of unwanted attention. She just wants to live her life with Edward. I am going to make sure she is able to do just that. I think we need to have some friends with us when we confront Aro. I get my phone and make a call. It rings twice before he answers “Hello Major” “Captain, I think I’m gonna need your help and maybe some friends of ours as well.” I tell him

“We’ll be there but that little lady has the key to stopping Aro dead in his tracks. I’ll explain more when we meet in Seattle now I have friends to call and he hangs up”

“Fucking know it all asshole” I mutter and Alice is giggling away while sipping on her Bloody-Rita. While Edward is in with Bella I think I will go ahead and start for Seattle, I get Alice to help me unhook and head on out. From the sounds coming from the back we might already be in Seattle before they make it out of there.




SHIT! Fucking Sam, he just couldn’t resist going to the Cullen’s to get some cold, leech pussy. I would tell Emily what he has been doing if it didn’t go against our most absolute law; Never hurt another wolf’s imprint. Collin and Jared have already gone over there to check on him because he has been gone so long. If they aren’t back soon I have to assume something has gone very wrong. I have been giving serious thought to taking my rightful place as Alpha. Sam has been making some serious mistakes and has been thinking with his dick instead of his head. I shift and call the others for a meeting.

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