Chapter 28

Chapter 28




I can’t believe my good fortune, when Peter called to ask me to assist in the confrontation with Aro. He told me that Aro was planning on forcing a newborn into service with the guard and the newborn just wanted to be left alone to live with her mate. I knew that this had to be the vampire Aro had offered a reward for. I immediately contacted my great niece so that she could let Aro know that they were making their way to Forks to meet with him. She sent a text back to tell me that I was in line for the reward and would be receiving it as soon as Aro had the vampire in question. The only thing that concerns me is if the Major finds out, I won’t live long enough to spend one dime of that reward.




We were getting closer to Seattle when Jasper got a text telling us that we should stop in Bellevue instead of coming to Seattle. He said he just had a feeling that something wasn’t right so we needed to hide the RV/Volvo and come in on foot. We decided to let Jasper and Alice go in first to scope things out before Bella and I went in. Bella was holding her shield over us to avoid detection. Being this close to Aro I certainly didn’t want to take any unnecessary chances.

I keep thinking about what Bella showed me while we were trying to find a way to stop Aro. I know that woman in the white room has to be important but I have never seen her or even a picture of her before. That alleyway that we saw has to be important or we wouldn’t have seen it. It looks very familiar to me so I’ve been trying to go back in my memories to find where I’ve seen it before. We’re pulling into an RV park near Bellevue when it hits me. I call for the others to come up front with me. “You know that alleyway Bella showed me that I said looked familiar. Well I have finally figured out where I have seen it before but I don’t understand what it would have to do with Aro.”

Jasper looks at me from the passenger seat and asks “where is it located and how do you know it? If we knew those things it might help us figure out what it has to do with Aro.”

“Well it is located in London and the reason it only looked familiar is when I saw it changes had been made and it was more modern looking with little shops located on both sides. It’s where Carlisle was bitten & changed into a vampire.”

Bella gasped “Oh my God, could Aro be Carlisle’s sire?”

We all looked at her with I’m sure shocked expressions on our faces.

Jasper finally spoke “That would certainly explain why Aro has always been so lenient with Carlisle. Carlisle has done many things in the past where humans are concerned that were questionable and Aro hasn’t so much as given him a slap on the wrist.”

“But how does that information lead into stopping Aro?” asked Alice.

None of us had the answer to that question and I for one hoped Peter could shed some light on this new information as well as the woman’s identity. I had a feeling that she was the key to not only stopping Aro’s pursuit of Bella but it might just be his downfall.




There is a rotten apple in this rag tag bunch of merry men & women. My knower is telling me that somebody has sent Aro the news that we are coming but it isn’t letting me know who that person is. As soon as I realized that was the problem I was sensing I sent a text to Jasper to let him know and I’m hoping that when the Major gets here he will be able to flush them out or maybe Alice will be able to ‘see’ who the traitor is. If they can’t figure out who it is then I guess we are going to get a demonstration of Bella’s dowsing ability. I hope it doesn’t come to that because right now none of the others know why it is that Aro wants her. They just know that she doesn’t want to join the guard and he is planning on forcing her. I know that he has something planned that he thinks will get her to go with him and he knows that if he is successful it will get him Edward as well.

Oh Goody, my knower is telling me the Major is close and should be here very soon.




After helping Edward get everything hooked up and locked down. We all had a glass of hu-mal to boost our strength a little more. We all headed toward Peter and his group, Bella kept her and Edward under her shield so that no one could tell they were there plus as we got closer to Peter’s location they took to the treetops to further avoid detection. We decided to do it this way so that Edward could read the minds of the nomads and if needed he would be able to push the traitor to confess.

After running for about 10 minutes Edward lets me know he is starting to pick up thoughts so he and Bella take to the trees and I start pushing fear out ahead of me. The nomads should be in the right frame of mind to start talking when we get there which should be in about 5 minutes.




Oh shit, the Major along with his mate just broke through the trees.

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