Chapter 29


Chapter 29



Fucking Paul! Him and his hot head, while Brady and I were getting the imprints situated in the Rec Center he takes Quill and Embry with him to go look for the others. Giving Rachel a note to give to me after waiting for 30 minutes is his idea of being responsible. He didn’t want us to worry, what the fuck does he think we would be doing when they didn’t come back. So now it has been a few hours and nothing, I have to assume they have been captured as well so thanks to his stupid ass there are only two of us left. Fuck My Life. I swear if he comes back alive I’m going to make sure he never shifts again. I will have the medicine woman make the potion that blocks the wolf gene and prevents a wolf from shifting. I know from the stories my dad has told me that it is possible but has only been used a couple of times when a wolf went rogue or the shift drove them mad. I will have to prepare Rachel as well because when the wolf gene is blocked the imprint is broken and she would be free of him if that is her choice.




It is getting crowded down here, it was so bad when there were 3 of us but now Paul and his dumb ass is down here and that idiot had to drag Quill and Embry along with him on his journey of massive stupidity. Of course I don’t have a lot of room to talk. I don’t know what I was thinking when I started meeting those two leeches to have sex. I sure as hell wasn’t thinking with the head on my shoulders that’s for sure. It was fun though being able to use my full strength during sex, I have to be so careful with Emily so that I don’t hurt her, but I have hurt her and I am reminded of just how fragile she is every time I look at her face. At the time I didn’t care who I struck out at I was just so mad at everything, her, the whole wolf thing, having to give up Leah, knowing that I will never love Emily the way I loved Leah, it just all piled up and unfortunately Emily will wear the scar of that day for the rest of her life. Something Paul just said caught my attention “what did you just say Paul?”   He looks at me like I’m an idiot “I said now that Jacob is the Alpha.”

“What the hell do you mean Jake’s the Alpha, I’m the Alpha, and unless I magically appeared before the pack and stepped down I’m still the Alpha”

“Sorry man, we had a meeting and made Jake the Alpha. You have been making too many mistakes Sam and this thing with those two leeches, that was just wrong in so many ways. Besides the position of Alpha rightfully belongs to Jake.”

“We will finish this discussion later” I tell him, I hear someone approaching the door to the basement. I hope it is the Cullen female with some food, I don’t understand how someone who doesn’t eat can cook the way she does but man I have never had food that tasted this good.




As Alice and I break through the treeline I can almost taste the fear that has taken hold. I stop projecting so I can see who remains fearful and who relaxes just then Alice gets a text. If vampires could shit somebody would be making a big mess right now. Can’t pick up who yet but someone is afraid the Major will find out what he has done. Will try to isolate then push to confess. E

I think I can help Edward isolate the person we are looking for, I start walking around shaking everyone’s hand thanking them for coming, I start to introduce myself to a vampire I haven’t met before when my phone goes off with an incoming text message when I glance down at my phone it has only one word


I continue introducing myself and he tells me his name is Luca, I thank him for coming and move on to the next. As I make my way around the others I keep Luca in sight and I am eventually behind him. Before anyone realizes what is happening I have him in a headlock and down on his knees. Peter and Charlotte come to help me and each grab an arm so that I can stand in front of him. “Do you have something you would like to tell us Luca?” I ask.

He shakes his head and starts asking “why are you doing this to me? Is this how you treat those who have come to help some little newborn that we don’t even know?”

“No, this isn’t how I treat those who come to help me but it is how I treat those who come to betray me. Now I need to know who your contact person is within the guard or are you dealing with Aro directly?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, I have done nothing” Luca insists.

“Edward, Bella will you come down here please”

Edward and Bella both appear at vamp speed and the crowd gasps, the whole group starts talking …. ‘Dowser’, ‘a shield like no other’, ‘I understand what all the fuss is about now’, are some of the things that are being said.

“Edward, if you wouldn’t mind please” I say to let him know that our friend Luca is going to need a little ‘push’ to ‘fess up.

“Now Luca let’s try this again, are you reporting to someone within the guard or to Aro directly” I ask him one more time.

This time Luca looks nervous but answers “My great niece is in the guard, I gave the information that you were coming to her.” I can feel the anger of the others start to escalate so I push some calm around.

“I need a name Luca and the position she holds”   He just shakes his head so I nod at Edward.

“Her name is Renata, she is Aro’s bodyguard. She passed the message on to Aro and he has promised me the reward. He is waiting for you.” Luca drops his head but not in shame, in disappointment that he will never see the reward.

“Oh Luca, how stupid are you? Aro would have never given you the reward, he would have sent you to your final death because you are a traitor. You foolish, foolish man.”

I looked at Edward and Bella “Would one or both of you like to do the honors, it is you he has betrayed?”

Edward looks to Bella who just nods her head. Edward walks behind Luca “This is what waits for any who chooses to betray me, my mate, or my family” with that said Edward rips Luca’s head from his body tossing it and his remaining body parts into a fire that Bella and Alice have started.

He walks over and puts his arm around Bella and looking at the crowd of vampires asks one simple question   “Anyone Else?”



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