Chapter 3

Chapter 3




It seems like it has been an eternity since I left the love of my very long life behind.  What was I thinking, oh that’s right I wasn’t, not clearly anyway.  When Bella cut her finger I panicked and pushed her from me so that I wouldn’t be tempted to taste her blood but, I pushed too hard and made things worse. Bella landed in the center of the table that was covered with glass plates, why were they even there? Alice had a cake big enough to feed all of Forks, sometimes I really wonder about the way Alice thinks.  I also wonder why we never tell Alice no, why we allow her to not only buy all our clothes but tell us what to wear each day. Man, I would love to be able to wear jeans and a t-shirt with some tennis shoes but, uh oh here comes the little dictator now.


“EDWARD, why did I see you wearing blue jeans, a band shirt, and oh my god are those tennis shoes?”


“I don’t know Alice why did you? I haven’t made any decision to wear those things but, thanks for the suggestion it does sound comfortable.” 


“EDWARD ANTHONY DON’T YOU DARE” she screeched at me, how is it that I never noticed that before.


“Alice, is there a reason you came up here or did you just want to yell at me for a decision that I haven’t made?”


“The family is going hunting and I want you to come with us” she said while hiding her thoughts by cataloging her closet.


“What are you hiding Alice.”


Just then I caught a thought from Emmett downstairs.


 “You invited Tanya, what were you thinking?”


Rose stormed in pushing Alice aside to glare at me, “what she is thinking is the same thing the rest of us are thinking.  It is time you forget about that worthless human and start looking for a more suitable mate.” Rose turned around and stomped back downstairs dragging Alice with her.


That fucking bitch, the only worthless ones that I know are Rose and that Denali whore, I guess I should head downstairs and get this over with.


Just before I close the door I get the strangest feeling that I am being watched. I listen but I don’t hear any thoughts except those from the family, it must be my imagination. I whisper my love to Bella and head downstairs.




As nice as sitting here in his room is, it won’t sort out what I need to do now.  First, I should get dressed so going back into the bathroom I drop the towel and start to dress one of the first problems that need sorting out is that my bra will no longer fits since my breasts seem to have gotten bigger, well I’m off to visit Rosalie’s closet. The Ice Bitch will just have to contribute to the cause since I don’t dare try to go around humans yet. Speaking of humans, I wonder how my parents are doing, after I get  dressed I will watch the news to see what is going on and how the search for me is going.


10 days, I’ve been missing for 10 days WHAT THE FUCK!

The change is only supposed to take 3 days, “oh Edward I wish I knew where you were I really need your help” no sooner did the words leave my mouth than I felt myself falling into a vision ‘Edward is sitting on a leather sofa in a room almost identical to the one in Forks, he is in so much pain missing his mate, Alice comes in screaming at him about a decision he didn’t make over clothes that don’t really matter. Alice wants him to go hunting with the family.

Edward knows she is hiding something and it comes out that she invited Tanya to go with them. Before he can say anything Rosalie storms in and tells him to forget the worthless human and find himself a suitable mate. Rosalie and Alice storm out and just as Edward is leaving the room he turns back and it looks like he is listening for something. He whispers his love for me and closes the door.  What the hell was that, why was she able to see Edward now when she never could before? I wish I knew where to look for the information I so desperately need .. suddenly in my mind I see a book on the shelf in Carlisle’s office.  Now we’re getting somewhere … as I walk to Carlisle’s office I am thinking about Edward whispering his love for me, if he loves me why did he leave me of course, how could I forget?  During the conversation we had in the cafeteria he said he loved me more because if he needed to leave me to keep me safe he would no matter how much pain it caused him. That silly vampire, just wait until I get my hands on him.


But for now I had some reading to do. 








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