Chapter 30

Chapter 30




I hated that someone had to lose their life but he didn’t care if I lost the right to live my life so when Edward silently asked me I let him know that I supported his choice. When he asked if there was anyone else that wished to betray us, you could have heard the proverbial pin drop even though we were in the woods.

After we were introduced to those who had come to help, the 4 of us along with Peter & Charlotte went away from the group to talk privately, or as privately as we could, but before we started talking Alice was thrown into a vision. Edward hissed and when Alice came out of the vision she grabbed her phone while muttering “oh no you don’t missy.” It turns out that Rosalie was trying to take some of Esme’s valuable works of art while she was leaving. Alice fired off a text message to Esme letting her know and giving her the route that Rose would be taking so that Aro could have her picked up. Getting back to our conversation with Peter, we discovered that he didn’t have any more information than what he had already given us. He told us that he did know someone that could answer the question that we had about my ‘visions’. He asked if we trusted him, we told him that we did indeed trust him. He sent a text asking someone to meet us about ½ way to Forks, somewhere around Sequim. We have Charlotte stay with the others to keep an eye on everyone just in case. Then the five of us take off running for Sequim to meet up with Peter’s mystery guest.




I have had Renata send a text to her uncle trying to get a time frame of when Edward, Isabella, and their friends will be showing up here in Forks but she is getting no response. Renata is convinced that he just isn’t in a private enough spot to answer her text, I am happy to let her continue to think that but I am pretty sure his betrayal has been discovered and someone has saved me the trouble of putting him to his final death for being a traitor.

I must say that Esme is quite the hostess, she has even been almost ‘motherly’ to her mortal enemy, the wolves, and I have seen her cook no less than 3 meals a day for them. I do hope they appreciate the fact that human food smells absolutely ghastly to us and yet she acts like it is nothing. I suppose she got used to the smell while she was cooking for young Isabella before she was changed. Speaking of the wolves, I now have 6 in custody leaving 2 at the reservation to protect the tribe as well as the imprints who have all been conveniently placed in their Rec Center in the middle of the reservation. I need to have Esme get a few of her guest rooms ready to receive them.


I have taken care of having Esme prepare the guest rooms and have assigned a guard to go with her to purchase more food supplies. Now I need to let Caius know that there are still two wolves on the reservation and ask him to bring them along with all the imprints back here so that we will be prepared when Edward & Isabella show up. The whole imprint phenomenon absolutely baffles me, from what I have seen the purpose is to insure the wolf is mated to a woman that will help produce stronger wolves in the future but, one of the wolves down in the holding cell has imprinted on a small child. How the hell does that work? They call us ‘monsters,’ I think they need to take a good long look in the mirror. I have asked everyone if they know where Caius is but no one seems to know if he is even on the property. He didn’t tell anyone he was leaving so he has to be here somewhere.


Peter’s Mystery Guest


I was going out of my mind with boredom when I got a text from an old friend, he told me he needed to see me alone and to meet him near Sequim so making sure no one was paying any attention to me I quietly slipped out of the door. I wandered around the grounds so that if I was seen it wouldn’t look suspicious. Once I was able to get to the surrounding woods I took to the tree tops and made my way east to meet my friend. I haven’t spoken to Peter for about 35 years, and even then we didn’t get a chance to really visit and catch up with each other. He and Charlotte were in Italy shopping and stopped by Volterra for a quick visit and to stop in some of the small shops that Charlotte loves so much. With Aro having spies everywhere in the castle and within the city walls we weren’t able to do much more than some brief small talk. I must admit I am extremely curious as to why he has contacted me now and why he needs to see me alone. Whatever the reason, I am thankful to be able to get out of the house on my own. I have been running for several minutes and finally I think I see the clearing up ahead, ah yes, there is the hint of vampire on the breeze so I know I am headed in the right direction.




We followed Peter to meet his ‘friend’ we had all asked him who we would be meeting and why it required that we trust him. But he wouldn’t give us a name, Jasper even tried manipulating his emotions and although he came close to telling us he resisted, with great difficulty, but he resisted. We finally reached the clearing that Peter said we would be meeting his friend. We had been there for several minutes when we heard someone approaching, we picked up the vampire’s scent but it wasn’t familiar to any of us except Peter who was just smiling. Suddenly the vampire cautiously stepped through the trees, he smiled at Peter and went to shake his hand “hello Peter, now tell me what was so important that we needed to meet here in secrecy” Peter just shook his head and started to answer him but I couldn’t stay quiet any longer  “CAIUS!”

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