Chapter 31

Chapter 31


I knew Edward was going to blow a gasket, I don’t know that I would have reacted any differently if it was Char. “Yes Edward, this is why I asked you to trust me. You have questions based on Bella’s visions and Caius is the one with the answers. Now we need to have Bella describe the woman she sees to Alice so we can show a picture of her to Caius. Right now though let’s see what Caius can tell us about that alleyway and Carlisle.”
What most people don’t know is that Caius can’t stand Aro and would like to remove him from his position as much as the rest of us. The problem with that is Caius doesn’t want Aro’s position and Marcus is just too depressed to take the job. If I’m right though that is about to change but first things first “so Caius does that alleyway sound familiar to you at all.”
Caius looked at Edward then at me “Oh yeah, it sounds like the alley just above the sewer that Aro and I were hiding in. The good Pastor Cullen had been wreaking havoc all over London but the fool and his ‘mob’ were killing innocent people. Aro decided that he would grab the Pastor and let him see close up what it was that he was hunting but the man was getting old and started sending his son instead. Aro thought that was perfect as it would teach the man what Aro considered a valuable lesson when his own son became one of the very ‘monsters’ he had been hunting. When the mob came close to our location I broke out into the alley and started running away while the mob gave chase. I had knocked Carlisle down as per Aro’s instructions so that he was left behind, then Aro came up from the sewer, and just as Carlisle was standing up Aro bit him and then ran off to meet up with me. Carlisle knew what would happen when the others returned so he crawled into the sewer and buried himself in a pile of rotting potatoes. That is where he stayed while he completed the change. When we finally made it back to him, he was gone and we never heard anything about a crazed newborn in that area so we just accepted the fact that he had been found and burned … Imagine our surprise when a couple of centuries later Carlisle showed up in Volterra. He stayed with us for a couple of decades and Aro never told him that he was the vampire that had bitten him. Aro was quite disappointed that Carlisle did not indulge in the human diet but had started with the animal diet. Aro was actually embarrassed for other vampires to know that his ‘child’ was the father of the ‘vegetarian’ way of life.”

We all just stared at Caius unsure of what to say, fortunately Alice and Bella came back over with a sketch pad in hand. Caius took one look at Bella and gasped “Aro was right, a Dowser and a Psychic Shield. My dear, I’m afraid that once he gets a look at you he will never let you go.”
Bella surprised us all by laughing at Caius, “what part of Psychic Shield don’t you people understand? I can just disappear and none of you can track me.”
Caius shakes his head and tells her how Aro will track down everyone that she cares about and hold them hostage and when she finally turns herself over to him he will continue to hold their lives in exchange for her continued co-operation and that she and her mate would be kept under lock and key.
Bella looks at him, handing him the sketch pad “then I hope the woman in this picture can help prevent that.”
Caius just stare at the picture muttering to himself “it can’t be, it just can’t be” looking up at the rest of us he asks “what kind of game are you playing?” he demands.
“No game” Bella tells him. “I asked to be shown a way to stop Aro from coming after us and that alleyway Edward told you about and this woman in a white room is what I was shown.”
“Can you tell me where she is now, I mean where that room is located?” Caius asks.
Edward explains that Bella can look but first she would need to hunt as her gift is a lot stronger after hunting. So while Edward takes Bella for a hunt the rest of us sit around visiting and in the process discover that Carlisle had hidden quite a lot from his coven. I laughed so hard when Jasper told us about Bella cluing him in about the whiskey. Alice was quite excited to share some of the drinks that she and Bella had come up with and some sounded quite good. Caius was intrigued about the combining of human and animal blood and the resulting eye color saying he would like to run some trials when he returned to Volterra. We all agreed that it would make it so much easier to blend with the humans. We laughed at Emmett’s idea of hanging crystal prisms in our vehicles but agreed that it made sense. After about an hour Edward and Bella returned and Bella started concentrating on finding the location of the room. We waited for several minutes until she came out of her ‘vision’ focusing on Caius “she is in a hidden room in the dungeon of a castle. I couldn’t see anything that told me what castle it is but as I pulled back I was able to see a marker for some ruins near the castle, the ruins were of Hadrian’s Wall. Does anyone know what castle is located near the wall?”
Caius just shook his head “the irony is just too much, the castle you speak of is Carlisle Castle. It is located in Carlisle, in the English county of Cumbria and it is over 900 years old.
Bella looked at all of us then back at Caius “Who is the woman? Why is she so important and why would Aro keep her locked away?”
“He would keep her locked up so that he didn’t lose someone he thought he needed even though that person was miserable. Your vision is correct, she is the key to stopping Aro’s pursuit of you, and she is absolutely the way to bring on Aro’s downfall. The woman in that room is Marcus’ mate Didyme.”

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