Chapter 34

Chapter 34

A few hours after getting off the phone with Chief Sani, Atsa landed on a pile of driftwood that was stacked near me. He shifted and slid into a pair of cutoffs that he had tied to his leg. I chuckled, thinking we weren’t the only ones that did it that way. “hola” (hello) I told him. “Unlike the old ones, I speak English” he answered.
“That’s great news, I sometimes forget the Spanish word for what I am trying to say. When you came in did you happen to see a large white mansion in the forest?”
“I did. I also saw several Vampires wandering the grounds but I didn’t see any wolves or humans.”
“Well, at least we know that I was right in thinking that all the new vampires were holed up at the Cullen place.”
“Chief Sani wanted me to ask if you would like our assistance in getting these vampires out of your area.”
“Thanks, but I need to find out what the vamps are planning, I’m not sure right now how to do that but I can’t ask any of the other tribes to come help until I know what we are up against. To just storm in there would get too many of us killed. I’m going to make some calls and see if I can find out what we are facing.”
“I can’t argue with your thinking so I will return and let my Chief know what you are doing. If you can find out what they are planning or if you come up with a plan of action call and let us know.” Atsa told me then he stripped down, shifted, and flew away.
I couldn’t help but think, well that was anti-climactic. I’m not sure what I expected but I did think he would stay a while and maybe he could do a little more than just one flyover, if that was everything in their power I was royally screwed.

I look up as I hear someone approaching, to see Esme Cullen coming up the beach with little Claire in her arms … What the Hell is going on?


Well we have arrived at Carlisle Castle after flying for roughly 15 hours and then driving for another hour and a half. Bella and Alice are close to vibrating the car apart they are so excited. We were able to bring our backpacks and thermoses with us thanks to me being able to push and Jasper’s ability to make the security teams trust us. Now we need to figure out how to get inside and get to the room that Bella has seen. While Jasper and I are trying to make a plan Bella decides to seek out Didyme’s location, she feels like she can pinpoint it better being this close to the castle. After several minutes she sits up and takes a few minutes to regain her focus and tells us that we don’t have to go inside the castle at all we just have to go to the Outer Gatehouse, inside is a hall and a small windowless dungeon lies beneath and that is where Didyme is being held. The hidden door to the dungeon is located in the floor behind the remains of an old altar. The girls want to go ahead and pay the admission and go inside. Jasper and I agree that it would look suspicious if we just sat in the car, I am glad that Bella has her camera with her so it will appear to everyone that we are just tourists. Fortunately it is and overcast day so no problems with the sun. Bella plans to shield us all so that we don’t leave any trace of having been there. We haven’t seen nor smelled any other vampires around so we are unsure as to who is keeping an eye on Didyme. Alice can’t see any vampires coming to the castle while we are there either. This may be a mystery that won’t be solved until we get down into the dungeon as it is entirely possible that Aro has positioned a vampire down there with her and they don’t come up into the open very often. We all have a mug of blood before we go in, we leave all but one thermos in the car, we want to make sure we have some blood to offer Didyme when we reach her. When Bella saw her last she was laying on a cot with her eyes closed so we have no idea if she has the strength to walk out on her own. Alice picked up a pair of dark sunglasses at the airport saying that if Didyme hasn’t been out of that room the light may be too harsh for her. We laughed at Alice when she stole a handicap pass from a vehicle in the long term parking lot at the airport, but damned if the pixie didn’t know what she was doing. It seems that the only parking allowed at the castle is handicapped parking, she assures us that she will put the pass back in the correct vehicle before we leave. We have all our gear in our backpacks and Bella is situated with her camera so we head into the castle. Bella starts taking pictures as we head down the walkway to the gatehouse which is also the main entrance. Once we get inside Jasper is the one that started vibrating with excitement at all the military items that he could study and the military museum to visit. We were all laughing at him and I told him I didn’t know which smile was goofier, the one he had while sipping his whiskey, or this one surrounded with all the military artifacts. He just flipped me off and kept on walking.
Finally the castle is closing, we take our time heading back to the gatehouse letting everyone get ahead of us. Fortunately no one will get suspicious about the car being left in the parking lot as we purchased tickets for the torchlight tours and there are some cars entering and parking to go on the torchlight tours as well ….. We are just wandering around the hall in the gatehouse when Jasper finds the door. We all vamp down the stairs so that we aren’t seen and start down the hallway, Bella is taking pictures of the carvings on the walls as we walk towards the door at the end of the hallway. Suddenly Alice gasps and when we look at her she just smiles and says “you’ll see” I hate when she does that, damn annoying little pixie. We have reached the door and find that it isn’t locked which surprises us all. If she wasn’t locked in then what kept her here all this time. Is she too weak to leave? If so then I am very glad we brought a thermos of blood with us. When we walk into the room she is lying on the cot and turns her head to look at us “Chi sei? Come sei entrato in lei? Che cosa vuoi?” (Who are you? How did you get in her? What do you want?) “Didyme?” I ask her …. “Si” she answers. We all just stare at her, she looks very frail and has the most amazing golden eyes. “Il mio nome è Edward e noi siamo qui per portarvi a casa … Ho un messaggio per te da Caius”. (“My name is Edward and we are here to take you home … I have a message for you from Caius.”) She looks at me for a few minutes and then asks “Caius? Non Aro or …” (“Caius? not Aro or) “Sì Caius” (Yes Caius) I take my phone out and find the video recording, I hand it to Bella and let her take it to her telling Didyme “Questa è la mia compagna, Isabella, lei ha un modo per mostrare il messaggio da Caius” (“This is my mate, Isabella, she has a way to show you the message from Caius”) Bella slowly approaches Didyme and helps her to sit up, she sits down next to her and shows her the phone and hits play. Didyme gasps as Caius comes on the screen and starts to tell her “Mia cara sorella, prima lasciate che vi dica come felicissimo io che sei vivo. Se avessi saputo che eri tenuto prigioniero da Aro, Marcus e avrei smesso di fronte a nulla per liberarti ed avere al vostro compagno di lato una volta di più. le persone che stanno dando questo messaggio a voi sono amici, non ti farò del male. sono lì per tornare a Marcus, si può fidare di loro. essi vi protegga e vi aiuterà con tutti i cambiamenti che hanno avuto posto nel mondo dal momento che furono fatti prigionieri. non vedo l’ora di vederti ancora una volta e vedere la faccia di mio fratello quando vede che aveva ragione, non ha mai creduto di essere morto e non ha mai perso la speranza che si sarebbe trovato. Sii in pace sorella siete al sicuro ora.” (“My dear sister, first let me tell you how overjoyed I am that you are alive. If I had known that Aro was holding you prisoner, Marcus and I would have stopped at nothing to set you free and have you at your mate’s side once more. The people that are giving this message to you are friends, they will not harm you. They are there to return you to Marcus, you can trust them. They will protect you and help you with all the changes that have taken place in the world since you were taken prisoner. I am looking forward to seeing you once again and to see the look on my brother’s face when he sees that he was right, he never believed you to be dead and he has never lost hope that you would be found. Be at peace sister you are safe now.”) Didyme starts to sob and Alice rushes to her side and both girls hug Didyme. Alice grabs up the thermos and hands it to Didyme who just looks at it and then at me. “Bevi, ti sentirai meglio, più forte, e lasceremo questo posto, non tornare mai più.” (“Drink, you will feel better, stronger, and we will leave this place, never to return.”) Didyme takes a small sip and her eyes widen at the taste, she drinks it all as quickly as she can. The girls help her to stand and she is a little shaky, Jasper goes to help her when I stop him “I’ll take her so if you are needed to help clear the way.” He looks at me and then nods in agreement. I send Alice with Jasper as an early warning system, she sticks her tongue out at me but she goes ahead leaving Bella and I to assist Didyme. It is slow going but luck is on our side and we are able to make it to the car safely where the girls quickly give Didyme another thermos to help her regain her strength. Didyme is very nervous about the car but we are able to assure her that it is safe and she finally settles down with a little help from Jasper and lets the girls close the doors. She jumps when I start the car and Jasper calms her again. I head back to the airport as fast as I can and can’t help but wonder if Jasper is going to have to knock her out so we can get her on the plane.

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