Chapter 35

Chapter 35

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Esme Cullen was carrying Claire and walking up the beach towards me. I ran over and took Claire from her but Claire held on and kissed her on the cheek thanking her for bringing her home. I asked Esme to wait for me while I took Claire to her mother, when I returned I ask her what the hell was going on. I was shocked to learn that the Head Vamp was here from Italy and he wanted a couple of things, 1. He wanted the wolves dead for killing his very gifted Tracker. 2. He wanted Bella because she had an extremely rare gift and he was planning to use the wolves along with their imprints to get her to join him.
From what she is telling me she and a couple of others are trying to get the girls away from the house and back to the reservation. I told her I would help her in any way I could. I also asked if she could get any of the wolves out but she said she wouldn’t even try. I was surprised when she told me that Bella had been at the house the day we discussed killing her so she didn’t care if we lived or died. Damn, we really screwed up, Esme told me she didn’t care if we all died either that the only ones she was concerned about were the girls who were innocent in all this, she felt that they shouldn’t be held responsible just because some ancient wolf magic decided they would produce strong wolves. Well I will take what I can get, at least if we can get the girls back safely that will be one less problem I have to deal with.


Didyme looks so scared, I am very glad Bella suggested that Jasper come with us, I don’t know what we would have done without him here to keep her calm. She keeps looking around and when I started driving I wouldn’t have been a bit surprised to see her eyes pop right out of her head. While we were driving Alice was on the phone making arrangements for Cynthia Brandon to charter a private plane so that it would be ready when we arrived at the airport. When we pulled in and parked Jasper calmed her down some more so that Bella and I could get her to our gate while he and Alice returned the rental car and the handicap placard that Alice had taken. We were able to get through check in and started towards the plane when Didyme started to fight us a little … Just as we walked through the door head for our plane we were hit with the sight and sound of a plane taking off and with our sensitive hearing especially for one that has been locked away for millennia it can be quite painful and to see something like that … I would be terrified and trying to get away as well. I was able to calm her a little and we continued on to the plane. We got inside and settled, Bella pulled out her laptop and started pulling up images of cars, planes, trains, buildings, homes, just any and everything she could think of and asked me to try to explain what she was showing Didyme. Bella started bringing up pictures of Roman ruins, when she brought up a picture of Volterra Castle Didyme put her hand on the screen and whispered “Marcus” when I asked her how she knew the castle she explained that the Guard that had been watching her showed her a picture of it and told her that was the prison Marcus was being held in. I was confused and when I asked her why she thought Marcus was in prison she told me that Aro had told her when he moved her to the room we found her in that he had Marcus in a different prison and if she tried to leave he would make sure Marcus met the true death. While I was explaining to Bella what was going on and why she had stayed in that room Jasper and Alice boarded the plane and we let the pilot know we were ready to leave. Being a history buff Jasper was using his phone and looking for a site that had a timeline of all the changes that had occurred in the world, he was kind of shocked that a lot of what she had missed were wars. He was reading and suddenly he looked up at me and told me “Edward she has never seen money, coin money didn’t appear until 650 BC, man you have got to show her the money in your pocket and explain it to her.” I just laughed at him “you know, knowing how important shopping is to Alice I would have expected to hear that from her not you.” But I did take out some money and started to explain what it was and then thought what the hell and showed her a credit card as well. I’m not sure she understood the whole concept of money. Bella just shook her head at us and asked if we could get back to the Marcus being in prison thing. I wasn’t quite sure where to start except to let her know that Marcus was not in prison and had never been in prison. We let her know that Aro had told Marcus that she had been murdered but he had never believed Aro and still held out hope that they would someday be reunited. Bella had me explain her gift to Didyme and how she had used her gift to find her. I told her how Aro was trying to force Bella to join his guard and that we were going to stop him. She mainly wanted to hear about Marcus and when she would see him, I couldn’t blame her, I would want to know when I could see Bella again if we had been separated as long as they had. I told her that Jasper was getting in touch with his friend Peter and that Peter was going to contact Caius to let him know when and where to bring Marcus.
We had been flying for several hours and were about to land in London for refueling, Bella and I were staying on the plane with Didyme while Alice and Jasper were going to go for a quick hunt to fill some thermoses. If they could find any game they would grab some of that as well otherwise we would be adding more human blood to the mixture we had …. We had also talked about giving Didyme a thermos of just human blood to help her build her strength back up. She had filled us in on how her guard would give her 1 or 2 Muntjac deer one week and a couple of squirrels the next, which would explain her gold eyes and it would also explain why she was so frail. The deer she was getting are only about 30 lbs. so not much blood there and I don’t even know why they bothered with the squirrel unless it was just to take the edge off. Alice and Jasper just returned so time to let the pilot know we can leave as soon as they are ready.
A/N if you want to see the changes look up World History Timeline

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