Chapter 36

Chapter 36


Jasper sent me a text telling me to contact Caius with the location in Bellevue to bring Marcus to. I would like to be there to see the reunion but unfortunately someone has to keep an eye on the nomads. Caius was excited to take Marcus to be reunited with his mate. He was also very anxious to see Aro’s face when Marcus and Didyme walked through the door. Caius had already let me know that He, Marcus, and Esme had gotten the girls back to the reservation while Aro had left to hunt. I was glad that they were able to do that since those girls had nothing to do with the whole Wolf vs. Vampire. I even felt kind of bad that the wolves were probably going to be killed, they didn’t choose this life any more than a vampire chooses to be changed, if you look at it, their lot in life wasn’t that different from ours. It’s a case of one minute you’re human and the next you’re not.


I couldn’t believe our luck, not only had Caius agreed to help get the girls away safely but Aro decided to go hunting and he took Jane and Alec with him. We waited until they had been gone for about 30 minutes before I called Jacob and told him to meet us at the treaty line with transportation for the girls. I told the girls to make their way to the garage in pairs and to try to not get the attention of the remaining guards. Once we had them all together I got the keys to Jasper’s truck and had the girls all lay down in the back so they wouldn’t be seen. Caius and Marcus got in the front and we headed for the treaty line. Jacob was there waiting for us and was surprised to see Marcus and Caius with me and that they had helped to get the girls out safely. He looked at them and asked “why?” Caius let him know “Our problem is with the wolves, these young women are no threat to us so we have no desire to harm them.” Jacob looked at Caius and asked “So if the wolves weren’t a threat to Vampires you wouldn’t want us dead?” Caius and Marcus both nodded their heads, Caius answered him “Correct, we wouldn’t have any reason to want your death.” Jacob just stared at them for a few minutes then shook his head and walked over to the truck he had brought to take the girls home in. After he drove away Marcus just looked at us both and muttered “strange boy” and went to get in the truck. I thought to myself ‘you don’t know the half of it’ and Caius and I got in and headed home.


Aro had decided to go hunting this morning so we took that opportunity to return the girls to the reservation. I don’t think Aro will even notice that they are gone unless he listens for their heartbeats. We had just gotten back when I got a text message from Peter telling me the time and location for Marcus to be reunited with Didyme. I don’t know what excites me more, them reuniting or seeing the look on Aro’s face when he sees them together. I do hope Aro had a good meal for it may have been his last. I see Aro has finally made it back so I am going to go find Marcus and head out towards Seattle, maybe we should bring Esme as well so that she won’t be around Aro without our protection.

We had landed and Alice went to get the car so that we could go from the plane to the car. Then drive to Bellevue with probably just a couple of stops for gas and hunting. Didyme has been handling everything so well, but I think the closer we get to Bellevue the more nervous and anxious she will be. I imagine it would be scary as hell to see your mate again after being held prisoner for millennia. She is doing better with the blood we have given her but she is still weak, Jasper thinks we should give her another thermos of human blood to see if that helps her gain some strength back. I had talked to Bella about it and we agree that the choice should be Didyme’s so once we are in the car and heading out we will ask what she wants to do. I know that none of us will judge her if she decides she wants human blood and once we get the thermoses refilled we can offer her the mixture of human and animal like we are drinking.
We had been driving for several hours and we were getting close to Seattle and we decided to stop for a hunt. Didyme had decided to have one more thermos of human blood and then she wanted to switch to what we were drinking. We took most of the thermoses with us to fill with animal blood and left a few so that Jasper and I could get some human blood as we passed through Seattle on the way to Bellevue. We were lucky enough to come across a bear and Didyme was a little scared to try it so Bella wanting to show her that she could take the bear down killed it for her. We finally made it back to the car and headed on into Bellevue stopping in Seattle for some human blood. We finally arrived at the RV and took turns getting cleaned up. Bella starting mixing the bloods so that we could all have some when we got out of the shower and then it was just time to sit and wait for Marcus to show up. We hadn’t told Didyme that we were having him come here, she thought we were going to him tomorrow. As we were explaining some of the changes that had taken place while she had been imprisoned there was a knock on the door. Jasper opened the door and let Esme and Caius come in and then Marcus stepped through the door …. Didyme gasped and cried out “Marcus” then ran right into his arms. I looked at the others and we all silently stepped outside to give them some privacy. Jasper and I held Bella and Alice while they dry sobbed, I was shocked when I looked up to see Caius holding Esme while she sobbed as well.

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