Chapter 37

Chapter 37


We were all sitting around the table outside the RV trying not to listen to their reunion but with our hearing we can’t help but hear. Caius is furious and Jasper and I had to stop him from going and killing Aro, telling him that it was Marcus’ right to bring the final death to Aro and Didyme should get to light the fire. Bella just shook her head, when I asked her what she was thinking she told us “Killing Aro lets him and his mate off too easy. Think about all the times that Marcus had to watch Aro and Sulpicia together while he didn’t have his mate with him. Aro kept them separated for a couple of millennia, to just kill him and possibly Sulpicia doesn’t cause them more than a few minutes pain and that just doesn’t seem fair.” Caius just stared at Bella then his head snapped to me “she is brilliant, where did you find her?” I just laughed and told him “As much as I would like to tell you 976-BABE, I found her in high school.” Everybody damn near fell over laughing, Caius looked over at Jasper and Alice and they were nodding their heads to let him know that I was telling the truth. “hmph, you mean Carlisle finally did something right.” Caius kind of mumbled to himself. I couldn’t resist “Caius, do you know why Carlisle kept so much information from us about the vampire world including keeping our contact with other vampires to a minimum?” Caius sat silently for a few minutes and finally told us “ It started as an experiment, Carlisle and Aro wanted to see how vampires would react with each other if they were thrown together as a “family” unit and were isolated from the rest of the vampire world. I know that Aro is embarrassed about Carlisle starting the animal diet, that wasn’t part of the plan but it seems that it gave Aro some useful information about how to keep a vampire in a weakened state. I do know that the prisoners in the dungeons of Volterra are fed animal blood roughly once or twice a month. It keeps them from starving but they don’t have the strength of a normal human drinking vampire. Then Aro got wind of Alice and your gifts and wanted Carlisle to bring you both to Volterra, Carlisle refused telling Aro that he was having you amass a fortune for him and that if Aro would leave you with him he would share some of the money that you were making for him. Aro agreed, but was working in the background trying to find a way to lure the two of you away from Carlisle and to get you both as well as Alice’s mate to join the guard. He read every vampire that he knew had come across Carlisle trying to find a way to separate him from the two of you but as you know he was never successful. Then when Edward found his mate and he couldn’t read her mind they discussed the possibility of her being a shield. With young Bella here he thinks he has found a way to get her as well as you Edward.” Bella snapped her head up and asked him “how does he plan to do that?” Caius takes an unnecessary breath and tells her “unless you agree to join the guard, he plans to kill the wolves and their imprints and he knows that if you go to Italy Edward will follow you.” Bella just laughs and tells him “looks like the tribe is going to have a lot of funerals to plan. The wolves killed my sire and planned to kill me so I don’t care if they live or die.” Esme smiles and tells her “that is just what I explained to Jacob earlier.”

Meanwhile in the RV
The English translation begins at the little whirlwinds
“Mio Dio , Dee Dee , è che sei davvero tu? ” ” Sì Marcus , sono davvero qui ,
Mi sei mancato così tanto . ” ” Dove sei stato in tutti questi anni , lo sai che cosa ti è successo ? ” ” Sì, lo so , era Aro che mi ci sono voluti tanti anni fa .” “Cosa? la prego di dirmi che cosa è successo il mio amore ” .
” Marco , il giorno in cui scomparve Aro ha inviato le sue guardie personali a prendermi, mi hanno detto che era stato ferito e si stava chiamando per me. Ovviamente non ho nemmeno li domanda e camminava con loro volentieri . Quando passarono il strada per tornare alla tenuta sono diventato preoccupato come non sapevo che avevi lasciato i motivi . Quando ho chiesto dove stavamo andando e che cosa era successo a voi le due guardie che erano nella parte posteriore del carro con me tirato entrambi delle mie braccia fuori , mi bendata e mi ha detto che avrei trovato presto. hanno legato stracci intorno alle mie spalle per aiutare con il flusso di veleno , il carro finalmente fermato e mi ha trascinato fuori e giù per le scale e gettato in una stanza . le guardie gettarono le braccia al dopo di me . sembrava diverse ore era passato quando ho sentito qualcuno entrare , hanno messo le braccia al suo posto e rimosso la benda . mi è stata offerta una capra da bere e poi l’uomo a sinistra. quando lui tornato ho scoperto che ero stato lì per circa 10 giorni , ho combattuto lui cercando di uscire e ha chiamato per qualcuno che lo aiuti . le mie braccia sono stati rimossi di nuovo, questa volta quando è tornato , mi è stato detto che se ho combattuto di nuovo si sarebbe ucciso così ho smesso di combattere . mi hanno dato le mie braccia indietro insieme ad un altro capra . cose continuarono così fino Aro è entrato, mi ha detto che ho ora appartenevo a lui e che poteva fare quello che voleva con me.”
(“My God, Dee Dee, is it really you?” “Yes Marcus, I’m really here,
I have missed you so much.” ” Where have you been all these years, do you know what happened to you?” ” Yes I know, it was Aro that took me all those years ago.” “What? please tell me what happened my love.”
“Marcus, on the day I disappeared Aro sent his personal guards to get me, they told me you had been injured and you were calling for me. Of course I didn’t even question them and went with them willingly. When they passed the road to return to the estate I became alarmed as I didn’t know that you had left the grounds. When I asked where we were going and what had happened to you the two guards that were in the back of the wagon with me pulled both of my arms off, blindfolded me and told me that I would find out soon enough. They tied rags around my shoulders to help with the venom flow, the wagon finally stopped and I was dragged out and down some stairs and thrown into a room. The guards threw my arms in after me. It seemed like several hours had passed when I heard someone come in, they put my arms back in place and removed my blindfold. I was offered a goat to drink and then the man left. When he returned I found out I had been there for about 10 days, I fought him trying to get out and he called for someone to help him. My arms were removed again, this time when he came back, I was told that if I fought again you would be killed so I stopped fighting. They gave me my arms back along with another goat. Things continued with them giving me a goat about every 10 days until one day Aro came in, he told me that I now belonged to him and he could do whatever he pleased with me.”) When she started to sob, the girls decided that she had been through enough and we needed to go back inside. When we got back inside the girls all ran to Didyme wrapping her up in a big group hug. Marcus came to Jasper and I and wrapped us up in a group hug as well thanking us for rescuing his mate, when we broke apart I led everyone to the sitting area and waited for the girls to come join us …. We needed to talk …. We had some planning to do.

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