Chapter 4

Chapter 4



As I sit at the desk in Carlisle’s study reading the book “Supernatural Gifts & Abilities” I haven’t found anything that would explain how I had the vision allowing me to see & hear Edward. I was about to take a break and go for a quick hunt to stop the burning in my throat from getting worse when I heard voices coming from the front of the house, I peeked out the small opening in the shutter that was covering the window to see the wolf pack coming up the drive. A couple of them were in wolf form, for protection I guess, but the rest were in human form.  Knowing how good their eyesight was I stepped back a little but continued to listen.


The Wolves


“Too bad that Collin and Quill hadn’t started shifting a couple of weeks ago, they could have helped us tear that red eyed leech apart” said Jacob.


“Yeah, they missed the fun, and the signs are all there that Embry will be shifting soon as well, I do wish we could find what he did with Bella’s body though so that Charlie could have some answers” replied Paul


“You know that there is the possibility that he changed her and that is why we haven’t found her body” Sam told the group.


“Sam, if we find her and she is a leech I don’t want to be in on the kill, I know that it has to be done but I don’t want to be a part of it even though she would be my enemy and no longer my friend” Jacob said.


“That’s fine Jacob but you will have to stay in wolf form to help protect your brothers” Sam understands how Jacob feels as he wouldn’t be able to kill Leah if it happened to her. They may not be together anymore but he still cared about her.


“Can we go home now, you can all see that the Cullen’s haven’t returned” whined Jared.


“Yes, let’s go” replied Sam as he turned to leave.




So that’s what happened to my sire, the wolves killed him. Collin and Quill have started shifting now and Embry will be, soon.  That will make 8 wolves when Embry joins the pack. Jacob would stand by and let them kill me, What The Hell?  So now that I know they are on the lookout for me I need to be very careful.  Since I know that right now they are headed back to the reservation it would be a good time to go hunting, I wonder if there is a thermos that I could take with me to bring some blood back with me for later.


After quenching my thirst with 3 elk I wanted to find more so I could take some blood home with me. I heard a noise off to my left and headed for it,   I spotted a mountain lion hiding in a tree watching a small herd of deer, to say I was excited to be able to try his favorite is putting it mildly.  After I broke its neck I used my fingernail to make a cut in its throat, I let it drain into the thermos I had with me and then headed back to the house.


After taking my shower, I head back to Carlisle’s study.  I had been reading for a few hours and although this is all fascinating information nothing is describing what I am now able to do.  Turning the page, I am about to give up for the night when I see it, there in the middle of the page is one word


The ability to locate people, objects, & resources without the use of any scientific apparatus


Dowsers are able to locate resources, they can find hidden places and hidden treasure

They can track people through objects they have touched leaving their life force energy signature or using a picture they are able to visualize that person and locate them. Dowsers are also able to locate people they have met or have a connection with.

When they locate the person they are looking for they can see and hear whatever that person is doing at the time.

Dowsers are able to find energy sources, track the ley-lines of planets and find the relics that are connected to the lines.

Physical Traits

The tell-tale sign that someone is a dowser is the silver streak in their hair, the streak will start at the scalp and run the length of the hair. The streak can be 1/2 inch to 3 inches wide, the wider the streak the more powerful the Dowser is.  If the Dowser also has silver eyes they will be a Psychic Shield.  (See page 785 for more on this ability)

Known Dowsers & Last known location:  NONE


Holy Hell! I was a Dowser and apparently some kind of shield, well at least I have a name for this freaky thing I can do and it could come in handy. According to the book I should be pretty powerful since the streak is the full 3 inches that the book describes.  I am going to need to practice with this, maybe I could keep an eye on the wolves so that I know when it is safe for me to hunt.   Speaking of hunting I could use some blood, I head down to warm up some of the blood I brought back.  Then it is time to get comfortable and start practicing. First up check on Charlie & Renee then see how Edward is doing.

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