Chapter 40

Chapter 40


I got the girls all settled back in their own homes and headed over to Emily’s. I needed to talk to someone and I felt like she was my best option. As I stepped up onto her front porch I heard her scream and I was hit with a pain so intense that it dropped me to my knees. That pain let me know that one of the pack has died and her scream told me it was Sam. I knew that I was the last person that she would want to see right now so I called Sue to let her know what had happened. Sue told me she would call some of the other women of the tribe and they would be there for Emily. So I headed over to the Shaman’s house, I really had wanted to get the opinion of one of the imprints but I will have to settle for speaking to the Shaman.
After spending a couple of hours with the Shaman, we agree and called the Medicine Woman to come speak with us. When we explained what was going on and what we needed she agreed to make the potion to block the wolf gene. The Shaman and I had agreed that everyone but me should take the potion, that way the tribe would still have some protection. Now I just have to convince those leeches staying at the Cullen place to agree to not killing any of the wolves since taking the potion will make them nothing more than human. Not even their children will shift, the only possible shifters would be my children or if there are wolves that haven’t shifted yet. Looking at the clock I see that it is time to meet with the Medicine Woman and get the potion from her and then head over to the Cullen’s place.

After I reminded Caius about the wolves he went down to the basement and didn’t come back up for about an hour. From his thoughts I could see that he was shocked at how young some of them were. I had heard some of the insults Paul at said to him and was impressed that Caius didn’t kill Paul right then and there. I could tell that he didn’t look forward to killing the wolves since they were ‘Shape Shifters’ not ‘Werewolves’ as they called themselves but he had an obligation to protect all the vampires in this world. These wolves had proven that they didn’t just protect their tribe but actually went off the reservation looking to find vampires to kill. Demetri’s death and the attack on Felix showed that they would attack and kill without provocation. He had been sitting on the bench in Esme’s garden contemplating everything that he was going to have to deal with. I was quite impressed that he wanted to weigh all the facts as he understood them to be and not just going on a killing spree. I was considering going out to talk with him about everything when a voice called for me in my thoughts “Edward, it’s Jacob can you meet me at the treeline so we can talk.” I went and found Bella to tell her what was going on and where I would be, to say she wasn’t happy about it is putting it mildly and she made me promise to take Jasper with me in case it was a trap. As Jasper and I approached the treeline, Jacob stepped out and was in human form “Edward, I have a proposition for you and those vamps from Italy.” I told him I would listen to what he had to say but I was making no promises. As he laid out his plan I thought he might be on to something. I knew that Caius was not looking forward to killing these young boys and this would be a viable alternative to ending their lives. “Jake, I think something might be worked out, why don’t you come back to the house and let’s put your idea to the head vampire. I do need to warn you though, Bella is at the house and she is a vampire. If you try anything you will be dead before you can lay a finger on her and the rest of the pack will follow you.” “Yeah Edward, I already know about her vamp status and I know she heard when the pack was here talking about having to kill her. I’m not here to cause trouble or start a war, I am just trying to save members of my tribe along with a small piece of my heritage.” I nodded at him and we headed back to the house to let Caius know what Jake wanted to do.
As we entered the house, growls erupted all throughout the house. I asked Caius to come up to Jasper’s study so that we could all talk. As I walked past her chair I leaned down and ask Bella to join us as well. Once we were all in and settled I explained what Jacob wanted to do. We all sat quietly while Caius thought about Jacob’s idea. Finally he looked at Bella “what do you think about this plan Isabella, you know the wolves better than anyone in this room?” Bella looked at Jacob then at me “Well Caius, the decision is ultimately yours but I think it is a good plan. It solves the wolf problem, it gives them and their imprints a choice, and with Jake staying a wolf it leaves the tribe with some protection. I would say that if there are any more that shift after we leave Jake should notify you and if they start acting like this pack did that we come back and they would have to choose the potion or death.” When she finished she looked at Jake and almost dared him to argue with her. He didn’t argue and he surprised us all when he agreed with her. He also took this opportunity to apologize to her, and Bella being Bella accepted his apology but let him know that they would never be friends again. Jake just hung his head but accepted her decision. Caius got the biggest smile on his face and said “I’ve said it before and I will say it again … She’s Brilliant. I agree with Isabella and I accept your proposal Chief Black. Do you have the potion with you?” Jake let him know that he did have it with him, it was then that I noticed the pouch hanging from one of his belt loops. We headed back downstairs to the basement. When we got there all the wolves starting hurling insults at all of us until they say Jake. Jake approached the holding cell and spoke to them in Quileute and was very surprised when I translated for the other vampires “don’t look so shocked Jacob, Carlisle and I agreed that I should learn your language back when we signed the treaty with your great-grandfather Ephraim Black. I did notice that he didn’t tell them what the potion would do to them only that the tribe’s Medicine Woman gave it to him for them to drink. Believing that the Medicine Woman would never hurt them they each took a vial and drank it down. It only took a few minutes before they were all writhing on the floor in pain. They started out howling but by the time it was over they were just screaming and moaning. As the transformations from wolf to human ended it was then that Jake explained to them what had happened, some were happy to no longer be a wolf but some were quite upset with Jake. Jake simply told them he had to make a choice and he chose for them to live instead of dying. He crossed his arms over his chest and stared at them through the bars of the cell. After a few minutes he nodded to Caius and Caius walked over and unlocked the cell and told Jacob he was free to take them home. As they all walked past us I noticed that Bella was looking at the arm of each and every one of them, when she noticed that I was looking at her questioningly she lowered her shield and told me that she had noticed their tattoos were gone. Wow, when he said that potion would remove all traces of the wolf, I never for one minute thought about the tattoo. Once they were all gone we went back upstairs and Caius had everyone start getting ready to leave again. It was decided that Carlisle would be going to Volterra along with everyone else. I chanced a look at him to see how he felt about returning to the castle, he was staring at Bella and had the strangest smile on his face. I listened in on his thoughts only to find him translating the Declaration of Independence into Mandarin, hmm I wonder what he is up to. I approached Caius and asked if he would mind if we met him in Volterra since we needed to go put the RV in storage and then we would charter a plane to Italy. He understood that we needed to close up the RV and agreed that we could meet them there. I motioned for Bella, Jasper, and Alice and we headed back to Bellevue.

We had finally gotten the RV closed up and made arrangements with the RV park to leave it there for a few months. While the rest of us were closing it up Alice was on the computer chartering a plane and getting everything set up to head to Italy. We are now sitting on the plane waiting as the pilot gets the plane ready for takeoff. Bella had packed all the travel mugs and thermoses and was busy getting us a something to drink.
After everything had been taken care of and we were in the air Bella told us she had something to talk to us about. She had a theory.


“Okay Bella, fire away, we are all ears” Jasper teased me.
“Well, I have been thinking about some things and I watched some of the others while we were all at the house. Before I tell you my theory I need to ask “When you are changed, the sire drinks your blood and then ‘replaces’ it with their venom, right?” They all nodded their heads and Jasper even let me know that he thought he knew where I was headed and that if he was right, he had headed down that road before but everyone thought he was crazy. “Okay so, let’s take a look at Aro, 1. He’s greedy for power, 2. He can read mind’s through touch, 3. He’s very manipulative. Now let’s take a look at Carlisle, 1. He’s greedy for money, 2. He can persuade others. Finally let’s take a look at Edward, 1. He can read minds from a distance, 2.He has always been good at ‘dazzling’ others, but now that power has grown to being able to ‘push’ his will onto others.
So we have Aro changing Carlisle, passing on his greed and manipulation, Carlisle’s character changed those things a little making them his own. Carlisle then changes Edward passing on Aro’s power of mind reading that had laid dormant in Carlisle and he passed his power of persuasion on to Edward. Edward’s character changed the mind reading power to no longer needing touch and he had his dazzling power which has now grown.” Edward sat looking at me and saying nothing. Alice piped up with “okay I can buy all that but what about Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett, they didn’t get any gifts?” I just smiled at her and asked “are you sure they didn’t? Carlisle is a very compassionate Doctor, Esme is full of the love of a mother and is also a very compassionate woman. Carlisle is very stubborn when it comes to his way of living, Rosalie was the most stubborn person I have ever known including Edward who, as we all know can be quite stubborn. Aro, in a lot of ways is very childish and Emmett is the biggest kid I know. So I ask again Alice, are you sure they didn’t get any gifts?” Edward finally came to life and starting laughing telling me “Caius is right, you ARE brilliant.” “Well done darlin, well done” said Jasper.
Edward pulled me down beside him and told me how much he loved me and that he had a surprise for me. He stood up and taking my hand started leading me to the back of the plane. As we passed Jasper and Alice they were both smirking at me. We came to a stop at a door that I hadn’t noticed before, Edward opened it and walked in pulling me in after him. Looking around I saw that we were in a beautiful bedroom with a king-size bed. The room was done in black and white with red accents. “It’s beautiful Edward” …. “Not as beautiful as you Love. I was wondering if you would like to join the Mile High Club with me.” I did and we did all the way to Italy.

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