Chapter 6

Chapter 6


I am shocked at what I just saw, Poor Emmett, my big bear of a brother must be devastated  to find out that the woman he loved for decades didn’t love him in return.  I know that I should take another look to see how everyone is handling the news that Edward revealed but first I am going to have the rest of my blood. I will need to check on the wolves later to see if I can go hunting I would also like to go to Charlie’s house and get some of my things especially the CD that Edward made me, I was so devastated when I saw that he had pulled it from my player and taken it with him along with the pictures I had of him and the one that Alice had taken of us together and our Prom picture.  I was thrilled when shortly after Thanksgiving I noticed a loose floorboard and found the items that had been placed underneath, all my treasures that I thought he had taken were there hidden away waiting to be discovered.  I started sleeping without the nightmares once I could listen to Edward playing again, it wasn’t as good as having him there humming to me but it was just like when he would go hunting and I had to sleep without him.

Charlie thought I was getting over Edward since I had stopped waking up screaming in the middle of the night. I’m not sure how he would have reacted if he knew what I was listening to with the pillow speaker I had bought.

First things first … I head to the kitchen to warm up my blood.


“What were you thinking Edward, why did you do that?” asked Carlisle.

“I was thinking that I was tired of the mind games Rose likes to play and to be fair she is the one that wanted complete honesty.”

“Yes, but that was just cruel”

“Cruel?’ I scoffed.  “No, what’s cruel is what she did to Emmett all these years, what’s cruel is you using your authority as head of this coven to demand that I go visit the Denali coven with the rest of you knowing what Tanya was doing and how uncomfortable it made me.”

“What mind games did Rose play Edward?” asked Esme.

“Are you sure you want to know, it could be considered cruel for me to tell you”

“Yes, I want to know what has been going on behind my back.”

“For starters she didn’t hate this life as much as she let Carlisle believe she did.  She loved that she would be young & beautiful for eternity.  She  never forgave me for not wanting her after her change, she would stand in front of the mirror naked and call to get my attention so that I would see her reflection then she would speak to me in my mind “do you like what you see Edward?  I could have been yours.” Rose would ask me.  She knew I could control my gift but she told Emmett that I couldn’t and the only way to keep me out of his head was to think directly at me about the times they had sex then she would ask me if I would like to do those things with her or with her and Tanya.”  With that Emmett took off out the door, moments later we heard the jeep roaring out of the drive.

“We loved her” sobbed Alice.  “Yes Darlin but I never felt that she returned that love, I never said anything because I didn’t want to hurt anyone” said Jasper pulling Alice close.

I couldn’t stay in that room any longer so I headed up to my room, sitting on my sofa I dropped my head to my hands and sobbed out “oh Bella I need you so much, if I returned to beg for your forgiveness could you forgive me?”


“Yes Edward I could and I do just come back to me “I sighed. There has to be a way to give him that push to return to Forks.

I need to think about all I have learned and how to get Edward home and I think better on a full stomach so I should check to see where the wolves are and if it is safe to go hunting.

After seeing that the wolves are getting everything together for a bonfire, I grab my thermos and run out into the forest.  I can’t believe how Rose treated her ‘family’ and that Carlisle forced Edward to go see that Denali bitch.  Edward is right they are a coven not a family, family doesn’t treat each other like that.

I head back to the house carrying my thermos of Bobcat Blood thinking on how I could get in touch with Edward, if only I had a phone number for him and a phone that he wouldn’t recognize the number.  Suddenly I ‘see’ that I need to check Alice’s room so I run a little faster.  I enter Alice’s room and there on her dresser is a phone plugged into a charger and a letter next to it with my name on it.

I open and start reading the letter;


I saw that you would need this phone to reach Edward but I didn’t see the reason.  I am sorry that we left without saying goodbye but please know that you will always be my sister and I know we will be together again. 

Oh here is the number you need –  011-555-5023

See you soon,

Your sister Alice


With shaking hands I  dial the number Alice gave me, on the third ring he answers  “Hello” his voice is more beautiful than my old human ears could hear, “Edward, I need your help” I whisper.

“Bella, what is it, what has happened?”

“I’m at your house in Forks please come” I ask

“I’m on my way Love.”












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