Chapter 11

Chapter 11




I’m glad that Edward brought Emmett up, I have wanted to talk to him about Em as well.  He doesn’t know but I have looked in on Emmett a couple of times and he just looks so broken, I want to help him but I don’t know how.

Edward looked at me and started “Well Bella I know that you saw everything that went on with Rose and Emmett, I know that Emmett will take it all on his shoulders and blame himself for not being everything she needed and for what she had him do to me.  It isn’t his fault, he thought they were mates and he trusted her.  Bella, I want to help him, I want us to go see him and possibly have him come with us.  With Rose telling Aro about you he is going to be looking for us, we aren’t sure how well your shield is working and Emmett would be good to have with us in a fight. What are your thoughts and feelings about this?”  He quickly glances at me then goes back to watching the road, he knows that it makes me nervous when he doesn’t focus on his driving.

“Edward, I agree that Emmett needs our help, I have quickly checked on him a couple of times and he looks so broken.  But I don’t want to have him come with us because he would be good to have in case of a fight, that would make us no better than Rose, using him for our own purposes.”

“Oh Bella NO, that isn’t the main reason I want to bring Em with us …. I think that being with us …. well you mainly will help Emmett heal.  You really are his little sister and it almost destroyed him to leave you behind, he quit joking around as much as he had and he didn’t play his video game like he used to. I think … no I know that seeing you again especially as a vampire he will be over the moon.”


“Alrighty then to Montana we go, you should call him, he is expecting your call.



I take out my phone and dial Emmett’s number, he answers on the first ring

“Hey Edward, I was beginning to think you weren’t going to call”

“Sorry Em I got held up, but I need to talk to you about something” I start, trying to find the right way to approach him.

“Yeah about that Edward, I’m so sorry man I … “

I cut him off “NO Em it wasn’t your fault it was Rose, the only thing you did was trust the woman you thought was your mate.  I am not angry with you in fact I am headed your way right now and I have someone with me that really wants to see you.’

“Oh yeah who, I can’t imagine anyone who would want to see me right now and how do you know where I am? Did the pixie tell you where I am?  I talked to Jasper, did you know that Rose and I weren’t really married and I don’t need to get a divorce?”

“Yeah Em I knew and to tell you the truth I thought you did too or I would have told you during one of our conversations when you were complaining about having to go through another wedding. For vampires the mating is technically a “marriage ceremony” and it only happens once.  I think Rose kept having weddings to keep you tied to her and for all the presents.  So enough about that how do you feel about taking a road trip Emmett?”

“Jasper said you were going to do some traveling, I think it sounds like something right up my alley.  Can we hit some of the tourist traps?”

“Sure thing Em, I wouldn’t want to stop your fun, I have driven across country with you enough times to know how you love those things.” I chuckle remembering some of the roadside attractions we have stopped at in the past.

“Cool, how about the friend you are bringing? Is he going with us?”

“I never said it was a ‘he’ Emmett.”

“What The Hell man, I want no part of you cheating on Bella. Count me out, have fun on your trip” with that he hung up on me before I could explain.




I had to keep myself form laughing at the look on Edward’s face.  I took the phone and called Emmett back. He wasn’t so pleasant when he answered.


“Fuck you Edward I tol …..” Emmett started

“Hi Emmy, thanks for looking out for me” I giggled into the phone.

“Bella? Baby sis is it really you?”

“Yeah Em, it’s me so will you come with us?”

“Of course I will, when do you think you will be here.”

“Well, we just went through Portland on the 26 and Edward said we are going to stay on this road until we can jump on the 95 and then start going up.”

“Wow, why didn’t you take the 2 straight across to the 95 it would have been faster?  What’s going on? It’s not like Edward to take the long way anywhere.”

Edward put his hand out for the phone so I gave it back to him.



“It’s me again Em, listen we are taking the long way because we are being chased. Bella has been changed and Aro wants her. “

“DUDE, it’s about time you got smart and changed her” Emmett shouted into the phone.

“I didn’t change her Em, Demetri Volturi did then he was killed by the wolves.

“Okay but that doesn’t explain why Aro would be looking for her, how would he even know she exists?” Emmett asked.

“Rose came to Forks, I think she was going after Bella and she saw us.  She called Aro to let him know where she was.’

“I still don’t understand why Aro would care or why Rose would think that he did.”

“She was changed by Demetri, and she really wanted to find me.  She’s a Dowser Emmett” I explained.

“FUCK, we need to meet up ASAP.  I will meet you in Boise and we can plan from there.  Do you have enough cash on hand, cards can be traced?”

“Yes I took all the cash from Forks so we have about 8 million with us in the Vanquish.  I brought it for the speed”

“Good thinking, I’ll clear out the cash here at the cabin and I will meet you in Boise.  Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you soon.”

“Okay Emmett, talk to you again when we get close to Boise” I hang up and turn to face Bella.

“Okay, we should be with Emmett in about 6 hours …we are closer to Boise than he is so we will have a little wait.”

“Where is he?”

“The cabin is close to the Kootenai National Forest” I tell her

Bella nods her head and then grabs a book to start reading while I continue driving.







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