Chapter 27

Chapter 27




I was right, we are about 5 hours out of Seattle when Edward slides into the passenger seat. “How is she” I ask him. “She was distraught about Carlisle cheating on Esme, she looked up to him as a father figure and to see something like that devastated her. She is very glad that Emmett isn’t around to find out what they had been doing behind his back.” Edward told me, he looks a little on the devastated side himself so I ask him “How are you holding up? I know how close you were with him.” He just shrugs his shoulders “being privy to his thoughts I knew he wasn’t perfect but he has kept all this hidden from me. I don’t give a good god damn about what he does with Rose but I do care that it will hurt Esme if she finds out.”

I have to agree with him there Esme doesn’t deserve to be treated like that, hell neither did Emmett, but at least he got away from it. Edward tells me to go ahead and pull in to refuel at the next exit and he will drive the rest of the way in and I agree. I start to tell him about calling Peter and that he and some friends of ours will be meeting us in Seattle. I ask if he has any idea about Peter saying that Bella has the key to stopping Aro. Just like me he has no clue what Peter is going on about, but he will ask Bella to dowse for a way to stop Aro. We aren’t sure it works like that but hey we won’t know if we don’t try. We also think we should wait until we meet up with Peter before she tries since he seems to have some insight as to what she might be looking for.

We are all confused as to why Aro hasn’t let Caius kill the wolves yet. It just doesn’t make any sense, that is why he told Caius about them. Edward seems to think that Aro has some sneaky ass trick up sleeve like trying to make Bella go with the Volturi to save the wolves. According to Edward if that is what Aro is planning the joke will be on Aro … the wolves planned to kill Bella and she heard them so she doesn’t care what happens to them.




I hang up the phone from the Major’s call and tell Charlotte to pack us some bags that we are headed to Seattle. Then I start calling friends of ours and the Major and let them know what is going on with the Volturi. I send a text to Jasper listing the names of those who would be joining us;

  1. Charles … lie detection
  2. Makenna
  3. Fred
  4. Luca
  5. Mary
  6. Randall
  7. Shelly
  8. Steve
  9. Garrett
  10. Myself … intuition
  11. Charlotte … relationship bonds

When all is said and done there will be 15 of us to meet up with Aro. I knew that Aro had been lying to everyone as well as hiding something very big. He is not going to be happy with the information we are bringing with us. I would be very surprised if Aro lives through it. I also know that the Ice Queen was planning to pack up and disappear but she wasn’t going to get far. That’s the bad thing about trying to make a quick getaway from Alaska when you are trying to move your garage, it is slow going. She might be better off just getting herself and her personal belongings and just replacing everything else later.




Edward wanted me to see if I could find a way to stop Aro … I’m not sure if it will work but I’ll try. I am looking for a hidden way to stop Aro and I am shocked when things start flashing …. I call for Edward and slide my shield over him hoping that some of the things I am seeing will make sense to him, unfortunately nothing makes sense to him either. Edward thinks that alleyway looks familiar but he isn’t sure. I hope that with the information Peter will be giving us that something will click especially about the woman in the white room.




Well, we got a few things accomplished at the meeting … I took my rightful place as Alpha due to the fact that Sam is missing. Paul reported that when he and Rachel were in Port Angeles shopping that he noticed a few red-eyed vampires in town. They were all wearing black robes, which tells us something is going on and that our 3 missing wolves could have been captured. We decided to gather all the imprints and put them in the Rec Center to make it easier for us to guard them. I’m not sure what to do about Claire, she’s so young that it wouldn’t be possible to sequester her in the Rec Center with the others. I need to go talk to Emily to let her know what we decided and that Sam is missing. I also need to see if we can come up with a way that we could get all the imprints to the Center without anyone suspecting anything. I also need to make up a schedule for patrolling the rez to make sure we don’t have vampires wandering on to our lands. Sigh … I might as well get this over with and I head to Sam and Emily’s place.


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