Chapter 33

Chapter 33


I am very glad I came with Aro and the others now that I see part of his plan …. These poor girls being held here, especially the little one, Claire, she is scared and is always crying for her mother. I must speak to Aro or maybe Caius, he has been acting strangely since he returned from his run, and he seems to be very angry with Aro. I start to head downstairs to speak to one or both of them when I hear Aro yelling at the guards that brought the last wolf and the girls back. Oh, apparently they missed a wolf, well this isn’t going to be good, the wolf they missed is Jacob Black. Jacob is the rightful Alpha and as such he is now the tribal chief, giving him more power than Sam ever thought about having. Whereas Sam could only lead the Pack, Jacob leads the whole tribe and could call on other tribes for help. According to the history of the shapeshifters that Carlisle talked about with other vampires (when he thought no one could hear them), once vampires had crossed onto a reservation that was being protected by shapeshifters or as some tribes called themselves, skinwalkers, the chief of the tribe could call the other tribes to come and help them rid their area of the invading vampires. Most tribes had high enough numbers to run the vampires off therefore they didn’t usually need help, but occasionally the number of vampires was too great so they had to call on the other tribes. Recalling what I had learned from listening to one of Carlisle many ‘private’ talks I knew Aro was really going to be in for it. I needed to get these girls back to the reservation because I knew that if an army of shapeshifters showed up Aro wouldn’t hesitate to kill every single one of them. Maybe if I explain the situation to Marcus he would be willing to help me since he knows firsthand what it feels like to lose a mate.

This is not the time for my pride to get in the way of doing what needs to be done. I head to my dad’s house to make a call, there is a Navajo tribe of skinwalkers in Arizona, and I think I need their help. I will call the chief and ask if one of his tribe members can shift into an eagle or falcon and fly to the Cullen house and try to find out what is going on. I’m pretty sure that is where everybody is being held but I know if I try to investigate, the chances of me being taken prisoner just like the others is pretty damn good. I also need to find a way to get the girls returned especially Claire, she is too little to know what is going on.
I make my call and it is answered on the third ring “hola” (hello). I’m glad all the tribes on the west coast agreed on one language to make it easier for us to talk to each other.
I don’t waste any time I start right in “Hola, soy el jefe de Jacob Negro de la tribu Quileute en Washington, necesito tu ayuda. Mi paquete y nuestras impresiones han sido tomadas por un aquelarre de vampiros. Tenía la esperanza de que uno de sus miembros de una tribu podría cambiar a un águila y volar por encima de donde creo que se están llevando a cabo.” (Hello, this is Chief Jacob Black of the Quileute tribe in Washington, I need your help. My Pack and our imprints have been taken by a coven of vampires. I was hoping that one of your tribesmen could shift into an eagle and fly over where I believe they are being held)
“Hola Jefe Negro, estoy Atsidi, voy a tener Sani Jefe para usted.” (Hello Chief Black, I’m Atsidi, I will get Chief Sani for you.)
I wait for several minutes when another voice comes on the line “Esto es Jefe Sani, Atsidi ha explicado el motivo de su llamada y quiero asegurarles que haremos todo lo posible para ayudarle. Dado que en este momento usted está solicitando un águila Estaré enviando Atsa cuyo nombre significa águila y esa es su forma elegida para el cambio. Se le puede esperar el día de hoy. Por favor, llámame después de los dos tiene alguna noticia.” (This is Chief Sani, Atsidi has explained the purpose of your call and I want to assure you that we will do everything in our power to assist you. Since at this time you are requesting an eagle I will be sending Atsa whose name means eagle and that is his chosen form for shifting. You can expect him later today. Please call me back after the two of you have any news.)
“Muchas gracias, espero con ansias su llegada y se lo haremos saber tan pronto como tengamos algo de información.” (“Thank you very much, I look forward to his arrival and we will let you know as soon as we have some information.”) I hang up the phone and go down by the water to wait for Atsa to arrive.


I was sitting in the garden enjoying the quiet afternoon when Esme approached me about the situation of the wolves’ imprints. I knew Aro had brought the young women here to use against the wolves as well as Isabella, I also knew that Aro was hoping to collect Isabella’s mate Edward for the guard as well. That man will never stop until he has every gifted vampire under his control which means he will continue to destroy lives until he meets his final death. Once Esme explained everything to me including the fact that one of the girls Aro had taken is a small child I told her that I would help her and that I would also speak to Caius since his only problem was with the wolves. I felt sure that Caius would help get the girls back to their homes. Now to find Caius and speak to him without Aro overhearing.


We are about to catch our flight out to England, Bella is so very excited to be going. I promise myself to bring her back to visit all the places she has read about. I am also anxious about Didyme, I have no idea how she will react to all the changes that have taken place during her imprisonment. They are calling our flight, I gather everyone and think to myself ‘Here we go.’

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