Chapter 15

Chapter 15




When I got out of the shower and was dressed I saw that Edward and Emmett were getting everything ready to head out. I went to see if I could help but they had everything in hand so I went to fix ‘breakfast’ I used the last of the blood, heated them up and got the thermoses all cleaned up and ready for the next hunt.  I took the guys their ‘coffee’ since they were talking to one of the other RVers and told Edward I was going in to download the pictures I had taken at the Waitress place.  I was still somewhat excited about being able to use my gift to find that little boy but I also knew that realistically as much as I would like to I couldn’t go around telling the authorities where every missing person was or there would be more than just Aro looking for me.  Speaking of Aro I am going to have to check on him soon. I wonder how angry he will be with Rose when he finds out that we aren’t there.  I wonder if he will have Carlisle call Edward to try and get him to come back and bring me with him or try to track the phones … hmmm maybe we should get rid of our phones and stick with the untraceable ones, I need to talk to Edward and Emmett about this.


Emmett came in bouncing and Edward followed him in laughing “okay what’s going on” I asked them.

Edward just kept laughing and pointed at Emmett.  “Spill it Em, what has you so excited?” I asked the big bouncing vampire.

“Grizzlies” was his reply.

“Huh, and why do Grizzly bears have you so excited? Come on Em there has got to be more than that what’s going on?”  I looked at Edward and asked him what all this was about.

Edward stopped laughing and told me that the guy they had been talking to was telling them about climbing Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and that when they were in Yellowstone to see Old Faithful there had been some Grizzly bear attacks.

“I take you would like to go help with that problem Emmett” I said trying to hide my smile.

“Please Bella, Please can we go there next?” Emmett whined.

I just shook my head and replied “Sure we can Em, plot the course. But Em we need to make a quick hunt before we get there, I used the last of the blood this morning and I need to check on what Aro is up to and I will need blood to be able to concentrate on him. Oh and Emmett, I don’t want to hear any complaints about where I want to go.”

Emmett grabbed me up in a hug “Thanks Bella, you’re the best sister ever. I’ll take first driving shift.”

With that he went up front and started getting ready to leave. I decided to talk to Edward about the phone situation and to kind of prove my point his phone rang.  “Hey Jasper, what’s up” he answered

“Hey Edward, Alice wanted me to call and give you a heads up and to talk about some things” Jasper responded.  I got Edward’s attention and asked him to tell Jasper he would call him back in a couple of minutes.  He nodded and told Jasper to give him a few minutes and that he would call him and Alice back.

“What’s wrong Love” Edward asked.  I told him my thoughts about the phone and he as well as Emmett agreed with me.  We decided that we would use the untraceable phones for now and get new ones later.

Edward grabbed one of the other phones and called Jasper back, they talked for a few minutes then they hung up, Edward asked me to come up front with him so we could all talk together.

Once we got settled he started” As I’m sure you both heard my conversation with Jasper. He and Alice have left Alaska and are traveling through Canada, they are planning on dropping back down into the states in Minnesota.  Alice saw that Aro was sending the guards to bring the family to Volterra, he also plans to let Caius know about the wolves in Forks. He agreed with you Bella, and he was going to suggest we ditch the phones and use untraceable phones until we can get new. They aren’t going to stop using theirs right now but will probably get new ones when they get back to the states.  They want to meet up somewhere and spend a couple of days together.   As I’m sure you heard I told him we would discuss it and get back to him.” Edward looked at both of us then asked “any thoughts about if we should meet up with them?”

I looked at both of them and started to tell them “Well that actually would fall right in with one of the places I want to go after Devil’s Tower” I start to explain “When I was younger I had an American Girl® doll and there is an American Girl® store in the Mall of America and I want to go there as well as some of the other stores.  So I was thinking that they could meet us there as long as Alice understands that we and with that I mean all three of us are not playing dress up for her and she cannot complain about anything we buy.  We are trying to blend in not walk around looking like fashion models.”

“I agree” said Emmett “although she never messed with the way I dressed that much, maybe it was because of Rose. It will be cool to buy stuff I like.”

I looked at Edward who was sitting there with a big silly grin on his face “What?” I asked him.

“Nothing Love, I’m looking forward to taking you to a doll store is all” he answered me.  I groaned looking down at my lap, why did I think telling these two about my doll and that I wanted to go to a doll store was a good idea.

“Hey” Emmett called out getting our attention “it looks like we can pull over up here and get in a quick hunt”

Emmett found an area that had a lookout area, some picnic tables, and a hiking trail, we headed out on the hiking trail with Emmett carrying the backpack of thermoses and as soon as we were out of sight of the humans we took off running.

After a very successful hunt we headed back with some bear, wolf, and deer blood. After we got back and we had all cleaned up Edward called Jasper to let them know our decision about meeting them and told Alice the conditions we had for her, she pouted and whined a little, okay a LOT, but she finally agreed that it was not the time for designer clothes.  She got very excited about being able to visit a particular hat store, apparently they sold a type of hat called a fascinator, I had no clue what they were until she reminded me of some of the hats we saw people wearing to the royal wedding.  To each his own I guess but the idea of getting a few more hats for me and the guys didn’t sound half bad.

We had been driving for a while when Emmett shouted out that there was a Wal-Mart at the next exit, when I asked him what the big deal was he said he wanted to get some more thermoses and backpacks to carry the extra Grizzly blood he planned on getting and maybe some Buffalo blood as well. He said with three of us drinking it and me still needing more when I used my gift that we needed to keep more on hand. He also wanted to see about some coolers and dry ice to keep the blood a little longer. I thought we might as well stock up on toiletries while we were here. After we shopped I needed to check on Aro and the rest of the Cullens.

Emmett parked the RV and after locking up we all headed into the store, I thought to myself ‘look out Wal-Mart here comes Emmett.’




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