Chapter 32

Chapter 32


I couldn’t believe I had found Marcus’ long lost mate who most believed to be dead “so what do we do now?” I asked.
Peter looked up and said “well we have to go get her, but who should go is my question?”
I told them that since I was the one that could see her location that Edward and I should go and I felt that Jasper and Alice should go with us. The problem I saw was how to get her back to this country. Jasper assured us that he could get a set of IDs for her including a passport within a couple of hours once we had decided on a name. Caius pulled his black Centurion Card out and gave it to Edward telling him “this is my personal card, please allow me to pay the expenses of returning Marcus’ mate to him. I have watched my ‘brother’ suffer for millennia without his mate. I wish I had known about Aro’s treachery sooner. As for a name, choose one that would mean nothing to Aro if he were to get wind of it.”
Alice offered up her sister’s name so it looked like we were going to bring Cynthia Brandon home. Jasper called Jenks to get everything ready and we would add her picture when we got there.
We decide to take a commercial flight over using our little known aliases and then charter a jet on the way back. We will be flying into Newcastle and renting a car for the remainder of the trip, Jasper thinks it will only take about 1½ hours to drive there.
We were about to head to Seattle to book our flights but Edward said that Aro might be watching the airports just in case we changed our mind about confronting him so we decided to drive to the international airport in Las Vegas and catch our flight there. Before we leave Edward has Caius video a message for Didyme that she will be safe with us and that we plan to reunite her with Marcus. Hopefully that will get her to leave with us willingly otherwise Edward will have to push her to come with us.
We leave Caius and head back to where we are parked, I have my shield over us so that we be won’t tracked. When we returned to the RV to pack, and grab our IDs I also grabbed my laptop, a memory stick, and my camera. I wanted to take pictures of our trip plus we would need to take pictures of Cynthia. While I was grabbing my stuff Jasper contacted Jenks and Alice booked our flights for later that night. Once we were all finished we headed for Jenks office and then we would be going on to Vegas.

I can’t fucking believe it, Didyme is alive! I wouldn’t want to be Aro when she gets back here and Marcus finds out what he has done. We have many written laws and a few unwritten ones. To separate mates and keep them apart is the most important unwritten law and is punishable by death. We all three had agreed that no one would be above any of our laws, written or unwritten. He has done some questionable things in the past and has gotten away with them but I just don’t see how he can walk away from this unscathed. Speaking of Aro, I need to head back to the house before he sends out a search party. It’s going to be hard to be around him without saying something about what he has done and even harder to not say anything to Marcus about it.


Where the hell is Caius? No one seems to know where he went or when he left. I had to send some of the guard to pick up Rosalie, she was trying to leave Alaska with things that didn’t belong to her, plus she seemed to think that she didn’t have to answer for giving me false information. It’s true that she didn’t know at the time that she was wrong but she should have taken the time to learn the truth before calling me. She just wanted me to do her dirty work so she didn’t have to ‘get her hands dirty’ as the humans say. Well she is going to get a lot more than her hands dirty when I am finished. Oh there is Caius ….. “Caius where have you been? I was looking for you and no one knew where you were.”
“I have been out for a run, is that a problem Aro? I was bored out of my mind so I ran to Canada, hunted, and ran back with a little walk around Seattle before I continued on back to Forks.” Caius snapped at me.
“I had no idea where you had gone and if you were even safe, you should have told me you were leaving” I wanted him to know that I was not happy with his little disappearing act.
“Well Aro, the last time I checked you are not my father or my mate so if I want to go for a run I will. Maybe if you would approve me and my guards killing the wolves instead of keeping them like pets down in the basement I wouldn’t have been so bored. That is why you asked me to come with you isn’t it?”
“Yes and if you had been here you could have gone with the rest of your guard to the reservation to collect the remaining two wolves and all their imprints and bring them back here. We are putting the wolves down with the others and Esme has prepared guest rooms for the imprints.”
“WHAT THE HELL ARO? What purpose does it serve to have their mates here especially when one of them is a small child?”
“I have my reasons Caius, they will be quite useful once young Isabella gets here. I think she will be willing to join us if it means sparing the lives of her friends.” I am shocked at the roaring laughter that is coming from Caius … “ Oh Aro, I don’t think so, I think you will be surprised, from what I have heard from the wolves themselves I don’t think Bella cares for their welfare as much as you seem to think.”

I had to run some errands for my dad as well as pick up some car parts and more supplies so we had enough in the Rec Center. I ran into Charlie at the grocery store and we visited for a few minutes, it’s tough watching him trying to carry on with his life so that Bella would be proud of him when it is plain to see that he just wants to crawl in a hole and hide from the world. I head back to the reservation and when I pull up in front of the Rec Center something just doesn’t feel right. I carefully step from my car and my nose is immediately hit with the stench of Vampire. Shit! I run into the Center and the stench of Vampire is really strong and all the imprints including little Claire is gone. WHAT THE FUCK! WHERE IS EVERYBODY?

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