Chapter 39

Chapter 39


What the Fuck! How did they find her? Oh right, the Dowser, the Cullens are a smart bunch. I do wonder how they knew to look for her, wait, where is Felix. He and one other are the only ones who knew her identity, he must have betrayed me. Edward started to chuckle “oh yes Aro, Felix betrayed you alright, not to mention how you all betrayed Marcus. As for where Felix is, well here you go.” I watched as one of the vampires towards the back of the group stepped forward and tossed a bag at me. As I looked into the bag I was shocked to see Felix looking back at me, I couldn’t drop the bag quick enough. “Why would he tell you about her now? He has known for quite a while and had even accompanied me so why would he come to now and tell you about her?” I asked them. Edward just laughs at me “he didn’t tell us about Didyme, but he did betray you as well as Marcus. He not only accompanied you, he made his own ‘visits’ and followed your example on how to conduct himself during those ‘visits’.”
I turned to face Caius and Marcus … “Marcus, brother I didn’t know about Felix” “That may be Aro, but you did know the location of my mate, in fact you put her there and repeatedly told me that the search parties found nothing. Tell me Aro, what is the punishment for intentionally breaking the law and keeping mates separated?”
I was so screwed, the punishment for breaking any of our written laws is death, but the law he speaks of is an unwritten law. Perhaps that would be my way out of this, just as I am about to answer Marcus both the front and back door burst open. The guards I sent to get Rosalie have just returned and are dragging her through the back door and oh my …. Carlisle has just come storming through the front door. Well now this should be interesting. “Carlisle, how nice to see you, I’m glad you decided to join us. As you can see Edward has brought his young mate Isabella for a visit and while on their journey they found Marcus’ mate Didyme, still alive after all this time, isn’t that wonderful news.” Carlisle looked around the room and he stopped and stared first at Didyme “Indeed Aro, it is wonderful news, Marcus you must be so thrilled and relieved to have your mate back in your arms after all this time. Welcome home Didyme.” and then he turned his head to look at Bella, and that is where he remained focused. “Bella my dear, I must say immortality suits you, you make a most stunning vampire.” He practically cooed at her. “Thank you Carlisle, I would say it’s nice to see you again but I’m sure you remember that I don’t like to lie.” If it were possible for Vampires to shit themselves I believe Carlisle would have done just that upon hearing Isabella’s response. I thought this might be the right time to deal with Rosalie, “Rosalie, do you know why you have been brought here today?” She just sneered at Isabella, “I would imagine it has something to do with this bitch” “Well hello to you to Ice Bitch.” Isabella replied to Rosalie. Everyone in the room started to chuckle until I raised my hand “Rosalie, you are here to answer charges of theft. You are accused of stealing priceless works of art from Esme Cullen.” “What?” she shrieked at me “I haven’t stolen anything” “Well, let’s find out. Esme, I believe the truck she was driving is here as well. Why don’t you go out and take a look at what is in the truck and let us know if anything in it belongs to you. While you do that I will have a little chat with Rosalie about giving me false information.” Esme heads for the door and I notice that Jasper has signaled his captain to go with her. “Now Rosalie, what should we do about you giving me false information?” She looked so confused, “What? I didn’t give you false information.” “You told me that Edward changed Isabella and I don’t believe that was the truth, now was it?” “As far as I know it is the truth” Esme & Peter came back in and let me know that not only were there a lot of Esme’s belongings in the truck but Carlisle’s most prized possession was in there as well. When she said that Carlisle took off towards the truck, a few minutes later he returned carrying a wooden cross. He took the cross upstairs and when he came back down he approached Rosalie and shocked us all by slapping her so hard she fell down and a good size crack appeared. He walked back to where he had been standing earlier, he looked up and thanked Esme for letting him know. Apparently the cross had been made by Carlisle’s human father.
“Well Rosalie, it looks as though you are a thief as well as a liar. You have also betrayed the Vampire Race by consorting with our sworn enemies, the wolves. I know you did not act alone and one of you partners has already been put to death, not for that reason specifically but he is dead just the same.” She looked like she was trying to find an escape route so I had Alec use his power to hold her in place and to keep her quiet. “Rosalie for the crimes that have already been brought forth you normally would be sentenced to your final death. However knowing that you wish Carlisle had let you die that night, to send you to your final death now would be a reward. With that in mind and the fact that you think you are better than everyone else I sentence you to servitude within the walls of Volturi Castle. Specifically you will do whatever is demanded of you, including sex. You are now and for the next 1000 years beneath everyone in the castle” With that I walked over and took her arms for easier transporting. I was about to address Isabella to try and talk her into joining the guard when I was interrupted by Marcus. “Well Aro, we are waiting for you to answer my question.” “Ah Marcus, that really isn’t a law though is it? Can you tell me where it is written or tell me when we announced it to the vampire world.” I knew I had him because we never did either of those things. Marcus looked at Caius and Edward, then at me “Well then, I guess there will be a trial back in Volterra Aro because I am bringing charges against you, Sulpicia, and Jane.” I couldn’t believe my ears “Exactly what charges are you bringing against Me, do I need to remind you that I am the leader of the Volturi and therefore cannot be brought up on charges?” Caius just shook his head and asked me “Really brother, do you really believe yourself to be above the law? No one is above the law Aro, not even you. Now since Marcus has brought all of you up on charges, you and Jane will be taken into custody and I will notify the Castle that Sulpicia is to be taken into custody as well and placed in one of the cells. As for the charges levied against all of you they are as follows …. Kidnapping, The Separation of Mates, multiple counts of Rape & Torture of an Innocent, Starvation, and last but certainly not least multiple counts of Giving False Information to the Volturi. Oh and since you are now in custody and Marcus is the Accuser I will be in charge of the guard, but don’t worry Aro I will treat you in the same manner you treated Didyme. Caius then ordered two of the Nomads to remove my arms and then they did the same to Jane. We were both seated on the sofa and I soon realized that we wouldn’t be able to get up without assistance. Caius told everyone to prepare to leave, as everyone started to get things ready to depart Edward suddenly looked towards the basement door “Uh Caius, what do you want to do about the wolves?” he asked.

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