Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Warning … this chapter talks about Rape, it doesn’t give graphic details.

The emotions in the RV were driving me mad, everyone went from being deliriously happy to being devastated as they had listened to Didyme tell Marcus how she had been taken and we all knew there was so much more to come. Not all of us could understand but hearing her sobbing and Edward translated some of what she said so that we could understand why Caius was so angry and I knew that I was going to need more blood so that I could keep a handle on everyone’s emotions so I sent to Edward ‘Listen Ed I’m struggling with all these emotions, I know we have been mixing the bloods but I’m going to need pure human for the extra strength it gives me’ Edward looked at me and very quietly nodding his head and got up and fixed me a glass of human blood telling everyone that with everything we would be discussing I needed a boost. God I love my brother.
After I drank my glass of blood and everyone got settled Didyme was ready to begin telling the rest of her story. She didn’t get far before we realized that not only was it too painful but not everybody understood Italian. Alice spoke a little but other than Caius and Marcus only Esme and Edward were fluent so she was going to show Edward and he would tell us. He took a deep unnecessary breath and began telling us.
**After Aro told Didyme that she belonged to him and he could do whatever he wanted with her he had two of his guards come in and take her arms and legs off.
Aro proceeded to rape her repeatedly for a couple of days, she thinks. This pattern was repeated every few days and continued for years she believes. Then one day several guards came in and blindfolded her, removed her arms and took her out to another wagon and they traveled for quite a distance stopping twice at night. She was loaded on a boat and spent several days at sea.
Once back on land she was taken to several places and always kept in dark rooms. After several centuries she was finally taken to Carlisle Castle and there she remained until we got her out. Aro had been to ‘visit’ her a few times at the Castle and the process was the same every time he showed up. She tried several times to escape but when she was shown the ‘prison’ that Marcus was in and told that he would be killed the next time she tried to escape she stopped trying and stopped fighting.**


“I know you are ready to rip Aro into a million pieces Marcus, but we must plan first. You will get your revenge. I swear it brother.” Caius says. Marcus just holds his mate as she dry sobs in his lap and asks if he would wait if it been Athenadora. Caius answers that he hopes he would wait to make a plan before rushing after the bastard that had harmed his mate in such a manner.
Bella went over and hugged Didyme, kissed her on the forehead and then went and made everybody a drink. The women all got one of her campfire drinks made with marshmallow vodka, Jasper and Caius each got a glass of whiskey, while Marcus and I each got a southern major made with Southern Comfort®.
After Bella sits back down Caius asks if anyone has any ideas about what should be done about Aro. Bella then asks “Can you smell if your mate has been with someone else sexually?” We all snapped our heads up to look at her. “I’m sorry if it is a stupid question but I’m still fairly new at all this and …” Caius looks at her and then me telling me again how brilliant she is. I think it dawned on all of us at the same time … Sulpicia knew … As Marcus translated for Didyme she looked crushed, I can only imagine the betrayal she must feel. Bella is still unsure of the answer to her question so I explained to her that yes a mate could tell, that the other person’s scent would cling to the body. “Okay so that means that Aro’s mate knew” she asked. We all slowly nodded our heads. “Fuck!” she gasped. I couldn’t have said it any better myself.
“So now what do we do?” asks Caius. Bella again says that she thinks just killing Aro is letting him off easy. She also adds that now we, or rather Marcus & Didyme, need to decide what if anything should be done with Sulpicia. Jasper reminds us about Felix, Alec, and Jane. They will do whatever they need to do to protect Aro, as well as Renata being there to shield him. Bella lets us know that she can shield all of us so that Alec and Jane can’t use their powers on us. Caius and Marcus look shocked, the rest of us just chuckled at their expressions since we already knew she could do this. So after much discussion and translating we came up with a plan. Jasper sent Peter a text telling him where to meet us. We finished our drinks and headed for Forks.
We met up with Peter, Charlotte, and the Nomads, when they saw that we had Caius and Marcus with us we lost a few of the nomads, after they left we continued on to confront Aro. We had decided that when we got within my range I would ‘push’ Felix to leave the house. Some of the nomads would be waiting to ambush and restrain him. Once I could begin to ‘hear’ those in the house we slowed to a walk until I signaled for everyone to stop and those that were going to grab Felix to get into position. I locked on to Felix’s mind and suggested that he go patrol the perimeter alone. When the nomads had him and brought him to us he was really struggling until he saw Caius. He dropped to his knees in front of Caius, when Didyme gasped we all looked at her. Felix turned even paler than he already was. She started showing me what Felix had done to her through the years. I told everyone what she had shown me and I jumped in front of Marcus before he could rip Felix’s head off. “Wait Marcus, he may have information that we can use, then you can kill him.” Caius starting asking questions and I pushed for Felix to answer the questions truthfully. We discovered that while Felix knew about Didyme and what Aro was doing to her, Aro didn’t know that when Felix would be away on Volturi business he would go to the Castle and assault her as well. We found out that Felix was the only guard that knew who the prisoner in that room was. Alec was always left outside guarding the entrance. Jane was allowed to use her gift to torture Didyme, Jane thought she had betrayed them and had information that Aro needed. Jane had no clue who the prisoner really was. None of us thought for one minute that she would have cared had she known. I could tell by his thoughts that Jasper couldn’t wait to unleash his gift on Jane. After we got all we could from Felix Jasper let him feel the pain Didyme had felt when she was telling all of us about her ordeal. While Felix was on the ground in a fetal position Marcus passed Didyme to Caius and walked over to Felix, he asked some of the others if they would assist him. He had Jasper stop projecting and then had his helpers remove Felix’s limbs one by one and he had them do it slowly to prolong the pain. When Bella and Alice saw what Marcus was doing they got a fire going. As the arms were tossed in their direction they started pulling off the fingers and tossed them in one at a time letting each one burn before adding another. A vampire can still feel their limbs even though they are no longer attached so with each burning Felix’s pain increased. Once all the burning was done Marcus slowly tore Felix’s head off “this is for hurting my mate.” We watched as Felix’s body burned, then went to the house.
As we approached the house I noticed that there really wasn’t anyone outside. Did Aro know we were coming or was he just that arrogant that no one would attack? We had all agreed that Esme would bring Didyme in through the hidden door and wait for us to call her. We had all spread out across the lawn so they wouldn’t be seen coming from the treeline and entering the house through the door. Caius and Marcus would enter first followed by Me, Bella, Alice, Jasper, and then Peter and Charlotte with the Nomads.
We waited a few minutes to let Caius and Marcus enter the house, I heard Aro asking them where they had been and that if they knew where Esme had taken the Indian girls. He went on to tell them that when he returned from his hunt Esme and the girls were all missing. Caius told him that they went to meet up with some people and bring them back, he then called for us to come in. Bella had us all covered with her shield and as soon as we walked in the door she let me know that Jane was already trying … I looked at Jasper and gave him the agreed upon signal and he levied his own attack on Jane. Jane hit the floor and when Alec moved to help her Peter intercepted and removed his head. “tsk tsk Aro such a welcome, we came here peacefully and this is how you respond. It’s no wonder no one wants to join the guard without being forced and bound to you by Chelsea’s power.” Bella said ever so sweetly.
Aro got the creepiest smile on his face and practically purred at Bella “Ah, my young Isabella you are even more Beautiful in person than you were in Rosalie’s thoughts. I see by your eyes that I was correct about you being a psychic shield as well as a dowser, how delightful. Bella’s head snapped around and she hissed “Chelsea if you don’t stop that you will be on the floor with Alec and you too will be missing your head. Now Jane, if Jasper stops will you behave yourself or will you too join your headless brother on the floor?” Jane hissed at Bella but agreed to stop trying to attack. Bella looked at Jasper and nodded, Jasper pulled back his power but kept a watchful eye on Jane.
Aro, still smiling had one of the guards bring Sam up from the basement. “Now Bella, I don’t need to use Chelsea’s power to get you to agree to join my guard. I happen to hold the lives of your friends, the Wolf Pack, in my hands and unless you would like for me to crush them you will agree to join me and my brothers in Volterra.” Bella just shook her head “you do realize that the minute I rose as a vampire they stopped being my friends. In fact they had been looking for me so they could kill me, so kill them, I don’t care.” God I wish I had a camera to get a picture of Aro’s face when he realized that Esme had spoken the truth and Bella really didn’t care if they died. Aro’s thought showed that he thought she would have a change of heart if she saw that he really would kill them and before anyone could stop him he had broken Sam’s neck, dropped him, and then stepped over him. Taking in the shocked look on Bella’s face he asked “Still don’t care my sweet Isabella?” Bella straightened her back and answered “No Aro I don’t but you might care in just a moment. You see I brought someone with me, someone you haven’t seen in many years” Aro was curious “Do tell Isabella, who have you brought to see me?” Bella called for Esme to bring our guest to the living room to join us. Esme came in keeping Didyme’s face hidden from Aro. She stopped next to Bella and I, turning around Didyme raised her head and said “Hello Brother.”

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