Chapter 9

Chapter 9


I can’t believe how she lied to me, all this time she used me to try and tempt Edward, I feel like I was no better than the men that attacked her, the only difference is I did it mentally instead of physically. I was never that comfortable doing it but I trusted her when she said it was the only way to get him to leave me and my mind alone. I left without even apologizing for what I had done but I couldn’t stay and listen to Carlisle chastise Edward in defense of Rose.  I smile as I see the ‘Now Entering Montana’ sign, Rose hates the cabin so I know she won’t show up here and I will have some time to myself to do some much needed soul searching.  I think the first thing to do is get a divorce, just then my phone rings.

“Hey Jasper” I answered.

“Emmett, how are you doing brother?”

“Honestly I’ve been better, I was just thinking I need to contact Jenks so that I can get a divorce,”

“That’s one of the reasons I am calling you, you don’t need a divorce.”

“Huh, what are you talking about Jasper?’

“Well, you never got a marriage license did you?” he asked

“No, we didn’t even get one the first time we got married.”

“So there is no record of your marriage therefore no need to get a divorce. You and Rose were just companions, you do need to take her name off your accounts and make her use her own money. She makes enough restoring cars and selling them that she doesn’t need any of yours”

“Thanks Jazz I hadn’t even thought about that yet, I guess that will be my first order of business to take care of … no make that the second. The first thing I need to do is make things right with Edward, can I talk to him?”

“He isn’t here Em, he left not long after you did. Alice was able to reach him by phone and he said he was going to do some traveling.”

“Okay, then I’ll try calling him thanks.”  With that we hang up, I notice that I’m not far from the cabin so I’ll call him later after I get settled.


Looking down I see what Edward is talking about, “oh I got my belly button pierced do you like it?”

His eyes turned black but I knew it wasn’t from thirst, “yes I like it very much” his voice was hoarse. Hmmmm .. who knew.

“Well then you will go nuts over my tattoo” I smirked at him.

“Tat …Tattoo love, what tattoo?”

I turned around and let him see the tattoo on my lower back and let him see that there in sparkling dark blue ink it read;

“So dear I love him that with him, all deaths I could endure. Without him, live no life,”   

(The credit for this Shakespearean quote goes to A Mother’s Choice by TwilightMommyof4girls)

“Bella, that’s …that’s just … there are no words …” and then he grabbed me and his lips crashed against mine. His kiss was almost feral, there was a deep growl and when he slid his tongue into my mouth, the taste of honey exploded in my mouth. It wasn’t like any kiss we had shared before, after several minutes we broke apart.

“You’ve been holding out on me Mr. Cullen” I stated.

“Sorry Love, but had I kissed you like that while you were still human I may have accidently hurt you” He replied with a smirk. “But I can’t hurt you now” he started kissing me again, he kissed down my neck as his hand started sliding up towards my breasts.  I couldn’t stop the moan from escaping.

“Mine” he growled as he ripped my topped off and we crashed down on to his sofa.

We continued to kiss and tear at each other’s clothes, suddenly Edward shifted and was on top of me and positioned at my entrance.  “Are you sure Bella” he asked.

“Yes Edward, please make me yours”

He kissed me and looked into my eyes, “I Love You” he whispered, and then he entered me breaking through my barrier.  “I Love You too Edward” I whispered back.

After we had calmed down and showered I told Edward I needed to check on the wolves and hunt if it was safe.  We went downstairs to settle on the sofa for me to check on the wolves’ location, I found them at Sam & Emily’s place playing video games.  Okay, they are playing video games so I think it is safe to go, I head for the kitchen to get my thermos.  Edward heads out to the garage and comes back with a backpack along with several more thermoses.

“With Aro sending some of his guards to look for Demetri it might be a good idea to have extra on hand” he responded to my questioning look.

“Great thinking, when we come back we can check on them.”

“Yeah that would be good, we need to keep an eye on their location. Bella, while we are out I would like for you to do something”

I look at him and ask “Sure, what is it?”

“While we are on our hunt I want you to think about us leaving no trace of us being here so that we can’t be tracked”

“Do you think it will work, that I can do that?”

“I was reading about your shield while you showered and yeah I think it is something you can do and it will let you start practicing using it”

“Alright Edward, I’ll try it and I hope it works the way you think it does” I am not sure about this but I am sure of Edward and if he thinks it will work then I am going to do what I can to keep us safe and hidden.

Just as we are about to leave Edward’s phone rings. Taking his phone out of his pocket he looks at the screen before answering.

“Hello Emmett”





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