Chapter 7

Thank you to all that have taken the time to read my story … I know you have been waiting for the reunion … this is that chapter so I’ll let you get to it  …

Chapter 7


I hung up the phone and sat in shock for a few minutes, how did she get this number and what has happened that she needs my help? She sounded scared and if she is at our house she must be hiding. The only thing I know for sure is that I won’t get any answers sitting here.  I grab the few things I need and head for the Volvo.  Hold on my sweet angel I’m coming.


I start to relax as I pass the ‘Welcome To Forks’ sign, it is on average a 47 hour drive but I was able to make it in roughly 30 hours. I am surprised when I pull in the drive to see the house is all shuttered up, what the hell is going on. I park in the back  and as I exit the car I smell a vampire that I met decades ago, what was Demetri Volturi doing here,  as I enter the living room I am shocked at the sight before me.  My Bella is a vampire and she is absolutely stunning, I have seen beautiful vampires before but none that can compare to her.  I take her in my arms and bury my face in her hair “Bella.”

“Edward I have missed you so much, don’t you ever leave me again” she sobbed as she collapsed in my arms.

“Never Love, Never”

As much as I wanted to keep her in my arms I knew we needed to talk “Bella, I need to tell you …”

“Shh Edward, I know why you left … I remember what you said that day in the cafeteria.”

“Oh Bella I Love you so much, please tell me what happened, when this happened …. I assume it was Demetri since I picked up his scent outside.”

“Demetri, was that his name?” she asked.

“Yes, he worked for the Volturi.  I don’t understand why he would have left you here alone though.”

“Oh he didn’t leave me.  Maybe I should start at the beginning.”


I told Edward how I had missed him and often went to the meadow to be closer to him.  I told him about meeting Demetri there and that he was looking for Carlisle, about how we talked and him telling me that a law had been broken by leaving me here human and alone and how he had then bitten me.  I told him about waking up alone in a cave and wondering where the vampire that had bitten me was. That I had run to the only place I knew would be safe and not wanting anyone to see me in the house I dropped the shutters and set the alarm.

“That was good thinking Love, has Demetri come back around trying to find you?”

“He’s dead, the wolves killed him” I tell him about hearing the wolves’ conversation and that they came here looking to see if any of the Cullens had come back. How they talked about killing me if I had become a vampire.


The wolves killed Demetri? Oh man what a can of worms this was, not to mention if Aro ever gets a look at Bella. Carlisle had given me his copy of “Supernatural Gifts & Abilities” when I was still a newborn to help me learn to focus.  I knew what that silver streak and those silver eyes meant, now I had to find a way to tell Bella how much danger she could possibly be in.  “Bella we need to talk about your hair and your eyes, there is a reason for the streak and eye color.”

“Edward I already know that I am a Dowser and the eyes make me a Psychic Shield, I read about Dowsing but I haven’t read about the shield thing yet.”

“Alright then let’s work on the Dowsing first, have you tried locating anything?”

“Yep, I watched you, the wolves, and Charlie.”

“What do you mean you watched?”

Bella explained how she found me and watched me in my room and how she saw the whole thing with Rose & Carlisle.  “I’m sorry you had to see that Bella”

“I’m not, at least now I know why she hated me so much.  I do feel bad about Emmett though, have you talked to him?”

“No, I don’t even know where he is; do you think you could locate him?”

“I’m pretty sure, let me get a glass of blood, this ability seems to work better on a full stomach, would you like to have one as well?”

“Uh … a glass of blood?” I asked.

“Yeah, with the wolves ready to kill me I check to see if it is safe for me to go out and I take a thermos with me so I don’t have to leave the house so often.  This time I brought back Bobcat. “

“Genius, yes Love I would love to have a glass of Bobcat with you.”

“Two glasses of Bobcat coming right up.” She smiled at me then off to the kitchen she went.

We chatted while we drank our blood, I must say it was quite pleasant sharing it this way and very unusual for a newborn.  After we finished our blood we rinsed our glasses and returned to the living room.

“Alright let’s look for Emmett shall we?”














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