Chapter 41

Chapter 41


I am so glad to be back in Volterra, I need to see if we have an award for going above and beyond the call of duty. If not I may need to have one commissioned to give to Emmett for putting up with that stuck up bitch Rosalie. Damn, I had to gag all three of them and put a blindfold on Jane, if she can’t see them she can’t cause them pain. So now they are all cells down in the dungeon awaiting trial except for Rosalie. I agree with the punishment Aro gave Rosalie except for the sex part. I’m not comfortable with that, it would be like we condoned rape because that is what would be happening to her. I think I am going to do away with that part of the punishment but everything else stands.
Marcus is giving Didyme and Esme a tour of the castle. Didyme seems to be getting along quite well with Esme and Esme is being extremely helpful in trying to bring Didyme up to speed with all the changes. I think I will speak to Marcus about offering Esme a position here at the castle being Didyme’s tutor as well as helping to re-decorate the living and guest quarters. I really liked what she had done with their house in Forks. It was so open and inviting not dark and gloomy like most of the castle is.
While we wait for the rest of our little group to arrive I am going to let Dora know we are back and what has been going on with Aro keeping Didyme prisoner. She will be over the moon that she has been found and reunited with Marcus. She can also help me prepare for the trial.

We arrived at the castle about an hour ago and we were asked to go to the throne room as soon as we put our belongings in our rooms. I guess Caius doesn’t want to wait to get the trial started.
Caius entered the room about fifteen minutes after we were all seated. I looked around the room and discovered that basically every vampire that worked for the guard as well as others that had heard about the trial were filling the room. Bella nudged my side and pointed to the back of the room where every human that worked in the castle had also come in to witness the trial.
Aro, Jane, Sulpicia, and Rosalie were brought in and chained to the chairs that were in the front of the room. The chairs were turned sideways so that the four of them were facing each other and the rest of the room could see them as well. The next to enter the room were Marcus and Didyme, Bella threw her shield over me when I grabbed my head after the entire room gasped and everyone was talking about the return of Didyme. We could hear the older vampires telling the younger ones who she is. Suddenly one of the servants broke from the group and ran forward sobbing and fell to her knees in front of Didyme. One of the guards went to remove the woman and Marcus stopped him. Didyme rose from her chair and made her way to the woman, she wrapped her arms around her and pulled her to her feet. When Didyme returned to her chair the woman went with her and took her place at the back of Didyme’s chair. It was explained that the woman’s human family had served Marcus and Didyme and this woman had been Didyme’s personal maid. Didyme so loved this woman that Marcus changed her, refusing to let her die, and she remained a servant in Marcus’ house.

Caius walked to the front center and started the trial “We are to have a trial today for Aro Volturi, Jane Volturi, and Sulpicia Volturi, but first I need to change something that Aro decreed while we were in Forks. Rosalie please stand, you were sentenced to 1000 years of servitude including providing sex to any that demanded it. I personally can’t abide by that sentence as to me it would be as though I condoned rape and I do not. So while the 1000 years of servitude will still be in effect the part about providing sex will not be part of your sentence.
While Caius was telling everyone in the room what Aro, Jane, and Sulpicia were being charged with Rose was escorted out of the room. Caius decided to deal with Jane first, when Jane gave her testimony she admitted that although she didn’t know the true identity of the prisoner she really didn’t care. She admitted that she had tortured Didyme to the point of unconsciousness every time she went with Aro. She demanded that she be released since she was only doing what Aro had asked of her. When Caius refused to drop all the charges against her she tried to use her power against him. She screamed in frustration when it didn’t work and when Bella started giggling she turned and glared at Bella, hissing that she would make her pay for blocking her.
Caius moved on to Sulpicia asking in his thoughts if I would help him. I had Bella move her shield so I could listen in. When Caius started the questioning with wanting to know if Sulpicia had ever smelled another female on Aro or not she answered truthfully that she had noticed another female’s scent. But when he asked if she recognized that scent she lied and said that she hadn’t. I raised one eyebrow to let Caius know that she hadn’t given him the truth. He asked her again if she was sure that she hadn’t recognized the scent. Once again she said she hadn’t. Caius then asked how long she had known about Aro holding Didyme prisoner. Sulpicia denied having any knowledge about Didyme. Caius just looked at her for the longest time and then moved on to Aro asking him if Sulpicia had been part of this all along or only after she had smelled Didyme’s scent on him. Aro supported his mate and denied that she had any knowledge of Didyme at all. Caius turned to face the other vampires in the room and told them that he did not want Didyme to have to tell them all what she had suffered and that I would be telling them what she had shown me in her thoughts. I was shocked that he was having me give her testimony but I was more than happy to be able to spare her the retelling. The entire time I was telling the story Aro, Jane, and Sulpicia sat quietly and stared at Didyme, occasionally Sulpicia would growl at Didyme. When I was finished telling Didyme’s story, the female vampires were all dry sobbing, the males were holding their mates if they had one and they were all hissing and growling at Aro. Caius told the room that he needed a break to contemplate the charges and that we were all to wait for him, he then left the room followed by Marcus with a sobbing Didyme in his arms.
So we waited, and waited, and waited until finally Caius returned with Marcus and Didyme. Caius walked up onto the dais and stood in front of his throne “may I have your attention please. I have given great consideration to the testimony given here today and the evidence I was shown over the last several days. I would like to thank Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Major Jasper Whitlock, and last but certainly by no means least Alice Brandon Whitlock for the discovery and safe return of Marcus’ mate Didyme Volturi. Without the efforts of these four vampires Didyme would still be lost to us all.” There were a lot of murmured thanks sent in our direction until Caius raised his hand asking for silence …”Jane, having listened to your testimony and hearing that you have no regrets for the actions you took against an innocent, not to mention a Volturi Queen I find you guilty.” Jane focused on Caius and tried to attack with her power but Bella, once again was ahead of her. Caius had some of the guard blindfold her and put the gag back in her mouth. Caius then turned to Sulpicia “Picia, while you have denied knowing about Aro holding Didyme prisoner, your thoughts gave you away. What you didn’t know is that young Edward here is a mind reader and while you lied to me he was able to hear the truth in your mind. For your part in keeping a Volturi Queen a prisoner and by your silence allowing her torture to continue I find you guilty.”
Caius approached Aro “Brother, I have watched you for millennia, you have always been greedy for power, never having enough. I have watched you manipulate situations and vampire alike to have things go your way. I have even watched you change the laws without consulting Marcus and I, just to get someone or something you wanted. How many covens have you destroyed with false charges to get your way? How many mates have been separated by lies and your false promises that if the one would join the guard the other would be spared? How many of those same mates have you secretly had destroyed? I wonder how many of the guard would still wear the robe if Chelsea were not using her gift to bind them to you.” “ I could go on and on about the many crimes you have committed but I shall just stick to the ones you are facing today. For kidnapping a Volturi Queen, I find you guilty. For forcibly separating mates, I find you guilty. For ordering the torture by another of an innocent as well as a Volturi Queen, I find you guilty. For torturing and raping a Volturi Queen, I find you guilty. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”
Aro glared at Caius finally starting to speak, “I am Aro Volturi, the true leader of the Vampire World and as such you cannot punish me as you would some lower vampire.”
After making that one statement Aro stopped speaking and just looked straight ahead. Caius just looked at Aro and shook his head “The statement you just made speaks volumes Aro. You really do think you are above the law. I am here to tell you and all the others in this room that NOBODY is above the law. Our purpose as rulers is to uphold the law, lead by example, unfortunately the example you have set will only lead to the destruction of the vampire world. Hopefully this trial and the punishment handed out will serve to start setting things right again.
Caius walked back to stand in front of his throne, “guards please remove the prisoners and return them to their cells. Alec, you are to be taken to your room and remain there under guard until your sister’s sentence is handed down, if you try to use your gift to help your sister you will find yourself in a cell alongside her. Please keep in mind that the penalty for trying to help a prisoner escape is final death. Now it has been a long and trying day, we will reconvene tomorrow for the sentencing.” With that Caius along with Marcus and Didyme left the room.
After they had left and the guards had removed the prisoners along with Alec everyone began speaking amongst themselves about what had happened and how wonderful it was for Marcus to have his mate returned to him. I was listening to their thoughts as well to make sure that no one was thinking of helping Aro. I wasn’t trying to focus on any one person, just letting thoughts flow through until I heard one that caught my attention, ‘she truly is magnificent, enjoy her while you can Edward for soon she will be mine and she will make me richer than you or Alice ever could.’ I searched the room until my eyes landed on Carlisle, he had the most evil looking smirk on his face, he saluted me and then left through a side door. I looked at where he had been standing … I thought to myself WHAT THE FUCK! I grabbed Bella, motioned for Jasper and Alice to come with us, and headed for our room. We needed to talk.

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